Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Pass Life

Uhmm, I saw another funny story just now! I found my 75kg photo! My Goodness! I cant believe that im so fat b4, was taking picha with my coach :)


Okay, it just remind me not to eat too much when u face the FOOD. :)
So hope i can maintain my ideal weight as well!

Yahh, this one, ideal weight. Now a bit chubby jor, hope can cut some :P
I miss my long straight hair, hair got dye somemore :)

Just a short post! Hope you guys enjoy it!
Healthy diet for me is 3 meals per day but less FOOD!! GahYao!

Here is my latest one! LOL, today i tried at Mid Valley! Love it so much and i will own it soon! No more dreams! :) Hope can cut cut cut cut and cut weight down. :P

Well, ignore my sport shoes. Never ever wear sporty shoes with blouse, is a weird match! My ex roommate saw it today! :( Dunno how to ban leng leng mah. Now i will learn it! :)

Till then... TRY to guess my weigh now!!!



Kinda long time i didn't go for travelling jor. Uhmm, just now was FB-ing, saw couple of friends went to beach, shopping, and .. even overseas. WHY I JUST STAY AT HOME?

Of course i got my own reason, my new sem started already, dream of travelling? next decade lah! Isn't? I want to travel over M'sia 1st, with my beloved family, bf and jimui(s). Wish that dream will come true one day, OOpss! Should be SOON ;)

I need a good time management from now. Do a perfect schedule later! Awww :P
Remember, love everything that surround you, you will feel this world actually is so cute and wonderful, indeed, because of you this world is perfect :)

I want to travelling again! My next target!  

Miss them so much! Having fun together! :)

Okays! Hope it become true one day! Im-possible! :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New life

Well, just a short post i wanted to post. Found that this semester is damn challenging. I need to pass all the assessment test as well as those theory exam. What a ... painful and hectic life going to move on. 


I miss my bf and family maxx. :(
How good if they're staying beside me now. But life wasn't perfect as u think. Indeed, wish holidays coming soon! :((( 

Some more, I want to get the stuffs that i dream long long time ago! I dont want to wait it again. Study hard and work hard! Believe yourself, nothing is impossible, ok?


Your dream will come true as long you don't give up on climbing UP! :)

Pray hard, trust in GOD, He will guide and lead you all the journeys in your entire life! 
Believe your dreams, it will come true in one day! 

Good Night :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011


I took 6 flight this holiday, a bit insane, spend a lot of $$ but gain a lot of fun. Acceptable :)
LOVES from Sarawak, KL and Kuala Terengganu. <3

Loads of experiences want to share on but dunno want to write from where. Uhmm, just randomly write bha. I dunno how many times i visit airport, kinda phobia with it already, it's testing my PATIENCE. D:

Well, my 3rd semester is going to start soon, oopss, should say it started since last 2 days, but i missed it. Damn, heard that a lot has been teach but i still blur blur and dunno what the hell is teaching now! 

Took this photo when i went back to MAHSA just to attend resit class D:
Well, that time still damn thin but now i also cannot accept the fact that i gain so much of weight :(

My sis started her business to sell lens, wtf she only 14 years old and she earn few hundreds per month already! felt myself so useless nao. lol i take free lens from her nowadays!! :D
Now i got 10 pairs of new lens, dont feel want to buy again, feel waste and i only and one pair of eyes. lol

Finally i bought a good looking sport shoes :)
Can walk can jog can play badminton and play basketball as well! Thanks mum for present me such a pretty shoes! Love it max!

My doggy, lol. I miss my family and him as well. wtf, it is too cute to play and hug!

He sleep so soundly :P

Okays, show you some fruits that i capture beside my house area, it look damn pretty ;)

Baby pineapple? Huh?
Lol. Now Sarikei Sarawak is launching Pesta Nanas right? But im not manage to go there and hv a look! too rush, sobs! Those who got photos pls let me see!! :D

 I think this one bigger right? Hmm, why the colours so different? 

Papaya! :D

Dad told me this is CIKU, well, seriously i forgot what is it already, one Ciku only, funny right?

So to this limau, one small tree only got one small limau :P

Dragon fruit!! But still cannot eat, if red one can already! Look a bit scary right? :D
Still got a lot but i dont manage to capture! :S

Last but not least, i bought a red singlet. 

Pls dont zoom it, i got big tummy! LOL wtf

This photo took in bf's car, hehe! Love to be with him, but i stay too far away from him :(

 Why sometimes i feel that guys dunno how to appreciate everything beside you? Why you know i worried, i jealous and yet you still do it? Sobs, disappointed.

Relationship is complicated, isnt? sigh i know many girls having same condition right? Hope your loves one will appreciate you and fall in love with you deeply one day ;)

Night everyone!

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