Monday, February 28, 2011

*NOSE* shoes

Well, as i promise u all before, that i will show all my shoes i bought at Nose Warehouse Sales in next post, now, i want to show the high heels. Now actually damn tired already but i still want to finish this post before i get in to my warm bed. LOL

Hmm, this only cost me RM20! Love it so much <3 <3 <3

For the left one only RM10 and right side one RM20
Paiseh lah, now im still student so my pocket money got limit. :P Well, same to my other housemates, they are mad of shoes also! LOL.

Still got a lot of shoes that i didn't take. ><'' BTW, just show u the bags that full of shoes!!:D

Gosh,  cannot capture one by one lah! ><
For more details pls visit here. But too sad lah. Cos last night 27 Feb is the last day already. If not sure i visit that warehouse everyday!! Girls are mad of shoes, isn't?
Tat's all for the shoes part. :P

Tomorrow will be a new month! Lots of stuffs still havent complete yet. Felt damn guilty and useless"@@
 Hope someone can really motivate me! My study mood gone dunno to where already. ><
Dun k lah, sleep 1st!! 

Night Peeps!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

No more 21 years old T-T

Another few days, which is 2 Mac will be my 22th Birthday.
I'm no longer 21 years old already. Time passed damn fast! In other word, i'm getting older, no more charming as before already wtf. T-T Physically getting mature and mature then OLD jor. Hate that kind of feeling, this call life. Not much wishes can make in this year, just want to become an ordinary girl, stay happy, healthy and young that's enough already wtf. 

21 years old of Jac Jac

Seriously, i have no idea how i celebrate my 21th birthday, i know it was extremely poor and not a memorable birthday! Cos i only stay at home and no one can celebrate my birthday. Well, i still dunno Vinc that time. LOL. Then if not mistake i just stay at condo and online whole day, cause my lady boss off me one day to celebrate my birthday myself. But i only went to Jusco and buy a giant cake and eat myself. Is damn pity isn't? @.@ This year i think i cant celebrate my birthday with my beloved family already, i stayed at West M'sia almost 2 years. Wondering when just got that chance to get back home and having a great time with them. T-T


STOP emo again girl, U still got Vinc right? :)
hoho, ya, i should throw the bad habit of thinking negatively wtf. Cheering can make us stay pretty!! LMAO!!

Vinc bring me to eat Bak Kut Teh last night, seriously! I never feel so happy before, one time can eat so much BKT, wtf. It is damn fat weii. Then we went to secret recipe and buy various type of cakes! Gosh, I dun want to gain weight! But i cant stop myself in front of so many delicious food!! Still got few days to go. ><''


I eat and eat and eat. Thanks Vinc for everything that u do for me, don't k it 1st! LOL

22 years old Jac Jac, my wishes <3

1. My family, Vinc n his family and of cos i myself, my friends all stay healthy always! 
2. Can become brave and stronger to face those difficulties and challenges in my life, in other word- mature!!
3. Able to complete and pass in all assignments and examination *smart and no more laziness*!
4. Stay glamour and slim lol wtf, continue in gyaru style! 
5. Can earn a lot a lot of money, then everything going smoothly!!
6. World in peace, no more disasters, animal n human abusers <3 <3 <3

Hmmm, a bit greedy i think so. Well, don't care about it. Hope can become true this year!
Thanks Vinc for spending time to celebrate my birthday, truly satisfy and do appreciate it! Muacks! <3

*will update more! forgot to bring cabel so cant upload my NOSE high heel wtf*

Have a nice day!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

*NOSE* Warehouse Sale! *23-27 Feb 2011*

Well, I'm not lying!! I'm also not dreaming! This is real one!! *Yawww*
It really make girl dreams become true!! <3

23-27 Feb 2011

Time :10am-7pm
Location: Lot 691, Wisma RSH, Jalan Lagoon Selatan, Off Jalan Kewajipan, Subang Jaya.
Tel: 03-51232668

*Up to 90% Discount!!*

 Well, i was there last night by using Taxi, with my lovely buddy- Christy as well. Then amazingly i saw my few housemate was there also! LOL, girls always mad of those stuffs! No matter how busy we are!
WTF all friends laugh me that super busy girl like me also rush to the destination to hunt girl stuffs! I think probably is natural behavior of girls what. Isn't?

Thanks my housemate- Hui Wee for sharing such an awesome stuffs to us! I bought jor 3 pairs of super high heel. *My bf almost faint when he saw it* Ohya, it only cost me RM50 and some more get RM10 rebate! 
Just bought to sayang myself cos my birthday is coming so dun k it lah, buy whatever i like, wtf~!This promotion really Killing all girls at KL!! LOL  Will show u all my NOSE shoes on next post! Keke :D

Everyone is hunt for their SHOES!! :D
Start from the lowest price RM10 up to RM50 if not mistaken lah!
Hurry! Some more got bags! Super nice! LOL

Show me after u bought those stuffs! Good luck!! 
Share it ^.^

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Day i hang out with Gyaru

Well, i dun really remember what is the exact gyaru make up skills thought by Lai and Maiko last time!
Even want to do tutorial also don't have time *perhaps i myself is a lazy bug, wtf*
(actually i'm still lack of cosmetic stuffs to complete my gyaru make up, damn paiseh) 

Dunno i look gyaru or not, what i know my body size is too big and make me cant act CUTE. T-T

We all gather at Time Square on that day, around 11am.
1stly we all wait for the rest to come. So i took picha with Christy, look nais!

Then solo picha of mine! All look nice! But this 2nd picha i look a bit hunch back. T_T

This dress present by Dar Dar..:D
Love it so much!!

Look nice!!:D
Then Yuki reach jor, super kawaii lea^^ Even when ppl pass by they call her *DOLL*

Now is my turn^^

The way im standing a bit cacat! :D
LOL, need to learn more posing style *hope to look more slim like model*

Then go nom nom, cos early morning i took a little bit of food nia, then consider BRUNCH ba, which means Breakfast + Lunch = Brunch
LOL, it is interesting! Until now i just know what it meant, how outdated is me. T____T

Now is turn of 3 Kawaii girls.
Start from left: Christy, Yokoii and Yuki
All hands on their face! LoL, they said this pose can make our face look more slim woh, is it?
*must try next time*

Add in another girl, Joey! Super cut pose *learn from LAI* LOL
All Kawaii desu desu! <3
Do u think those photos miss jor smth?? LOL, Im here!!:D

Hmm, all look nice except me, damn fat eeh. :'(
Actually all these photos took in TOILET. How paiseh is that. LOL
Now we going to do some short shoot, by the digicam itself, self-timing! LOL, how clever is christy!

All look super nice lea! :D
But the terrible thing is im the darkest girl among those gyaru..T_________T
Anyway, dark skin gyaru also look nice right?

Then after we continue SHOPPING at TS and SW! Bought a lot cloth stuffs that i never dare to buy b4@@
How brave are us! Hope we manage to stay young forever~ <3

Hope we all can be dolls always! LOL :P

Hope GYARU make up skills will become famous and famous in Malaysia!!!!


Really have fun with make up! Never give up on it!! Tadaa~~
Night peepx! <3 <3 <3

Friday, February 18, 2011









2、共同语言 如果两个人在一起,两个人的交往圈会融为共同的圈子,话题永远都在更新。












Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CNY 2011

Well, half month passed already and i still dun have any update in my blog. 
Truly sorry for my late update! :)

BTW, how do u all celebrate ur CNY? For me i felt that CNY no more fun as before already. Maybe i grow up already? Having different thinking already?or world change jor?
 I myself also dunno what is happening to me. T-T 

CNY eve i was having an awesome dinner with my family! Home is always the best place to be!

Most is cooked by my lovely mum^^
Home sweet Home!
The first day of CNY i was trying to set my whole hair curl, but i manage to do half nia, Opps! this picture i was took with my sister * TB*

Guess how old is her? Our nose really look alike! :P
Early of the 1st day i went to church in the early morning then home visiting. It was great, hometown is the best, love it so much but a little bit hot lah. 

So this is the 2nd day! Today i was very lazy to set up all my hair, need hours u know? Straight hair also can be sexy what. 

They are my siblings! :)
We all look different. Isn't? Hehe. All took on the 2nd day of CNY, we all prepare to go visiting..

Angel me and my best friend Ellen! 
Okay, now is 3rd day.. LOL, after that no more SS of my own photos.. :P
Become extremely lazy!

Most of it not new cloths, just extra ordinary one nia. :P

Still got valentine post to update, seriously i dun have much photos this year..:(
Anyway! Happy 2011 and all the best! 
MWAH~~ <3

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