Friday, November 28, 2014

[Review] Mega Alpha Sheep Placenta Extract 300 - HiShop

Hey everyone! Today I'm going to introduce you all Mega Alpha Sheep Placenta Extract 300. First I want to THANKS HiShop for sponsoring me this awesome product! Always love HiShop! ;)

Okay, before this, do you all know what is PLACENTA?

- Placenta defined as a flattened circular organ in the uterus of pregnant mammals like human/cows/goats/sheeps etc etc, it's help in nourishing and maintaining the fetus though the umbilical cord.  

Yes, placenta. BUT don't worry because there's already 9 year of experiences in sheep placenta researches & development, marketing, promotion and education has been done by Mega Alpha Sheep Placenta for this particular product. This product is 100% natural and has passed the strict process & inspection which is up to GMP standard, so it is safe to use and highly efficient.

- Another question: WHY we choose MEGA ALPHA SHEEP PLACENTA?
I was wondering as well. The difference of others brand sheep placenta between Mega Alpha Sheep Placenta is the PURE FORMULATION of it's ingredient.

It contain 100% Pure Placenta, where else others maybe made up of mix formulation such as grape seed oil, shark liver oil or EPO. Sheep placenta extract is the overall name for all the nourishing active cells extracted from sheep fetus. (RICH in nucleic acid, amino acid, muco-polysaccharide, multivitamins and very rich hormones for human growth including FSH, ICSH, BHG and BST also tissue regenerating active substances)

BENEFITS of Mega Alpha Sheep Placenta Extract

- Reduce sign of skin aging such as epidermal problems (eg: fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, freckles, dull skin tome, dryness, sagging, eye bags & eye circles)

- Enhances the development of the breasts, blood and hormones

- Eliminates menstrual pain, and regulates menstrual periods

- Enhance the production of blood, treats anemia

- Eliminate menopause problems (ages 45 to 65)

- Balance up hormones

- Prevent UVA and UVB radiation protection

- Perfect combination of additional anti-aging axtioxdantsp

- Provides maximum protection against Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)

Recent research and studies also show that PURE Formulation provides maximum therapeutic benefits and effectiveness towards overall health and beauty.


After consume Mega Alpha Sheep Placenta Extract 300, I felt that my skin getting better and fairer as in pimples no longer say HI to me!

Let's see my menstrual period! It's more accurate after consume this awesome product!

My menstrual no longer delay as you can see from My Calender - Period Calender App: Here that my menstrual delayed for the past 4 months! Pre-Menstrual Symptoms (PMS) also decrease!  Opps mum said if the period more accurate the chance you get baby is higher? LOL

Product information:
Price: RM368
Purchase: Here

Consume: 1-3 soft gel a day

Too expensive? Don't worry! I'm gonna give 15% discount to all my readers! Don't miss this chance!


More information:
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Clean Diet - Pre/Post-Workout

I decided to get at least a small abs but so far I only can get FLAT ABS, which is not the one I want it. Can I shout? Argghhh!! No I cant. Is my fault because I didnt get enough healthy diet n workout information.

I want ABS so much. Generally SMTH like this :'(

I want her 80%, that's more than enough :P

Before this, no matter how hard I try, what I do and how I do, I still cant get my sexy abs! So so sad until I almost give up my fitness life. I was doing a lot of cardio instead of strength training, weight lifting, for the past 2 years, without any proper meal.

Until I bought Kayla Itsines (Bikini Body Workout). It should be mix up all these exercise and do it alternatively.

Other than that, we MOST IMPORTANTLY need to have HEALTHY DIET, yes Healthy Diet! Today I will focus more on diet, especially on breakfast! Recently I kinda addict with smoothie and oatmeal for my pre-workout and post-workout meal. This is because smoothie and oatmeal contain the nutrients that we need of the day, a perfect choice for workout meal! Carbs give u energy, protein replenish your muscles, fruits and vege for your whole day vitamin supplies.

Smoothie I do it quite frequently because it is easy and can finish it in very short time.

1. Banana Milk Smoothie + Goji berries (optional)
I love banana milk smoothie so so much because it is easy and very healthy as banana contain high energy low fat, and milk (low fat milk) contain protein & calcium that benefit for pre/post-workout. Sometimes I will put goji berries because it is very high in anti-oxidant, that can make your cell getting younger and younger ;)

2. Pink Smoothie
Yeap, pink = blueberries + strawberries + beetroot + greek yogurt + water. One of my favorite smoothie because it filled with anti-oxidant fruits that make me younger and beetroot contain a lot of unexpected nutrient (check it out here).

3. Green Smoothie
Greenish smoothie = Kiwi + celery + greek yogurt + water. I like it so much as kiwi contain high vitamin c!

4. Orange Berries Smoothie
Orange + blueberries + strawberries + greek yogurt + water. I love this smoothie because it is so fragrant and fulled with vitamin C! Yum Yum!

* Greek yogurt can be replaced with low fat yogurt
* Natural sweetener like HONEY can be use for sour fruits like orange smoothie 

You can customized your own smoothie, remember MILK can blend with only SWEET fruits (banana, watermelon), the rest SOUR fruits (orange, berries etc etc)


Beside smoothie, you also can try out

Okay, recently a lot of people PM me and ask about oatmeal. Wondering what is it? It is an easy western healthy breakfast.

What ingredients you need to prepare?
- Rolled oat/Instant oat
- Low fat milk
- Low fat yogurt/Greek yogurt (optional)
- Any fruits you like
- Any nuts you like

Just 5 ingredients you can get healthy breakfast, and don't need to wake up early to cook/prepare your breakfast! All nutrients inside your oatmeal breaky!

Before you go to sleep, just add in 5-8 spoon oat, add in your milk and yogurt (optional) into your jar, and put it inside your fridge until the next morning.

After you wake up, prepare your fruits you want to put in like - blueberries, strawberries, avocado, kiwi, grapes, mango, banana etc etc what ever fruits you love. Lastly, put in the nuts you love. Nuts give natural oil supply to our body that can lower our cholesterol. Almond and walnuts? I love all of them. And you're done!

1. Rolled oat + milk + strawberries + blueberries + walnut

2. Rolled oat + low fat milk + greek yogurt + grapes + blueberries + avocado + walnuts

3. Rolled oat + low fat milk + greek yogurt + mango + grapes

4. Rolled oat + low fat milk + greek yogurt + banana + grapes + bluberries

5. Rolled oat + low fat milk + grapes + strawberries + blueberries

6. Rolled oat + low fat milk + yogurt + kiwi + avocado + blueberries

Yeap, you wont be boring with those variety of fruits! You not gonna have same breakfast everyday!

Yea you can have fruit party as your snacks.

Recently that's my pre and post workout snacks. Smoothie, oatmeal and fruit snacks! My all time favorite! 

* Less sugar fruits (mango, grapes etc) at night because sugar can cause FAT! 

All the best to all of you and let's keep fit keep healthy together! Any question just drop me questions at the comment box below ;)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

L'Oreal Paris Beauty Countdown Contest

Want SOMETHING special for this coming Christmas & New Year? For me, of cos YES! Today I'm here to share a good news about L'Oreal Paris Beauty Countdown Contest!!

L'Oreal Paris is always my favorite hair cares as they really resolved my hair damage problem due to hair colour dying! But you need to select correctly according to your hair problem, mine is hair damaged due to colouring, after using it, it makes my hair back to normal and not so dry as before! Do remember to use conditioner as it will smoother your hair!

Now I'm so so so exited of it because lots of luxury gifts will be given by L'Oreal Paris in this Beauty Countdown Contest! Let's see ;)

Okay, HOW to join this contest? Just go to this website:

Then, you will see this:

Next, steps are all EASY as potato! 

1. Spend over RM20 on L'oreal Paris Products
2. Upload a photo of your receipt
3. Answer a question on the website

*SHOP MORE to increase your chances of winning these AWESOME prizes!*

What prizes can win?

Grand Prize: A CAR WORTH > RM100,000

Weekly Prizes: Worth > RM7500! (Eg: Poh Kong! My fav ever jewellery shop!)

Daily Prizes: L'Oreal Paris Hamper worth RM100 x 3

Do not miss out this opportunity to win these awesome prizes because Santa Claus is coming tonight! Good luck and all the best everyone!

ANY question just left your comment below! ;)

More information:

Monday, November 17, 2014

R2Rick - 'The Right Time' EP

After Amplify event (you can view here), I just notice that there's quite a lot of talented ARTISTS in Malaysia! They should do more performance & share the joyousness of their musics!

As a Malaysian, I definitely support them 100%! Who knows one day they will become super star like Mizz Mina? All the best all the best to Malaysia Artists!

Recently I listened to R2Rick's FIRST album - Right Time EP! Totally fall in love with it when first time I listened to it. BTW, guess most of you guys still dunno who is R2Rick, who is HE actually?

R2Rick is an aspiring singer/composer who is recently chasing over his music career! He started his whole project about 1 year ago. Yeap, a lot of wonderful and tough experiences he has overcome!

His FIRST EP - Debut was released on June 2014, and his SECOND EP gonna release end of this year! I know him still working hard on it, can't wait for him to release his SECOND EP. His FIRST RP was an introduction towards more mix sounds ranging between pop & dance based tunes, that he really put a lot of effort, though was done is a very tight budget, and some funded by his friends and he himself. *I knew that artist career is very hard to carry on, but as long you don't give up, sure you will success one day!*

Let's listen 2 of their good songs from their FIRST EP:

1) Pow-Pow -

2) The Right Time -

BTW if you can't listen to both of these songs, don't worry, because the next song I wanna introduced is Stay Tonight! I totally fall in love with this song once I listen to it which is gonna released in his SECOND album.

Ok, for this song, R2Rick really work hard with both foreign and local composers and producers - Shirley goines & Christina Mayers from USA, XYZE from Egypt, Tommy Den Helder from Holland and local label ''Pulse Soundworks'' producer Madan ''Psytrus'' to add more creativeness into his work.

He gonna focus on R&B infused with some EDM and Pop elements, in this coming SECOND album! Here's Stay Tonight!

Stay Tonight is an awesome, well composed and upbeat dance music. It definitely gives unique feel! The lyrics to the song reflects on personal experiences where as a person, sometimes refuse to accept reality and in such cases we rather live our lives in denial and create happy thought of false acceptance rather than face loneliness (yeah most of ppl nowadays did this!*)

Now he still have 3 more songs to go! Hope he can do his best and release his SECOND EP at the end of this year! All the best & good luck - R2Rick! ;)

More information:
THE SEPTEMBER RELEASES EP 2014 available for purchase here:…/…/The-September-Releases-EP-2014

Official Fan Page -
Official Release Channel -
Semitrance Records -
Pulse Soundworks -

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dream Trip to Macau

Who don't like TRAVEL? *Raise both hands up!*

From my previous famous Bangkok post, you can see that I love travel a lot a lot! Too bad due to limited budget I need to consider and re-consider my trip, and I haven't step on Macau land before. Kinda pity, right? T________T

What're the MOST Amazing Things about MACAU? 

1. Macau Casino
Yea, I'm not the person that crazy about gambling but I will definitely will visit if I'm a non-Muslim. This is because there're total of 33 casinos in Macau, which known as the biggest 'The Venetian Macau'', and biggest casino in the world!

So if you're going to Macau, remember to snap few casino pictures if you don't plan to go in. The views turn more glamour at night! So remember to bring along your camera and snap down the precious sights and sounds of Macau views!

Do capture Macau Casino pictures to show that you visited Macau Casino before! :D

Photo from Wikipedia

2. Macau World Herritage
Ohya, most of the ppl prefer shopping and relax ourselves during our trip instead of visiting those historical place. But since after I dated with my beloved Vinc, he always teach me that history of those building are so meaningful especially local ppl. Because without those history, they won't be able to live until today.

And you also can take vintage photos at these historical places, or pre-wedding pictures as well! Kinda cool right? So I must visit these places especially churches, because I'm a Catholic, churches are the most holy and peaceful place for me, so definitely will go in to pray for my safety for my whole trip (which I did every time I visited a new church!)

Beside that, according to Nuffnang, noted that Historic Centre of Macau was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This lead the place into the 31th designated World Heritage site in China.

Let's check these amazing place out!

Photo print screen from Macau Tourism

You cant miss these awesome places! More information at:

3. Food Hunting
Lastly, a must do thing that need to do in Macau is MAKAN (eat)!

- Their most famous Portuguese Egg Tart, which proudly produced by Lord Stow's Bakery! Spotted in many blog such as, etc etc and some other famous bloggers like NicoleKiss!! They all mentioned that never miss this special and the only Egg Tart in Macau!

Printscreen from my Facebook

- Can I just list down all the famous food by other bloggers? 0.o

Har Zi Lo Meen 蝦籽撈麵
Keong Kei’s Mutton Hotpot 強記秘製羊腩煲
Xiong Pei Tan Nai = Double Skin Steamed Milk Pudding
Poon Weng Kee Cookies 潘榮記減蛋金錢餅
Dip Kei Curry Noodles 叠記咖喱美食
Concelho de Macau 滾動軒海鮮火鍋
Hing Yi Waffle Stall 興二夾餅小食店
Estab De Comidas Ngao Keo Ka Lei Chon 牛記咖喱美食
Nam Peng Cafe 南屏雅敘
Wong Chi Kei 黃枝記粥麵
Curry Weng 咖喱榮
Casa de Pasto Seng Choeng 誠昌飯店

Pls refer here for more more more details - (See also can make my saliva drool. LOL*)

Okay, because of all these reasons, that's why I want to visit MACAU so so so much!!! 


More Information:
Thanks for Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) for giving us so much of useful information, that makes EVERYONE can visit Macau NOWADAYS!

Secondly, thank you Nuffnang for giving this opportunity for me, because without this contest I won't discover so much about Macau, which is a really nice place for couple or buddies together to travel!

Do join this blog contest to Macau with me! Have fun! Link -

Sunday, November 9, 2014

[Review] LANEIGE Water Sleeping Pack_EX

Such a long period that I don't have much time to write out all my product reviews! Was working hard on my bikini workout plan by KAYLA, do check out my Instagram at @jacjackhoo for more fitness and diet update! Even though I'm busy with my fitness but I will never forget my skin care!

Okay, today I'm gonna introducing you all my all time favorite night mask - Laneige Water Sleeping Pack. I bought 4 small bottles (20ml each) of this water sleeping mask during Hermo Cyber Sales with only RM49 only! Regular 80ml cost RM110 (promo price RM82).

It is suitable for all types of skin!

Main ingredient:
Beta Glucan - Skin regeneration effect
Ceramide SLN - Moisture loss protection
Hunza Apricot Extract - Skin purification
Chestnut Extract - Improving skin texture

As I mentioned earlier, I'm type of over dried skin that cause my skin oily at the day time or after wake up in the morning. Before this, only Natural Republic(NR) Aloe Vera gel can reduce my oily skin, but now Laneige water sleeping mask give much better effect than NR Aloe Vera gel. Definitely the price of Laneige is so so much higher/expensive than NR @@

In chinese they always say 一分钱一分货 T_________T

What to do? Normally I save my money & will buy a lot a lot during mega/cyber/super sale! LOL.

Let's start my skin routine!

Step 1: In the evening/before sleep, wash your face & apply toner as usual. Get ready with your Laneige water sleeping pack!

Step 2: I will use my spatula to take out the water sleeping pack as it is for hygiene purpose. This is due to our hand might contain a lot of bacteria that cannot see through our naked eyes! Just take out an appropriate amount (If taken too much, dont worry, just apply it on your neck!)

Step 3: After that, just transfer the mask pack to your face! Gently spread over the face from inner part to outer part along your skin.

For me, I will pread the mask pack around by using your CLEAN hand, then MASSAGE until it fully absorb!

Step 4: Then you're done! You will get watery face! :3
Now you can go to sleep without rinsing off this water sleeping mask. You can wash your face the next morning!

- Use 1-2 times a week
- You can apply more if your skin is too dry
- You can use it as stress reliever by just open the cap and breathe in the scent of water sleeping pack_EX about 5 seconds! COOL right?

Let's see the different btwn 1 month.

COMMENT: My skin no longer oily, smoother, fairer after using this water pack. Even though my acne still there by can feel it reduce slowly since after I start using this water pack (NO more big pimples!). Product is good but it is a bit pricey, hence I only can give 4/5 stars!

Picture of before apply sleeping pack >.<
You can get it at or any Laneige Counter 

More information:
Website -

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Be The Next ChiChi & ChaCha Star

Hey! Calling  kids & teenagers (6 to 18 years old) all over Malaysia! 

The GOOD NEWS I wanted to tell you all that BE THE NEXT CHICHI & CHACHA STAR gonna happening soon! It is a star search for talented kids & teens to perform live with the hosts of hit TV show - ChiChi & ChaCha in the year of 2015! Isn't that cool?

ChiChi & ChaCha known as Asia's FIRST children edutainment series which featuring live action celebrity hosts, song, dance, music as well as 3D animated baby animal characters! It is an 30 mins edutainment show airs brand that creates 360 content for children.

Astro Ceria (Channel 661) & Astro Maya HD (Chanel 135) is airing it at 10,30am, 3 times a day, every Monday to Friday. They're mainly targeted children from kindergarten until early primary kids.

Event details
Date: 15-16 November 2014
Location: The Main Place, USJ 21 (Google Map: Here)

This event is to find out the most talented boy and girl who will get a chance to walk away with RM1000 cash EACH. Yeap, EACH!! Means there gonna be boy winner & girl winner!

Both WINNERS gonna be:
- Featured on YouTube
- Eligible to join next year 2015 tour with ChiChi & ChaCha (CC2) celebrity hosts
- Invited to train, choreograph and perform with the five ChiChi & ChaCha hosts (Sweet, Afeiq, Farisha, Leen & Harris) to find out their future potential

Nominating Contest:
- This contest provide a special reward for the nominators where they have to nominate ONE talented person around them & showcase the person's talent within 15 mins or less.
- Should the nominees be selected as a finalist on the  Challenge Round, HE or SHE will win RM100 in cash & a FREE autographed ChiChi & ChaCha T-shirt.


Touching your heart??
Interested parties aged below 18 years old, you all can upload your talent videos in Instagram/Facebook by 6th November 2014

1. Register at:
2. Take video of your talent in less than 15 seconds on instagram (sing, dance or act), then also share it on your Facebook account.
3. Remember to shout out ''Saya nak jadi bintang ChiChi & ChaCha'' in your video.
4. Tag ONE of your favorite hosts (@afeiq, @farisha_iris, @jazashazleen, @harrisalif, or @fqisminaa) and also @chichidanchacha!

Total of 30 entrants will be picked for the Challenge Round on 15th November whereby they will be given 90 seconds to showcase their talent.  From this group, the Top 10 will be selected to proceed to the Grand Final on 16th November.  All finalists will be given maximum 4 mins to showcase their talents & dance to CC2 songs!

PS: They will be tasted base on PERFORMANCE, POTENTIAL & PERSONALITY (3P).

Sing Act Dance! I'm acting btw!!

I've done mine, how about YOU? Nahh I'm too old to join (opened for 6-18 yrs old), have fun everyone! ;)

More information only at:

Big Fish Media Sdn Bhd:
Educate to Learn (e2L):

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