Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Busy Day..

Well, as i promise everyone that i will make an tutorial, i still need some make up stuffs to complete my gyaru make up style. Later on i will going to mid velly for shopping and also screening! But alone..T___T

I will watching < Yogi Bear > Press screening by Nuffnang later!

Gosh, this week i already watched 4 movies! 2 movies invite by nuffnang and another 2 is Vinc, thanks and appreciate it so much! x)

Seriously! I enjoy the movies so so much! *LOVE*

Hmm, last night i was hanging out with Christy and Joey to Petaling Street, but i haven't get the photos. T____T Hopefully can blog it b4 i leave KL.

Well, last night actually 3 of us ( Christy Joey and Me ) plan to do Gyaru tutorial but end up with.... NOTHING. LOL, it is so hard to make it because we lack of those make up stuffs. :(
Later hope i manage to find those make up stuffs to complete my tutorial. 

Tadaa, here is it. Damn sat bai. :'(

Another interest thing, I DYE my hair already!! With my housemates last night, it is insane! We help each other and finally the room end up with DYING CHEMICAL smell. 

Will show u all on later on, cos i need to prepare to go out dee!! Need to buy food stuffs, make up stuffs and also come back home and cook!!
Ohya! We will having a steamboat party tonight with my housemate and Christy! :P
先吃团圆饭! LOL..
Damn damn busy! * I haven't finish packing yet! *
BB lah~~

Have a Blessed Thursday! :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gyaru Power - 2

Sorry for the late update! ><''
This weekend i was with my dar dar, Vinc. Have a great and awesome moment with him. Continuely watch jor Homecoming and Great day! Both movies are nice and learn a lot of moral values!

Now i want to continue my Gyaru Power 2!!

After gyaru make up, sure you will gain a lot of confident! Even now i still can imagine how brave to act pose in so many ppl, eg: pavilion.. =____=

Those gyaru make up give me a lot of confident! Thanks! <3
Hope it never disappear and continue in my entire life! And i wish to diet more to take more nice picha. 

Guess who is the eldest in this picha?? and youngest too!!
*look carefully!!*

My finger look super long! Horrible, my mum always complaint that i'm look like grasshopper! ><''

Love this photo the most!
Hmmm, after this event, our relationship become even closer!! LOL, we must organize a lot of event to built up our friendship. Perhaps after working there is NO more chance like this. T_______T

Now each of us can become very professional photographer! x)
All look like model! Seriously everyone can be like us!

Another 10 days will be celebration of CNY!!
How is ur preparation? I'm might stop updating blog for 2 weeks, due to poor internet connection at Sarawak. But i will try my best to update at wifi area. :)
How about CNY clothes? Hmm, maybe i still will hang out to Time Square and Sg Wang for last minute shopping before leaving KL. Want ban leng leng during CNY^^

Let's enjoy some funny picha, full of CNY feel. :P

Christy and Joey! 

Christy and me, we're not les but Ji Mui! ><
Dun misunderstood. Hehe! Hope this relationship will last forever!

Same to Renae! x)
Okay, wait for more update b4 i leave KL!

Hope i got enough time to update the post! Have a great time!
Good Night!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gyaru Power - 1

It was a shopping day on 15 Jan 2011.
*I never think something miracle will occur on that day!!*
 I went with Christy to Berjaya Timesquare for CNY cloth shopping! Till then around 11am smth, Joey sms Christy that Cheesie and Aud was shopping in Sg Wang!!

So we just try our luck to meet them up. :P
I had meet Aud during Vaseline Party on pass few months! Super cute, sweet and friendly..<3 <3 <3

Hmm, I'm so jealous that Joey had meet Cheesie and Aud on Guinness dinner, then I really told myself i must meet them on that day!! Yahh, God is listen my prayer! I meet them both! wtf
Incredible! Feel myself was a super lucky girl.
Cos we meet another two GYARU girls! *Maiko and Lai*
Damn grateful!!

Aiks! My face that without make up really scary!! *scream!!!!*
Start from left Cheesie, Christy, Lai, Me, Maiko and Aud! Meeting them up like meet with POP STARS!!

This section was start on 16 Jan, we all meet up at KLCC^^
Then we sent to the hotel stayed by Maiko and Lai..

Add another 2 pretty girls, Yuki and Yokoii, kawaii neh!

Wahlao, before make up i'm really look terrible! Now no make up really not dare to take picha! T___T
Heading to HOTEL!!

Tadaa, we all gather at HOTEL. x)
Busy gossiping each other! Everyone so nice! Felt like home. <3

No matter how i took the picha of Cheesie and Aud, they look damn pretty! *envy*

Hmm, do you know what we gossiping actually? We all discuss about the lymphatic system of our human body, just by massage the part *below our ears*, you can having a good lymph circulation!

Lymphatic system function as:
Digested fats are absorbed and then transported from the villi in the small intestine to the bloodstream via the lacteals and lymph vessels!

LOL, look thinner when u massage it always! wtf

The circumstance during make up section! :)

After put on foundation, damn nice! ><
All my acnes gone!
Their make up skills really damn pro!! <3 <3 <3

1# pencil to draw eye brown, with eye brown mascara
2# Pencil eye liner
3# Light brown series of eye shadow
4# Blinkie eye shadow
5# Colours of make up shadow!!
I really need to own them 1st b4 i can become a pro GYARU..

I was using fake eye lashes originated from JAPAN. wtf

After we done with those GYARU make up! Everyone can become GYARU!!
Nothing is impossibe! It really give us a lot of confident! x)

We all crazy to take picha after make up!^^

Thanks Maiko and Lai present us so many nais stuffs! ^___________^
Thanks a lot.. Appreciate it so much!!

Heading to Pavilion to show our confident to the WORLD! Actually just KL nia. LOL
We really felt confident then, even now. Hell lah me. :D

We actually want to take picha in front of pavilion, but got other ppl took our picha and post at twitter! 
The feeling quite weird, lalala..

See previous post, for more details! Click here

Tadaa, with christy! xD
Love to pose so much, wth!!

Truly thanks to:
Aud, Cheesie, Maiko and Lai.. <3

Okay! Wait for 2nd part ba!^^ Thanks peepx!!
Have a nice day!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

OMGawd!! Gyaru style!

Fuiiyoooh! I cant believe what is happening today!
Some how like magic or incredible thing occur in front of me! Arggg, i'm going to cry! T.T


LOL!! This is before make up, heading to gyaru ( Japan Kawaii Girl ) style!! xD

Add two KAWAII girl, left is Yuki and left is Yokoii. =)
They are very shy at 1st but at last finally we all become best friends! Unbelievable!!
Everything happen just in a day.

Hmm, we all gather at 11am in front of KLCC, then we heading to Sanomai and Lie's hotel room. 
We start to learn, what is gyaru make up!
*Seriously i dunno how to listen and talk Japanese but i promise i will learn it!*
Hope next time if got chance to meet them, i can talk spontaneously with them. ^^

 Sanomai and Lie are going to help us make up! xD
They are explain every single section of make up (GYARU). They are super nice and friendly! 

Start to make up until finish got TOO much of photos! So i just share one i most satisfy one! wtf
LOL, cutie Aud help me check my fake eye lashes. :D

Their real people is much more prettier than photos! Wow, so happy and touch to see them!

Here i'm come!! It just like magic!

You wont believe that is Christy! Joey! and Me myself. Wtf

Tadaa! We all are gyaru! LOVE it MAD! >o

After that, we all went to PAVILION to show our confident! Gosh, no matter what pose i put sure i look nice! :P
Thanks ALL OF U, LOVE IT so so MUCH. <3 <3 <3

Finally Sanomai and Lie finish their mission. =)
They left Malaysia and going back to Japan this midnight. Safe journey and God bless. <3

Thanks a lot and i appreciate it so so much! My 1st time in my life that i can appear on NHK channel! wtf
 I will continue this effort to do GYARU make up style! xD


Here attach with some SS photos! Love it so much.
I'm still in blur blur ( incredible condition )!

Kawaii Yuki and Yokoii. <3<3<3

With my buddy- Joey! She look gorgeous! xD

Isn't? LOL! btw, i look so dark. :S

With Christy and Joey! Sukoii..=D

OTW going back to PJ, okay, super super tired! Christy sit in front so not manage to get her in this photo.

Good Night and Sweet Dream! Muackksss! 

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