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Singapore Vacation - Christmas 2013

I decided to delay my Phuket Vacation Part 3, all about beach. lol will update ASAP :)

SG post cannot delay anymore because tomorrow is Christmas!
Aww. Think back my first step to SG, it's quite horrible because I'm going there with only Ringgit Malaysia. Bf kept laughing me that reminds next time I really need to keep some SG dollar with me.

And the rate is $1 = RM2.57, why RM keep dropping? BTW bf and my family did pay or sponsor all laaaa.
I met a new friend from Ipoh on the flight from KL to SG btw, she flied to SG just to attend her best friend's wedding. Aww. How strong is their friendship.

First time land on SG terminal. It is so big until it got 3 terminals. I really need to read the instruction properly before i decide to go anywhere.

My family them heading SG from Johor, and I hv no idea how to go out from Changi Airport. Luckily Changi Airport did provided free wifi but only available in certain area.

Still manage to get the tourist's leaflet. lol

Again, we took a selfie. Awwwww. Super exited!

Yahhh I know this picture actually over-exposed. So i decided to compensate with other effects XD
Christmas decoration at Changi Airport, anywhere! Lovely!

Yayyyy we start our journey!

We really look like backpacker right? lol

Can you imagine how hot is that day? lol
I was almost over heated or BBQ! OMG I cannot understand how these ppl can tahan, included my bf. 

Tall building anywhere!

Aww I love this picture the most!
The most expensive hotel in SG, wish i really got chance to stay there for honey moon, at least? XD

*the white mini ball that appear inside the picture actually is a big white ball, that's written with marker, with all our wishes! Quite cool, right?*

Spotted a candy tree while walking nearby the merlion area.

Merlion park, Singapore!
This one is the mini one, lol

Actually i love this picture a lot. But bf said why dont want to take in front of this huge merlion?

My alasan: Very hot la there. T_______________T
Not i dont wanna go leh, I didn't apply any sun block, and the sun is so big!

Front view of Merlion!

Our lovely picture that i love always.

Aww. My bf's expression never change one. lol

Aww he looks so handsome when he is SERIOUS. lol

After took quite a lot of pictures, we finally need to leave and go back to family's hotel at Sentosa. Seriously I hv no idea how to get in, it is so far away from town lol

But at last we manage to do it! by using bus. lol actually got a train can directly bring us to hotel one, just noticed on 2nd day. 

Yayyyyy finally met our big family, include our aunty and uncle, cousins too!

Oops, act cute *FAILED*, with my sister!

Sentosa really have super nice view leh. No regrets of flying to Singapore for holiday!

Keep calm and CHRISTMAS! 

They're so busying with each other lol

Day time right, this lion hv no colour at all, just appear as brown colour, night view always the best!

Biggest christmas tress on the top of sentosa!

Again one more time i took picture with my sister! No more fail this time lol

The place quite unique and well designed. 

Night view END*
The next day we went to UNIVERSAL.
At first, again I dunno what place is it. LOL

I looked super tired because last night didn't sleep at all. lol cos the aircon is freezing me...

Yayyyy we manage to get ours! However my family members one all sponsored by uncle, mine one sponsored by my bf. TQ dar!

We met MINIONS on the entrance! love love love!!

Again, flood with human!

My bf always sit #likeaboss. lol

Unique design anywhere! Love it so much. Super creative btw!

Oops, took a selfie again. lol, see my face also can know how tired i am.

Try to spot smth on that tree?
Can u see it? Dont you?

The palace view!

Actually inside the palace is a 5D cinema!

Aww, wanna know about what story? Better than sunway lagoon punya. lol

Yeap. The story is about them! 

Going ahead. Our journey never stop. Tho Im really tired.

Here is the place they act like a real movie! Is so real, gun shot, screaming, boat get boom and so so on happen here! Glad that we manage to watch it because we r watching 2nd shows!

Dont dare to take my camera out because Im sitting at the wet zone!

BTW bf able to record everything down. lol

At the back there is a moving dinosaur! It is so real like we watched the walking with dinosaur!

There he is! Scary wei. 

The Jurassic Park! Btw the sky getting darker and it's gonna rain soon!

Didn't manage to play this because it's RAIN. 
Quite sad about it la.
BTW during this heavy rain, he run all the way to get a rain coat for me. How lovely he is, he never bother how wet he is, but he cares about me, because he always said im weak like a taufu.

TQ dar, u r so lovely, caring and I love you more than before now XD

Almost forget about this. I love this roller coaster the most!

Here's come to my bf fav zone! TRANSFORMER!

He get himself two of this. How cute is he. lol

OK, after a long long post, I also get sien already because too many pictures!
Finally here's come to my fav part!

Always my fav and dream photos are here!


Dunno why i cannot enlarge it anymore?

Pretty right?
This is not snowing one. 

Actually it does snow for 30 mins like that. I had never try this before! Below the photos is my fav ever!

Snowing snowing snowing! Awwwww

We manage to took our lovely picture during snowing time! TQ tq TQ tq! I'm so lucky!
BTW our second day just end like that.

Going to third day!

Christmas tree everywhere! 3rd day evening we flying back to KL. These 3 days just end like that -.-
I wish i can stay longer, or perhaps working in SG next time? Opps, is next few months?

Didn't manage to take picture because we're super tired already.
We did meet up with bf's relative, sharing her experiences at SG, her life and so on. Will consider to work there if my result is good enough lol

Lastly, we decided to go Changi Airport earlier, we r too tired to go anywhere else lol. BTW we actually can claim back our GST money because we're tourists! BTW i had throw all the receipts. Oops.

Found another interesting thing, the social tree at Changi Airport!

The social tree actually record down all our photos we took ots.
Yeah, it will remain for 10 years, 20 years or perhaps 100 years it mentioned. So that next time u come back for Changi Airport then u can find back ur old pictures by reviewing them back.

Super cool, isn't?

Spot us! lol 

BTW this SG post is my longest post ever, beside bentong food post!

Happy Reading and Merry Christmas HOHOHO!

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