Sunday, September 25, 2011

KL- Terengganu- Kuantan (Love Trip)

22 Sept 2011 i was going to Terengganu.
I almost miss my flight, AirAsia officer told me that i just left 1 minute to check in. Gosh, Thanks God for everything! Positive energy and attraction power!! :D

Hmmm I'm so lucky that i get this boarding pass!! xD

I miss my bf so much, once i meet him hug and kiss him jor. LOL, im so brave!!!
*bf sweating all the time*

Another match, 923 my dear car number <3
He always said im so wuliao. =____________________=

My bf's birthday fall on 23 Sept and that day really good day cos many ppl get married include his cousin. Aww, 1st time attend dinner with his big big family, happy to meet his relatives!
Hehehe! This make my life even wonderful.

Woots, last time his hengdai get married here also and i cant attend. :(
I love the food there, more delicious than my hometown one.

好酒相聚 共庆丰年。

I really miss my bf so much, we went to Kuantan the next day. We go watch movies. Awww, Nasi Lemak and Johnny English. My bf treat me so nice, hug me all the time in the cinema :D

Then we went pizza-ing!
Hehe, love this pizza since years didn't touch it.

Nais pizza <3
Haha, got offer but value no discount!!! Really have a great time with dar dar!

Lastly hehe, i love this photo.
My hand with Vinc's hand. We hold so tight. I want to stick tight with him :$

I love you! Vinc Ong!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Outing and Mooncake Festival ;)

Seriously my blog die jor few months! My blog traffic is like decreasing sharply :(
Is it im less social with others? I will try to keep in touch with you guys k?
Congratulation now my followers hit 100! Love you all!

Outing with Christy and Joey previously! Was a sudden outing to mid valley for MOVIE.
Aww, i miss the moment i watching movie with bf, he hold me tight and always remind me bring jacket. :(

Those photos took by Christy :)
I will wait my $$ stable 1st then only buy DSLR :P
3 leng leng lui! <3

With my lovely Joey!


so sweet!!

Now I show u guys the photo we took at cinema :)

Love my jimui~! Muaks! ^^


Next is MOONCAKE Festival!

I think this is my 2nd time i din celebrate with my family jor. Miss them max :(

Got feel right? :D

Awwww they work together! :D

Love MAHSA :)

Mooncake everywhere =______________=
Got sambal, durian, pineapple, chocolate, coffee and so on so on flavours! It is awesome to taste so many nais mooncake! Love it love it!

Lantern! with those wishes :)
Wish it really come true one day!

With Siti, Hajar and Christy! :)

Family of Physiotherapy Cohort 4 ;)
Everyone so HIGH!

The MOON :)
So round and round, wish all our dream come true!

Seriously i dislike this photo, looks funny and =_______________=
lol but i just feel want to show u guys this photo :P

Well, happy and glad to know u all <3
I will make up more often cos i know my face scare jor many ppl :P

Sunday, September 11, 2011

BP journey

Awww Blogger change new format!! Nais!

well, i went to batu pahat to do some stuffs there!

Batu pahat is a town like sitiawan that i went with bf previously. Nais food everywhere.

Went to this Yong's steamboat garden. Like the food there! I miss the moment my bf take of the prawn's shell for me. He really can do it nicely without hurting the prawn, unlike me. Poor skills lol

Went to bread shop, hmm. Love this pinkish pig, there written 可爱的猪- means cute pig! :D

Really no idea why green pig will named angry pig, perhaps when pinkish pig angry then turn into green colour? O.o 
Wondering.. or maybe due to ANGRY BIRD :D

The whole journey is meaningful and really sorry to my dear that make him worry about me :)

BTW Local uni students all back to sch life already right?
Do enjoy ya! Happy Schooling day!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Moon Cake Festival

MoonCake Festival is coming soon :)

Thanks Joey and Pearl's mooncake. Appreciate it so much. :)

What you think about it? Angry Bird? O.o

Hmmm, really creative and innovative! If some one can present me this how good hor? :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Quotes to live by

''I say that trials and tests locate a person. In other words, they determine where you were spiritually. They reveal the true condition if your heart. How you react under pressure is how the real you reacts.''
- John Bevere
''Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.''
- Helen Keller
Share this 2 quotes to you all. It is meaningful throughout my life.

Another quotes is by a Taiwanese writer, i'm sorry cos i really forgot his name. Will find out what is his name. This wake me up in this world, as a teacher previously.
''Education is not filling water into a cup until it full, but is lighting the candle in a better way.''

So key to success is to remember these quotes! :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

故事- 回味


那天我们到pulau pangkor玩,可惜我一下船就往厕所呕吐。呵呵,病倒了。幸好有他在,一路不离不弃的照顾我,应该没有别人可以做得到了。去了小岛之后,回到他大姨家,他们家人都好亲切。好像我家人呢,可是生病的我搞到好像我是大小姐这样。其实我并没有!


那天呕吐之后,他第二天待了我去看中医师。他说的话百发百中。嗯嗯,我身体有够弱的,怎么办?我在怎么照顾自己也不就这样罢了。唉,看来要男友来照顾我了。哈哈 对不对?

生病的样子,跟亲爱的VINC.吃可爱的cherry! :)



改次没有下面拍上去的照片了,实在看起来=== 肥。




好了,不多说了,最近看到很多美眉化妆化到美美,而我落伍了。咳,全新的我很快就回来了!我的妆还是一样棒 ;)


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