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Kuala Terengganu - Kampung Cina / China Town

Few months already since Hari Raya holiday & I neglected this post since long long time ago jor. I was going back Terengganu with my dear BF. Kinda exited & I'm feeling like I'm going back HOME.

That night we drove short cut using old road directed by WAZE until we reach Bentong. Then we only proceed to highway going back to Kuantan & change road to Terengganu. The whole journey took us 6 hours on the day itself, but we got stop at Kuantan for breakfast!

Ohya, because in Malaysia right, whatever festival all races all balik kampung one. I kinda like this feeling because we all anak Malaysia, we all r so united. LOL

This picture I took when I almost reach Terengganu. Heard my bf that KL highway to Terengganu highway still in the process, BUT it already few years but it still not yet finish. If once it done, we only need 4 hours to reach KL or to go back Terengganu!

Selfie inside the car! LOL

The morning scene feels like Genting Highland, but it wasn't cold enough LOL

So good to go back to our mother natural, full of plants & good airs.  
Actually we go for 4 days 3 night, butttt we only spend one day at town. Let's see what Vinc & me doing that day at Kampung Cina or english known as China Town, Kuala Terengganu.

From China Town, Kuala Terengganu is the place you sit speed boat going in Pulau Redang, Perhentian & the rest of the Island! BTW today we just bring you guys looking what's so special in China  Town.

From this view, on your right side, you can see this famous coffee shop. The shop that I must visit everytime I follow my bf back to Terengganu, which is his hometown.

Yeap, here is it! T.Homemade Cafe. BTW beside this shop, they got sell dry keropok, which highly recommended by my bf. I bought few packs for my family & they love it damn much la. Especially my lovely mum said after tried Terengganu Keropok, she felt that Sarawak Keropok no longer tasty LOL

Ok, going back to this T.Homemade Cafe, my favorite breakfast was this small bread, which they called it 小面包, at Sarawak they called it Roti Kahwin cos it is the combination kaya with butter.

Other than that, matching with this kind of bread we need to drink smth like local coffee? or teh tarik? My favorite all time.

Local black coffee! Not so sweet not so bitter, ngam ngam. All these cost less than RM10. Believe or not XD

After makan I dated my bf for a walk around the China Town, Kuala Terengganu.

The environment is like the old decades of Chinese Kampung? 

And we passby this! Too bad that time only two of us. Didn't manage to take a couple picture there.

There's also love pad lock to lock your love there! As I know it is very famous in overseas, so if you not able to go to overseas to lock your pad lock there, you can lock it in Kuala Terengganu too! It is a honey moon place for ME, especially islands :)

You also can see this sign board. It shows you how's far from Kuala Terengganu to your dreaming country, like ROMAN? Seriously I wish I can bring my loved one & of cos my family too, to my dream place!

There's also art area.

And 3D art. 

My bf be the model of this pic. LOL

Okays, let looks what else so special about China Town. You also can see a lot of antique stuffs.

Guess what is it? It is chopsticks with the bowl? No idea leh.

I love this picture the most as lots of antique sign board from the old shop around Kuala Terengganu.

You also can see that they do a lot of creativeness all the way out of China Town. They use kain batik to join all the kain together to make it so colourful.

No matter which angle u take you will still get nice picture there :P You also can see that they're recycle back the old sport shoes to plant plants there!

They also use WAU or in english they call it big kite for decoration!

Under this WAU is 3D art.

Also got street with colourful umbrella.

Selfie with umbrella.

After that we go for a walk. Lets see hows tall is my bf. LOL

LOL such a short guy XD

And I love this shoot damn much.

This is what I wrote for him. LOL

Lastly, turtle! If you go Kuala Terengganu you must go & see turtle. 

Yeap, lastly we passby this lorong turtle. And going to beach side. Before leave, we wanted to take the rest of the turtle picture on the side wall but a bit too much, plus a lot of tourist walking here and there T__________T


Inside the car, always I like to take welfie with my bf! But look at his face.. LOL

That day was a super sunny day beside Terengganu beach.

And you can see they sell Wau or Big kites beside the beach. It is damn pretty!

Selfie of my LEG. LOL

Bf bought me his favorite fish satay for me. The sauce for this fish satay is pinkish in colour. Kinda interesting & quite delicious btw XD

Lastly, we went for this place. Not so sure what this place call, btw it definitely is a very good place for photoshooting.

Yeap, shelter? LOL

After that, we go back home. I really wish I can visit Pulau Redang one day with my bf & my family. Heard that it is super pretty and romantic!

Any question just drop me a comment or email me! Have fun! ;)

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