Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Bad experience really gave bad memories to US.

It seem like nightmare hunting us again. US mean bf and me. I really dunno what happen to me. Tears can drop without my controlling. Sigh. Life is so tough to go on. Why?

Relationship, the main key to let it hold forever is no lies between each other, support and try to understand each other. Hold ur hand and give u a huge hug. With a kiss, indeed will make ur relationship stronger!

BTW hows the Valentine that u guys celebrate recently?

Suffering! But promise i will get stronger. Stand still and never fall apart. If do, wake up from where u fall down. Say is always easier than do. wtf

Dont let emotional control over you.

Pray when u feel down, I know God is over there to accompany and support me.

Will i get stronger? Wait and see! :)

BTW let u know a great news! My birthday fall on 2 Mac 2012! Ooops! :D

Monday, February 27, 2012

Useless post =__=''

Again, my exam and assignment summation date is next 2 weeks. Die.

I felt so stress until i dunno how to let it go. Perhaps this is the main cause that make me get the bruxism. Sigh no wonder i lost my tooth so frequently. I had spend $$$ to do teeth treatment! wth

How's ur previous valentine?
well, i  received 12 roses and we celebrate it at mamak stall cos most of restaurants are full as we wait for hours the food still not coming yet\. What a wonderful and unforgetable night. lol

With my dear! Hehe <3

After that, im so busy with my photoshooting and study life. Of cos dating life! as my bf had move to KL. Can see him as often as i can. LOL

Well this is my recent shoot by Takumi ;)
Actually this shoot is took in raining time, as the sunset just in front of me. But too bad cos cant get the sunset snap! :(

I like this photo! OL style is so lovely! ;)

Soon next month i will shoot more photos with my jimui <3
Thanks to all my photographers!

What theme going next?

Vintage?! @@

I wish we can take gyaru style! Still surveying! xD

Dunno? Wait and see! I have no idea too!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mad days coming soon!

Hello everyone, it's been long long time i didn't keep in touch with my blog due to lappy breakdown. Hmm, kinda upset. Was using my bf's lappy to online. :'(

Well, went to a lot of photoshooting recently, unable to upload so much photos. Add me at facebook then u can see all the photos that awesome photographers tag me!

Last year 2011 was a terrible year and i will never forget about it. 


I will grow stronger! 

Tell u guys a bad news! Hiah, my exam and assignment move forward until middle of MARCH. Dai.
How i can cope over it? I wish i got more time to do revision and cope with my assignment.


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