Thursday, March 22, 2012

自拍照 & Hunger Games!


不是模特儿哦!物理治疗 说出来都没有很多人相信 

这周末不的空 要拍照拍照 =。=
超累的。期待我的照片 不知道是肥是瘦!

好久没有化妆了 幸好有姐妹们在 一起温习功课 哈哈

想知道他们的名字?雪儿 雁凌?不知道有写错吗 哈哈
很感谢我朋友帮我染这样美的头发 <3

说实在的 我怕

哈哈 给全部人笑 我只是怕见血嘛 可是幸好工作不用碰血

就是它了 超棒 

男友 还有他们都超爱 <3

就是他们了 呵呵 猜谁最后生存?

期待吧?明天上映咯 <3333

要赢 Premier Screening 首映 记得要观光 Nuffnang! 成为他们的一分子!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Useless Post

Well, im old already @@
I think is time to hide my age jor. LOL

I had make myself a page, dunno is a good thing or bad one. Somehow like doing extra thing. *a bit regret lol. BTW i hope my fan page will get more support from others!


do support ya! 

wtf face lol!!!
Or just click LIKE on the TOP of the post!! 

My schedule is so full and pack @@ Dunno i can handle or not. Jacqueline! Be strong! U can do it ;)

Recently fall in love, so deep in U, Vinc <3

After that, we will have my gang shoot! Thanks to all my photographers!! :))

Wait for it :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

How to make St Patrick’s Day the Friendliest Day of the YEAR?

Coming Sooooooon!!!
Yah!! 17 Mac will be St Patrick's Day the Friendliest Day!!! Guess what?
Here is the event details

Date: 17th March 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 6:00pm – 12:00am
Venue: Entire Stretch of Changkat Bukit Bintang

Well, 17 Mac 2012 will be my party after exam!!! 

Firstly i want to let u guys know about my experience about Guinness. I was so refuse to take it in clubbing area nor bar bistroooo! It looks dark and LOOK LIKE not tasty as i never try before.

 However, one day one of my friend was tempting me by open box of box Guinness in bistro as im drinking XXX brand of beer! He was telling me that it was so tasty as he told: U try it, U will fall in LOVE with GUINNESS!!

WTF why i never felt before?! LOL! Cos u never try it before mah =_______=''

BTW How to make St Patrick’s Day the Friendliest Day of the YEAR?

Here is my idea!

Like this? Nope i think. =________=
Nahhh, Too simple!!!

Here is mine!! Damn cute and i love it so much!! LOL max!!

Here is my design!! :DD
After computer design? Long sleeve u can cut like this~~!!

Simple and more women style?

Mine perhaps like this :D

or like this?


I dont think i can cut out like this!! LOL!! :DDD

Okay!! Do enjoy this post! BTW hope to see u at 

2012  St Patrick’s Day the Friendliest Day!!!

Friendliest Day of the year!!!
at Guinness's Facebook Page!! 

LIKE the page now~!

For more information pls visit NUFFNANG :)


Here is my production of my cloth cutting :D

Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy 23th Birthday!

Happy 23th Birthday to myself!!
Officially 23 yrs old already! Hehe, well, everything going to move very fast onward. :D

Assignment Exam Practical!!

LOL, sound easy but when i do it, feel double duper lazy =__________=

Yeah, took yesterday with my beloved Jimui - Christy & Joey <3333
Im turning old! Hiah 

Well because my hair is so red brown so i tide all up! Haha look ugly right? BTW i wish stay young ferever! Every girl wish! :DD

Here i want to share few songs that motivated me a lot :)
When i felt down or what, i listen to them, what i notice is i fall in love with SELINA so much. She is so strong and willing to overcome her terrible passed! Salute her! ;)

Here is her news:

S.H.E’s Selina celebrates her discharge from hospital

She is so pretty!!! :DD

Hahaha i wish i can take those pretty pretty wedding photos!!:))

Congrats to 張承中 Richard & 任家萱 Selina!!

Yeah! Stronger!!

Hope everything going fine Jacqueline, let go the terrible passed, like Selina and stay stronger! :)

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