Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Valentine and my PATIENCE

This is my 3rd week posting in Hospital XX.
Seriously, I felt super tired and there's 3 more weeks to go. I really dunno where the hell I can express all my feelings. Maybe as a novice we all should deserve all these things?

NO. We don't. We here to LEARN.
However, it makes me so depress, mood swings, stress so easily! Am I taking my life to serious? Perhaps. People say if we take our life too serious, we lose. Is that TRUE?

Yesterday I read all about Cerebral Palsy Children, but patients come in department with Burn and Genetic Disease. Is my fault actually because I didn't ask and confirm before I read. The gap to Pediatrics Care and Rehabilitation is so far away from me. I still need a lot of readings, hands on skills etc etc.
How I'm gonna step onto it and become a really great physiotherapist? 


I didn't blame anyone. Kids or children are the angels sent by God from HEAVEN. They're so adorable, lovely and they really need full time cares from adult. Yes. Lots of patience for them. God is testing our PATIENCE as well. Sometimes I blame myself because I choose Pediatrics, while jealous for my other peers because they are enjoying their clinical placement while IM NOT. Devil Satan Demon all approaching me actually, that's why I felt like that maybe.

They are so cute right?

Should go to CHURCH and calm myself down and make my brain be more positive. All that previous sins all need to be confess to the Priest. Im gonna be more positive after that!


There's long journey to go in this Physiotherapy Rehabilitation, right? BTW bf always complain that I dont have PATIENCE. I will learn day by day, since I grow up in quite an aggressive family. Times takes everything. ALL THE BEST, JACQUELINE!


My bf cheat me that he don't buy any present for me. I surprise him with taking public transport to his house! However this surprise gone when I scare he will come from Klang to PJ just to fetch me. I bought him a polo t shirt only, YEAH, I know. Nothing can present him, everything he got, nahhhh. Wait until I work then only present him a bigger surprise. 

Yeah is my facebook profile picture! Love it so much ;)

However, I ask him don't waste money on presenting flowers to me because for me flowers is just wasting money. Maybe i receive couples of roses from him already, and end up with throwing the roses away. Kinda heartache actually. When I meet him, he actually told me that he didn't buy any valentine present to me, that's Im still OK, at least go for a great and awesome dinner right, yet he said: OK LAH, TONIGHT U WANT TO BELANJA ME WHAT? 

I was like -.-

I know Im angry because of he asking me to treat him (Im a bit small gas lah, sorry). LOL after that he ask me to open the car drawer! Guess what i see?

I cant imagine that Im so tired till IM NOT EDITING every single pic. D:
YEAH, he present me my first diamond in my life. Even he is not my first, but he gonna be my LAST. 
TQ babe, u r so sweet!

Last weekend we went for dates, our sweet memories gonna endless! TQ babe for making my life incredibly wonderful and awesome! 

Okay, it's still a happy ending blog post.
Although Im still having really bad diarrhea and fever. I'm gonna go through it! Pray for me. I cant fall sick in these 4 weeks! STAY STRONG girl!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Stress, Unhappiness, Depression

Again. I don't have a better place to express myself!
Blog is always my best place to relief all my stress, unhappiness, depression etc etc.

I am super busy start from
Dec 2013 until 27 January 2014, due to my final year research proposal.
27 January 2014 flight to Kuching, Sarawak.
28 January 2014 heading to Sarikei, Sarawak.
1 February 2014 came back to Kuala Lumpur, and having severe homesick that time ):
5 February 2014 my Sem 8 clinical placement started at Hospital Kuala Lumpur.
7 February 2014 Friday night flight to Terengganu, to find my bf.
10 February 2014 Reach Kuala Lumpur on 3am! Sleep for an hour and go back to clinical placement.
Until now loh. Physically and mentally tired. D:
I don't even have time to do shopping, except some online shopping from taobao! Also I dont have Chinese New Year MOOD at all. However, I still feel glad that technology nowadays is so advance that I can order anything through online, include Tesco Online! U dont need to step out from your house, and grocery delivery from 10am to 10pm!

Super cool right? As well as convenient from those who r super busy one! But if u think on other aspect it actually makes human even lazy instead of those benefits. So guys, pls use things appropriately instead of misuse it (:

BUSY means nothing, I always told myself that time always can be adjusted one, BUSY for me always a reason lol.
However, says always easy than doing it! Try to make it as a habit that I need a lot of discipline to commit it. Like my blog! I shouldn't neglected it since last month. IM SO SORRY MR BLOG );


Last month I went to help my friend to do some bridal studio shoot at Kota Damansara!

My skin condition a bit bad on the shooting day but her make up makes me so perfect in the studio shoot! Do support her! Here

On the day itself we had done 3 sets of clothes. Tired yet satisfied.

There's another set which is cheongsam. My fav! However I didn't manage to wear it cos I dont have heels to match with it *alasan right?* lol

There's about 300 photos but it haven't process yet!

However, everyday not having enough time for rest, can't feel my legs and hand also lol! Gonna exercise a bit to avoid stress, unhappiness and depression as it can trigger your happy cells! (:

Anyway how, Valentine is coming soon! Any plan? I have no idea what where and how i celebrate it lol. Maybe can go for some Valentine deals/meals?
Lastly, I wish:


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