Thursday, March 31, 2016

First Achievement Unlock - New Home

Today I'm not going to review any products, oops should said is this month, I'm super super busy and tired this month (banyak alasan paiseh paiseh :P)

Yes, it's been quite a long time I didn't talk about myself, after the post of my fitness lifestyle and healthy diet few months ago. I'm glad that a lot of people around me start to notice how much important of exercise and diet, which will lead to what life when you're getting older.

Okay, back to my main topic today! Vinc and me finally got our very very FIRST HOME, which we dream long long time ago, no longer need to rent from others :')

Buying a house nowadays seriously NOT EASY but we finally made it. A lot of progression need to go through and to be done. Thanks to my beloved Vinc for making our dream real and come true.

Why I said this month I'm so busy & tired? We both heading to new house almost everyday to observed how's the progression of defect repair and renovation before Chinese New Year. But until today still haven't move in yet, renovation still on going and things not done perfectly yet lol.

Guess what, we use almost a week to mark down all the defect tiles, RIP ah contractor. How dare you let almost 50% of my tiles empty lol. But thanks GOD management then arrange to change all of them, without saying anything *thumb up*

It tooks us about 2 weeks to complete the defect repair.  Ohya, this unit also come with full set of kitchen cabinet, which makes me save a lot of $$!

For renovation part, we spend quite a lot of $$ xia. Once completed I will blog about it all, as now I'm not satisfy with painting & window door gates. *pay with own money sure heartache if things not done nicely*

BTW I'm gonna show you all the living room plaster ceiling and also the divider, all design and request by Vinc. LOL, as I'm not picky as him :P

Also the divider, pick by Vinc :D

Yeah, the divider designed to separate kitchen and also living room. Just can't wait the furniture to move in after renovation part done! But seriously a bit phobia of house cleaning, dunno need to wash how many times then only clean enough lol.

Another SURPRISE is Vinc finally proposed to me on 28 Feb 2016 after waiting so so long! YES I DO YES I DO, lol

I will love you until last breath, Vinc. Just can't wait to be your offical wife. Hiak hiak. Thank you for making my life brighter and more colourful, lets hold tight and create our wonderful future together ;)

*CLIENTS, sorry for delaying your reviews! Gonna make it all done on April, muaks muaks*

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