Friday, October 31, 2014

Other Unique Places in Bangkok - Grand Palace + Wat Pho

Okay, I'm seriously sorry for my late Bangkok post T________________T
Was too busy with my works and other blog posts *bad & unaccepted reasons lol* Pls forgive me! I'm still working damn hard on my blog!

Grand Palace Bangkok
First the alternative unique place you can visit at Bangkok is Grand Palace of Bangkok. Try to recall back my memories for Bangkok Trip. Seriously I miss my besties damn much, our happy moment we spent there. Wish we can go there again!

How to get there?
Take BTS to Saphan Taksin, you will need to walk few mins to Sathorn Pier which basically just right under BTS station. You can choose either orange flag express boat (15 bath paid to collector on the ferry) to Tha Chang Pier (N9).

On that day we planned to visit Grand Palace Bangkok, as well as other temple, and lastly China Town. Cant wait cant wait!

We're so exited. Too bad we didn't take selfie 3 of us inside the boat. BTW if you're staying the hotel beside the rivers, you can get free boat ride! Travel along the river, kinda cool right?

Spotted a boat from Hilton Hotel!

Once you reach, you will need to exit the pier, and also a small small market.

Then, walk straight ahead following the large wall on your right, until you reach the palace entrance.

Okay, this is how the palace entrance gonna look like.

Strict dress code for visiting the Grand Palace. The Temple of the Emerald Buddha is Thailand's most sacred site. Visitors must be properly dressed before being allowed entry to the temple.

- Men must wear long pants and shirts with sleeves -- no tank tops. If you're wearing sandals or flip-flops you must wear socks (in other words, no bare feet.) 
- Women must be similarly modestly dressed. No see-through clothes, bare shoulders, etc. 

If you show up at the front gate improperly dressed, there is a booth near the entry that can provide clothes to cover you up properly. But with you must leave your passport or credit card as security.

Entry Fee: 500 Bath

But due to our limited budget, we decided not go into the palace. But kinda regret, next time I will go! Gonna blog about it again. 

Image from Bangkok For Visitors
More information:
Google Map: Here

After that, we also visited other few temples. While walking, we will pass by small market again. Remember, stick to your own plan, some ppl might approach you to ask you buy their stuffs or plans which is exclusively expensive. 

There's a lot of things you can buy from there, but because I'm a catholic, so I didn't buy anything, but just taking some photos for memories. Okay, next we're walking to nearby temple! Just 10 mins walk from Grand Palace you will reach a famous temple named Wat Pho.

Wat Pho
Famous temple Wat Pho (the Temple of the Reclining Buddha). It's the one of the largest temple complexes in the city and famous with its giant reclining Buddha that measures 46 metres long, and covered in gold leaf.

But too bad I'm not going in due to headache. So all these pictures taken by Christy & Joey. Paiseh ya.

Admission only 100 bath + free mineral water

Let's see what's inside!

The sleeping Buddha. Kinda regret because not going inside to open up my eyes! T________T

Lovely Joey & Christy

How about outside this temple?

Yeap, by paying 100 bath you can visit this such amazing temples! Too bad who ask me so picky, headache during that hour. T_____________________T

Okay, till then, I'm gonna end this blog post! Next station gonna be China Town, Bangkok! Do follow my blog for more updates!

More information: 
Google Map: Here

Do visit my famous blog post regarding Frequent Questions ask in Bangkok Trip! Any questions you also can drop a comment or email me! ;)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Guinness Amplify - Music Made of More

Last Saturday 18 October I manage to attend Guinness Amplify, Music Made of More with my beloved Vinc and his friends! Because we all love musics!
This awesome Amplify bringing in together some of the very best artists Malaysia, as well as international artists.

Artists of the night included local electropop heroes Dash, musical maestro OJ Law, and lastly MAGIC ;)

It was a great run from the beginning of the 7-week campaign whereby Guinness hosted the Guinness Amplify : Live Tour Gigs at 7-locations nationwide, last one just happened at KL Live, Kuala Lumpur!

Let's see what's going on that night! Music just begin! Kick started with DASH on the stage! Our local electropop heroes. Proud to be Malaysian because we generate talented ppl day by day!

DASH is a local youtuber which I kinda surprise with their music, and at first I thought they're not Malaysian! Nice nice music they had made of!

After that, OJ Law on the stage, another talented singer from Malaysia!

For me, I kinda like his music because the musics sound like him, non of other singer can sing like him, own music own personality. Nais nais!

Lastly, music made of more, end with MAGIC!!

Icons are not BORN, they're MADE & Celebrate Music MADE of More!

Bf's heng dai (buddy) - Akiet! He's always my bf's best friend, no matter where he go what he do and why he do!

Opps! Spotted me, that i'm kept checking my social media on my phone. LOL. Saw a lot of blogger friends as well ;)

With dear Janice!

With dear Li Chuen

With Li Chuen and Amelia! Glad to see you all there. Miss our moment we spend together!

Of cos, lastly my bf - Vinc! :D

Thanks to Manoah & Guinness for this opportunity to attend this awesome Guinness Amplify and again let me fall in love with Guinness! XOXO

RUDE?! No no no, just MAGIC, rude doesn't meant the real rude in their song. Wondering? Watch this video below. Enjoy this music!!

More information:

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Kiss Me Selfie Fixation Contest at Selected Watson

Another great news that I wanna share with you all! Especially those who loves SELFIE a lot, like me perhaps? :P


This Kiss Me Selfie Fixation Contest is going on now from 1st Oct until 7th Jan 2014, only at:
- Watson Pavilion
- Watson Mid Valley
- Watson One Utama (Old Wing)

Do you ever heard about Kiss Me Cosmetic product? It is a Japan branded cosmetic product that I heard about it since few years back! Still never heard about it, you should visit the pharmacies nearby you!

Yeap! Last week I went to Watson One Utama and found out that crowds there kinda packed, included us BLOGGERS as well. LOL. Everyone is waiting for Kiss Me Selfie phone which attached on the Kiss Me counter ;)

After waiting waiting, finally my turn! Just take your favorite item of your kiss me product, then post with the selfie camera as shown in picture!

Tell you smth.. Shhhh~*

I kept trying and trying to get my best pose for Kiss Me Selfie Fixation Contest! *NO harm for keep trying :P*

After you get this picture, you can either 

1. POST it on the spot by key in your Facebook + password. Then it post automatically on to your Facebook!


2. You can GET this code on the selfie camera if you don't want to post it on the spot ;)

What you need to do with this code is, after leaving this place, just use your phone or laptop, log on to KISSMESELFIE.COM, then key in this selfie code number to check your SELFIE!

Then, just log in with your Facebook & allow it with your Facebook, then it will post automatically on your timeline! ;)


Great news! After took this selfie, you will get these free vouchers too! And if you registered online through you also will get a mystery gift from Kiss Me! What a wonderful contest!

Yeahhh, free vouchers!

Managed to capture welfie with pretty bloggers Li Chuen and Janice!

Groufie with all the beauty bloggers!


So Easy, right? Just come and try it out!

Because Kiss Me is giving RM70,000 worth of prizes to be won by everyone!

Grand prize (Most LIKE on Selfie Each Round):
1 x Sony Xperia C3 Smartphone
1 year supply of KISSME products
100,000 Watsons VIP Points

Second prize (Most SHARE on Selfie Each Round):
1 year supply of KISSME products

Weekly Lucky Draw | Mystery Prizes to be won:
Round 1: 1st Oct 14 - 31st Oct 14 (Selfie at Station),  1st Oct 14 - 7th Nov 14 (Gather Likes and Shares)
Round 2: 1 Nov 14 - 30 Nov 14 (Selfie at Station), 1st Nov 14 - 7th Dec 14 (Gather likes and Shares)
Round 3: 1st Dec 14 - 30th Dec 14 (Selfie at Station), 1st Dec 14 - 7th Jan 15 (Gather Likes and Shares)

Selected Watson Outlets: 
Watson Pavilion | Watson Mid Valley | Watson One Utama

More information:

Any question just drop by me a comment below or just email me! :D

Monday, October 20, 2014

esmé Clinic - Carbon Blast Laser Skin Facial Treatment

Hi girls, looking for fairer & smoother skin?

I'm introducing esmé Carbon Blast Laser Skin Facial Treatment today! But first we go into esmé  Clinic environment.

This is esmé  clinic Jaya One branch, it located on 2nd floor of shop lot, you can refer to the address I attach at the end later.

After you come in, friendly beauty specialist will greet you & invite you to a consultation room.

After that, they will invite you to a pretty & romantic area to wait after for you to go to their treatment room.

After that I got the chance to visit all the other rooms but didn't manage to take down any pictures because I was too exited LOL.

But first do you guys know what is Carbon Blast Laser Skin Facial Treatment?

How Carbon Blast Laser Skin Facial Treatment work?
Carbon Blast Laser Skin Facial treatment is famous Carbon Ion Nano-Lambency therapy combines the ND: YAG (1064 nm) laser and Carbon Ion Powder which works effectively on

1. Brighten your skin
2. Reduce your huge pores
3. Reduce pigmentations (Nevus of Ota, coffee spot, age spot, freckle etc...)
4. Stimulate the regeneration of the collagen fiber of your skin.

Now let's us see how's carbon blast laser skin facial treatment machine ;)

And I'm so exited to try it out! *See my face also can know* LOL

Close up of my left & right face.

OMG my close up pictures was so HORRIBLE!! T_____________________________T

Their service is damn good because on the day itself I felt super cold due to my first day of my menstrual. They gave me few blankets, to prevent me from freezing!

Procedure of Carbon Blast Laser Skin Facial Treatment

Applying carbon on my half face @@

Blackieeee! LOL

After that we gonna apply laser on carbon. That's why it named as Carbon Blast Laser Skin Facial Treatment!

How's it work actually? Let's see!

How this therapy works?

1. Carbon power which act as an exogenous artificial color agent, possesses strong absorptive capacity which use to absorb the dirty & fine dirt deep in the pores. It also attracting pigment in epidermis layer.

2. The carbon powder has excellent absorption properties on 1064nm laser light.

3. The medical graded laser generate high energy as well as heat to stimulate regeneration of the collagen fiber under the skin. Hence, body's natural repair function leads to the collagen's redeposition and rearrangement, which give the best effect on reducing wrinkles & lines, shrinking pores, smoothing your skin, regain a brighter and even more perfect skin!


After carbon blast laser skin facial treatment? the gonna wash away all the carbon powers. *Blissful Face LOL*

After washing? Can see my skin is brighter & pores are all getting smaller!

Let's have a close up for AFTER TREATMENT.

No filter No PS No edit

For last step, they gonna apply mask on my skin to prevent dehydration! So I'm looking a bit yellowish. You gonna rest for about 15-20 mins.

Meanwhile they will give water supply onto your skin to keep your skin hydrate!

Taddaaa! I'm done! The day after tomorrow? How's it gonna look like? Flawless skin! They even say i applied make up during my working hours.


How about close up picture?

Ok, you can see super a lot of different, as in my skin brighter, smaller pores, my acne also say BYE BYE to me! What a wonderful treatment I ever receive.

So yeah, but first let me take a selfie!

1. The technology of single lamp and two rods can make the single pulse energy reach 450mj, which gets the treatment effects better.
2. The effect is 12 times more than the common laser machines. 
3. It not only enhances the effect of thrashing the pigmentation, but also avoids the blain (inflamed skin) and scar after laser treatment.
4. Smooth out fine wrinkles and expression lines
5. Reduce pigmentation
Before I end this post*
 I'm gonna giveaway 20 esmé Clinic vouchers worth RM100 each;
 just by MENTION my name: Jacqueline Khoo 

Term & condition:
- The voucher not valid for first trial treatment or promotion package, but can deduct from normal price items and package.
- Expired on 31 December 2014.

More details on:
Treatment Name: esmé Carbon Blast Laser Skin Facial Treatment
Normal Price: RM720
First Trial: RM149
Current Package: Buy 3 Free 3 (up to 50% Off). Do 6 times, the better skin condition can LAST 3 YEARS

MilkDeal Side:

esmé Clinic
No. 65-1, Block D, Jaya One,
No.72a, Jalan University,
46200 Petaling Jaya.
Google Map: Here
Tel: 03-7955 1491

Any questions just drop me an email or leave a comment below ;) Have fun! :D

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