Friday, February 20, 2015

[Review] Tansan & Ultrasonic Iron Treatment - Number76

Before Chinese New Year (CNY), any idea to do with your hair? I decided to do my hair at Malaysia famous saloon - Number76 last weekend! What a great experience with Number76! I went to Number76 at Starhill Gallery, Bukit Bintang. On the day itself, the place quite crowded & need to do booking if you want to go next time ><''

Quite a nice environment & cooling enough after walk under hot sun at Bukit Bintang.

I booked my time on 12pm and the hair stylish served me ots. Thanks to GOOD SERVICE! Too bad I forgot to take my before after, only manage to take my front selfie, but forgot back selfie. Paiseh ahh too nervous, first time review hair treatment :P


From this picture, my hair quite okay on the day itself, just a bit frizzy and end part of my hair kinda bad already.  I decided to change my hair colour and then do ultrasonic iron treatment!

So, after discuss with hair stylish - Director Yves, he decided to help me dye purple red colour. Never dye this colour but only with gold brown ><''

Meanwhile, they served tea and biscuit, so thoughtful!

After 1 hour ++, then my color comes out, not too dark not too bright, the color I want.

Because I need to proceed to Number76's SIGNATURE MAGICAL HAIR TREATMENT - ULTRASONIC IRON TREATMENT, so over exited and didn't manage to take any picture, oops! There're 2 treatments I undergo here.

- All chemicals such as hair color, perm lotion and hair treatment that applied to your hair, the iron will be enchanced the effect, to show more significant.

- Because it vibrates at 37,000 beats per seconds, separates the particles of protein, water and oil in hair treatment as well as helping to penetrate deep into your hair. (He showed me that water on the iron can be jump up and down in super fast way :P)

* The hair iron do not produce any heat, and it vibrates the cells of your hair and helps penetrating the treatment into your hair*

So just apply with spa treatment, then the next one will be iron's job. So if the iron touched the hair, it will turns blue color, if it is not it will remain in pink color! Such a cool iron! As it doesn't produce any heat, so I won't feel any discomfort.

But before this, let me tell you what is Tansan hair treatment. It is H2O2, which help you to remove dandruff, dirty stuff, oil on your hair root. It will let your scalp and hair root healthier after this treatment!

It will produce a bit noise, but just awhile, so still OKAY for me :P

My dandruff and dirty stuff will flush into the water, and a bit purple color because of my hair color. After Ultrasonic Iron Treatment and Tansan treatment, let's see my final result!

(sorry for my right fish eye LOL)

Comment: I'm so satisfied with my natural hair color, which makes me look younger (because I work as a physiotherapist, I need a normal hair color lol) , as well as Ultrasonic Iron Treatment make my hair back to healthy hair, and more straight (less frizzy than before).

Beside that, after Ultrasonic Iron Treatment, Number76 also give 4 hair treatment sticks to do at home! So you just need to do 1 time, then continue the other 4 hair treatment at home to let your hair stay silky, shining and healthy!

Direction: After wash your hair with your shampoo, just squeeze out the treatment liquid from the stick. Apply this product to your hair (especially on your end, try to avoid scalp area), and rinse it off well after awhile, with warm water. *Note: You can do it once in every 2 weeks*

Any questions, just drop me comment ya! I will reply you as soon as possible! Happy advance Valentine Day!

Ultrasonic Iron Treatment: RM250
Tansan: RM30

For more information:
Outlets: Mid Valley, Bangsar 1, Bangsar 2, Starhill Gallery

You also can purchase their service with special promo price at Groupon! Enjoy and have fun ya ;)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

[Review] S-Trim by Sandé

Chinese New Year (CNY) is around the corner! Worry and scare to eat too much? Yeap, for me definitely will eat a lot because all nice food only available during CNY!!

But this year, I don't need to worry because I got S-Trim, sponsored by esmé clinic. Specially thanks to them because willing to give opportunity to try it out! Do check them out, because they're also minor plastic surgery such as breast augmentation, body sculpting, rhinoplasty, eye bags & eyelid procedures, as well as other slimming and effective facial treatment, check mine out ;)

S-Trim Slimming Supplement is?
- Clinical proven effective
- Body fat burner
- Detoxification
- Metabolism booster

Why it works so well? 
-This is because this S-Trim's main ingredient is mix berries. Berries included blueberries, raspberries, mulberries and etc etc. 

Berries are the potent source of oxidants, it acts like small bodyguard of your body, protecting cells from damage which all these lesion can lead to premature aging and disease. It also help to increase body metabolism, burn fat and act as good fiber content. 

Mix berries also control your weight effectively (Clinically proven by University of Florida). How? They also found that mix berries with high antioxidant prevent the starch convert into sugars for enzyme activity effectively. Means less monosaccharide is released into the bloodstream, lower blood glucose and insulin response accordingly, indirectly controlled your weight.

Calories for 1 package only 54kcal, so don't worry! You won't gain weight because of this! It also proved to be HALAL and 100% natural product, so yeah! No worries for this CNY :P

How to consume?
Super easy. Just take 1 sacket and mix the content into a glass of 250ml normal water. Take it every morning. *Remember to drink more water to obtain optimal result, if it increase too much of your bowel movement, you can take it alternative dayPregnant women are not encouraged to consume.

It is encourage you to shake this S-Trim powder because it can fully soluble inside the water, compared to mine (still got some powder not soluble yet*) cos I left my shaker in KL. *opps!*

Comment: After consume this S-Trim, I felt my tummy smaller, thou my weight just less a bit, but this is more than enough because I no longer having constipation even thou I take less fiber on the day itself! Everything smooth and clean! The fragrant of this product also smell nice and taste good :D

Thanks S-Trim! I stay nearer to my healthier life now! *For better effect like slim down effect, 3 boxes of S-Trim give significant effect! All the best ;)*

S-Trim Slimming Supplement
RM 119
Current Promo: Get 50% off when purchase 3 boxes (You'll also will get RM100 Cash Treatment Voucher + Free consultation on surgical  & non-surgical services)

You also can get RM100 Cash Voucher by mentioning my name: JACQUELINE

More information:
esmé Clinic,
No. 65-1, Block D, Jaya One,
No.72a, Jalan University,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: 03-7955 1491
Google Map: Here

Any questions do drop me a comment or email me! Let's stay fit and healthy :D

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

《笑傲江湖之大漠迷城》八强 @ Friendster iCafé BTS

上周日,我跟其他游戏迷一样出席《笑傲江湖之大漠迷城》八强在Berjaya Times Square (BTS)的 Friendster iCafe 进行他们的比赛!到底谁能夺得三强代表马来西亚去台湾呢?

#butfirstletmetakeaselfie :P








第一名弟弟才14岁哦,艺术真的不分年龄,弟弟你好棒啊!而且你的漫画不是一般人可以画出来的,并且用photoshop上色,给我真的是不可能的任务。之前我把我的漫画上色,才上脸罢了,都上到发火 。哈哈,真的佩服!


第二项是iPhone 6 Plus的得奖者。恭喜啦~



Tay Jia Jun,14岁
奖品:RM2000 现金,Steel Series Sponsored keyboard, mouse, mousepad & headset。

Chew Phai Sheng,20岁
奖品:RM3000 现金,Steel Series Sponsored keyboard, mouse, mousepad & headset。

Jeffrey Eng,21岁
奖品:RM5000 现金,Steel Series Sponsored keyboard, mouse, mousepad & headset。


再次恭喜全部得奖者啦!我也希望我有那么厉害的天份来玩Online Games!在来临的比赛,将来自马来西亚、台湾、中国、韩国、泰国、越南和印尼的顶尖玩家将聚集台湾竞逐世界冠军宝座。马来西亚的三强,加油啦!为我国争光哦!




Friday, February 6, 2015

Bubble Gum Wax - Casa Tropicana

Last month I give my virgin Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) armpit hair removal to Bubble Gum Wax at Casa Tropicana Branch. For the whole night I can't sleep at all because I was so exited, I was so annoyed by my armpit hair, sometimes get inflammation after shaved. Even bf also complaint that why my armpit got dark color shadow T_________T

TQ The Butterfly Project (TBP) for giving me a try on IPL armpit hair removal at Bubble Gum Wax! What a great experience, with good services as well!

Seriously I was quite worry cos I was so scared of epilator, after bought just try once and I cry like hell T_________T I'm kind of cannot bear with pain.

Wait forget about my pass ugly stuff, let's see how's the environment!

Wood and brick wall design, special design that suits all the selfie ppl like me. It will definitely make your selfie photo super classic and in chinese they say ZHU LIU FENG. :P

Let's see how's their rooms? I felt so comfortable and a bit fancy fancy!

Okay, the machine located on left side is IPL machine which they use to call it laser, to remove hair for armpit and even bikini hair.

This is the wax machine which located on right corner! With my lovely goodies bag by Bubble Gum Wax :P

Selfie with Joyce, the pretty girl who help me do IPL armpit hair removal! After doing IPL armpit hair removal, she helped me applied lotion that help my skin stay hydrated, with cooling feeling. TQ dear!

I was doing IPL armpit hair, and it need to be done in at least 6 times, to permanently your armpit har from growing, each time you do, your armpit hair will grow finer and finer, until it will just gone like that. It is quite magical which it makes my dream come true (no need epilator and also shaver!!!)

These are the price for treatment available at Bubble Gum Wax Case Tropicana.

Click to enlarge/save*

Click to enlarge/save*

Here also got FOR HIM, means for man waxing :P This is my very first time saw this, no more shyness because we all the same, we all love pretty and be fashionable nowadays, right?

BTW BTW I manage to selfie with Founder of TBP, dear Tammy!

Selfie with Tenshi :D

Welfie with 3 of us!

Thanks to Tammy for these all nice food! I love the blacky macaroon and also their black noodles!

Lastly, groufie with all the other pretty butterflies!

Really nice to meet you all, I was having fever on the day itself, so sorry if I didn't manage to say HI to all of you, who knows after that day, my fever still on and off, and getting worse, at last I diagnosed with DENGUE, admitted to hospital for 1 week. T_______________T

Will definitely come again to finish off my IPL armpit hair removal! Stay tuned for more updates! Anything just drop me a comment, I will reply you ;)

More information:
Map: Here

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