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[Review] Philips KeraShine Hair Dryer, Hair Straightener & Heated Styler

Love pretty hair style but scare of damaging them? Many women style their hair at home with various products across a range of brands. However, improper use or inferior products might lead to damaged hair.

Don't worry because Philips KeraShine gonna save your hair, as Philips KeraShine range infuse KERATIN to protect key structural component of hair, and keep your hair smooth and shinny, while the built-in ionic conditioners keep frizzy problem away!

I can't wait to share the joyness of Philip KeraShine Hair Tools series, included Hair Dryer, Hair Straightener, and also Stylish Curler! Check out my previous post regarding their official launch on 1st July 2015! - HERE


1. Philips Dryer - HP8216
Now I'm going to introduce Philips Hair Dryer, which will blow out your hair in style while keeping your hair from bad effect or harm.

The innovative Philips inplant with Even Heat Distribution (EHD) technology so that the heat coming out won't damaging on a spot but evenly distributed.

- Keratin infusion
- Ionic care for shiny, frizz-free hair
- 1600W for gentle drying
- Less over-heating Even Heat Distribution (EHD) technology
- Thermo-Protect temperature setting
- Two flexible setting
- Cool air setting

I'm gonna demo with my messy hair after tide it up for whole day! This hair dryer come with 2 flexible temperature setting which are the Thermoprotect temperature and a cool air setting which is designed for gentle drying. For now, I'm using of gentle drying :)

Normally I will use circle comb and styling/drying my hair with hair dryer, like hair stylish do so in saloon. By using circle comb then you can obtain smoother hair effect!

Comment: I really love this hair dryer a lot because it gives even heat distribution and it does not make my hair super dry after wash my hair, or messy hair after tide my hair up for whole day. It even make my hair more shiny, healthy and bouncy!

It is also not producing super huge sound as my X hair dryer did. Previously my bf always awake by me in the morning because of noisy sound but now no longer having this problem! But still cannot switch on to highest mode la of cos, sure noisy one :P

2. Philips Straightener - HP8316
This special straightener contain extra wide plates as it is designed to straighten thick, long hair wish a perfect silky smooth finish. You now can slide your hair between ceramic plates equipped with ionic technology and keratin coating for silky and smooth hair. 

- Keratin infused ceramic plates
- Ionic care for shiny, frizz-free hair
- 60 seconds heat-up time
- 210 degree celsius heat temperature
- Auto shut-off function
- Extra wide plates (47mm x 75mm)
- Swivel cord + universal voltage

It comes with a on off button, if the green light is on, then your hair straightener is on! It heated up very fast, within a minute it can reach up to 210 degree celsius, then I can get ready to straighten my hair.

Just take out some part of my hair randomly, and place the hair between both heated plate and slide it tightly in downward motion.

Repeat few times, and your straight hair is obtain! Yeap, you can now straighten your thick hair (no need split it to smaller portion to straighten*) because it designed with extra wide plates, and it is super fast and easy to use!

Comment: Just within few minutes, I got my silky and smooth hair! I won't feel my hair super dry as other brand did. This is because this straightener infused with ionic care, and won't lead to hair damage or spoiled. 

I also felt that my hair smoother, and less frizzy! It quite last long as it can stay for few hours even without apply any mousse or spray. Super love it also :P

3. Philips Heated Styler - HP8632
Philips KeraShine hottest item - Heated Stylish, as this is my favorite hair tool! It creates soft waves and glamorous volume without damaging your hair. Some curler produce very high temperature which is actually can melt your hair accidentally (saw at YouTube oops*)

- Ceramic coating with keratin infusion to protect your hair
- Ionic care for shiny, frizz-free hair
- 45mm barrel for soft waves and volume
- Retractable bristles for safe hair release
- Two temperature setting for long-lasting result

Yeah, this special heated styled contain retractable bristles just by twisting the upper part of heated styler. No idea what it mean? Let me show you.

This is retracted heated styler. 

This is un-retracted heated styler.

With this design, while curling your hair accordingly, wait until 60-100 seconds, and just release the bristles to let the hair fully let go. This is to prevent hair messed up together, when the bristles are un-retracted. 

But for today, I wanna show you guys the pretty curvy over end of my hair. It is super easy and actually I just comb my hair with heated styler by inward motion (my magic comb next time :P*)

Then repeat it for few times. Repeat for left and right side. And I'm finally done!

Comment: It just need a bit of time then you can obtain you wavy hair, super pretty right? And I don't feel my hair is damaged or dried up as well. It also volume up my hair, and looks super elegant. Isn't? Remember to apply mousse and spray for it to give longer effect.

From now I won't burn my hand and ear easily as I'm having this problem previously with X brand. Love it so so much! This is my favorite hair tool ever! :P


Now you can grab your Philips KeraShine Range at 
Philips Brand Store at Publika Shopping Gallery, major electrical and departmental stores and

More information:

Hope you guys enjoy this tutorial and any questions don't hesitate to comment below or email me ya! Have fun with it ;)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

[Review] Y.E.T. Korea Nail Sticker‏ + Giveaway

First at all, I would like to thanks to Omoshiroi.Ya (おもしろい。や) for giving me this great opportunity to try again on Nail Stickers!

Before explored to nail stickers, I myself personally think that nail polish is a damn mafan (inconvenient in cantonese) stuff. But, after I explored to them, and seriously I love it, it is easy to apply and take off also!

Yeap, I choose 2 types of nail stickers which are all black in colour, because I wanted to try black nails very very long time ago and finally now my dream come true. One is Easy Nail Sticker Noblese (left), meanwhile another one is Easy Nail Sticker in the Club (right).

So I'm gonna try Easy Nail Sticker in the Club first. It is super easy and fast to apply this type of nail sticker!

Price: RM19.90
Included: 18 nail stickers and 1 sharpener

Let's start my tutorial!

STEP 1: Select the nail size strip that fits your nail nicely! (1mm smaller than your nail is recommended)

Step 2: Take out the stickers and stick it onto your nail nicely. No drying time require!

Step 3: File off the excessive nail strip in a downward motion with double head pink/blue nail sharpener given.

Step 4: Repeat Step 1 to Step 3 to other nails! Finally I'm done!

Comment: Kinda satisfy with the result as the size of the nail stickers really can fit nicely onto my nails compared to other brand!

Most importantly, it is quite long last even I wash my dishes, shower, wash hair and so on! (It does not peel of easily and most importantly it comes with night glow. Hehehe I love it a lot lah.


I'm going to giveaway this nail sticker to my lucky readers!

Price: RM21.90

Just COMPLETE these 2 steps, and you might be one of the lucky winner!

2. Follow my BLOG 

- Due Date: 12th August 2015
- Please leave your email address & a comment that you're done ya girls!
- (Only open for Malaysian, and NO postage fee is require!) Good luck girls!

Let's have pretty nails together!

More information:

Congratulation to our dear lucky Sherrie Pui! Hope you like your nail stickers! :D

Friday, July 24, 2015

[Review] Mirae Collagen - 100% Natural Collage Peptide Support Complex

Nowadays human's aim is to stay younger and younger. Am I right?

So today I'm going to introduce you all Mirae Collagen from Thailand. This company import the material - tilapia skin (1 type of fish) from Japan to Thailand GMP Manufacture to process it. Most importantly, Mirae Collagen is certified by Thailand FDA, it is safe to consume!

Collagen actually is the most abundant protein in the body and known as the main key constituent of all connective tissues. Collagen is one of the vital protein found in the body, act as food which give proper functioning of these tissue.

Studies shows that we actually losing 1.5% of our body store of collagen every year after age of 25 (oopps, I'm 2X this year already T.T). Hence, before we reach 40 years old, we had lost 30% of our store. Perhaps prevention is always better than cure, am I correct?

Facts of Mirae Collagen:

- Mirae collagen contain of 90% collagen and 10% Fibre, additional with vitamins to let our body absorb easily.
- No additional coloring, no precipitate and 100% water-soluble collagen.
- Fruit taste, taste like melon.
- Suitable for man and woman

Function of Mirae Collagen:

- Thickening of hair and nails
- Sculpting of leaner, youthful body shape
- Firmer, more youthful skin
- Improved overall cardiovascular function
- Improved strength or structure in most major organs
- Protection for joints, bones and muscle
- Creation of maintenance of lean muscle mass
- Reduction of joint pain and discomfort
- Loss of unwanted fat or pounds
- Support for healthier blood vessels and arteries
- Minimized wrinkles and lines
- Protective shield against UV rays
- Helps in defecation

How to Consume?

- Consume 1 day 1 spoon for the first week (After 1 week, change to half scoop*), preferably at night or before you sleep, I like to prepare it with COLD water. I know girls cannot drink too much of COLD stuff but but I can't resist!

- You can either stir it or let it soluble inside your drinks.

- I stir it and let it for awhile until it is fully solubles in my cold water! Now you can drink it!

Personally like their fruit fragrant (I tot it would smell like real fish or sea smell, but actually not!)and I can't wait to drink again on the next day! Sometimes I add on to my dinner fruit juice, so that my cells get enough collagen and manage to repair them during sleeping hours :P

Comment: After drinking it for 1 weeks, different BEFORE & AFTER are so obvious! I become younger and my skin semi flawless? Yeah, my skin definitely looks younger and more natural compared to before. I would still drink it next time, yay!

MIRAE means FUTURE in Japanese. They build the future of YOUNG for their consumers!

Important Notes:

- This product is HALAL.

- Not suitable for Pregnant Woman.

- Below photos are FDA Certificate from Thailand and Certificate of Thailand Manufacturer to ensure Mirae Collagen is totally safe and trustable.

For more information:

MIRAE Collagen is selling the retails price with RM500 for 2 bottle.
Members price with Ramadhan & Hari Raya Promotion is RM364 now.

Person to Contact : YS
Whatsapp / Call : +6010-297 1228
WeChat : yensang18

MIRAE says: Give back to your SKIN what TIME has taken away.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

[Review] Fruit Juices Detox by Fresh Code

If you're following my Instagram or Facebook recently, then you will notice that I'm using Fruit Juices for 7 days DETOX! This program is very effective as it is cleansing your digestive system especially your colon. As a result, I lost 3kg in total, and most importantly I don't gain back after this program!

Can't wait to try it out, to let Fresh Code detox all bad toxins inside my body! XOXO

So all together they're 7 types of fruit juices you need to consume from Day 1 to Day 7 which is recommended by Fresh Code.

Day 1 - Green Miracle (63 Pics Veggie and Pear)
Day 2 - High Fiber Pineapple (6 Pics Pineapple)
Day 3 - Passion Fruit (36 Pics Passion Fruit)
Day 4 - Soursop Juice (4 Soursop)
Day 5 - Tropical Mix Juice (48 Pics Mix Mango, Banana, Passion and Pineapple)
Day 6 - Mango Juice (20 Mango)
Day 7 - Durian Juice (1 Durian) or Lychee Juice (120 Pics Lychee), I choose Lychee because it is very hard to get Lychee in Malaysia :P

So questions come now, how to DETOX?

Step 1: Defrost the Juice of the day! Normally I will defrost it the night before I went to sleep, so in the early morning, it is fully defrost, and it is ready to pour out!

Step 2: Juice taken BEFORE breakfast, lunch and dinner. 1 pack of juice contain of 1 liter volume, so you just need to divide it to 3 times. Each glass approximately 300-350ml (I purchased a transparent jar come with a cover at Daiso, only RM5.30 and full glass approximately 400ml, so I just agak-agak 300ml only*)

So, I add the juice until the Red Arrow Line, and add a little bit of water until it full.
You can add Chia Seed for better texture :)

Step 3: LIGHT Meal for these 7 days! You must keep your temptation away from heavy food like curry, laksa, fried fried stuff, nasi lemak, satay and so on! Just for 7 days btw, not forever :P


So yeah, this question come to my mind when I saw Detox Program. After reading through a lot of articles, search on websites and social medias, I found out that LIGHT Meal means smth very simple, healthy and nutritive. Your MEAL must contain Healthy Fat, Fiber, Protein and Carbohydrate. But I'm trying my best so that each meal can contain each of them!

Now I'm gonna share my Breakfast Menu from Day 1 to Day 7. Here we go!

Day 1: Green Miracle

Juice + Oat 25 biscuit

Day 2: High Fiber Pineapple

Juice + Oat 25 with Strawberry Pieces

Day 3: Passion Juice

Juice + 2 slides of Banana Chocolate Cake + Strawberries

Day 4: Soursop Juice

Juice + Oat 25 + Banana

Day 5: Tropical Mix Juice

Juice + Whole Wheat Bread with Peanut & Banana

Day 6: Mango Juice

Juice + Plum + Yogood 

Day 7: Lychee Juice

Juice + Whole Wheat Bread with Hard Boiled Egg & Tomato Cucumber

These are some Random Simple Meal I taken from Day 1 to Day 7, sometimes I just take soup before sleep (Detox week I sleep from 10pm-8am :P)

That's all, the rest I didn't take maybe I'm too hungry! Oops! :P

Yeah! Finally done 7 days detox! Now I can't wait to share my amazing result of Detox Program by Fresh Code. I dropped 3kg and I'm very satisfy with the result. Most importantly I don't gain weight! :D

Most Accurate Measurement: You must measure before you eat breakfast!

Until now I still manage to maintain my weight from 62-63kg, and I still practice 1 week 2 days detox to keep my body weight in control. My daily workout routine 10 mins - 30 mins, at least 5 times a week!

Important Notes:

- You can get better result with EXERCISE. It is good to do some exercise like Cardio, weight lifting or HIIT for 20-30 mins, along these 7 days detox. I know is tired but result always worth at the end!
- You must drink plenty of water as your body need a lot of water for detoxification! If not you might experience headache or body heatiness!
- Pregnant women not suitable for this detoxification problem but can consume fruit juice in normal way for nutrition purpose.

Ohya forgot about the pricing. Paiseh paiseh.

Lychee Detox Package: RM199.30
Durian Detox Package: RM214.10

There're also other fruit juices you can choose from Fresh Code! I get myself Mix Berries juice and also Mango Juice as my bf really love Mango :)

So yeah! Now I can wear back my sexy singlet, crop top, sport bra and short pant - Size 29 and M that I bought previously! OMG *happy happy*

CONTACT Fresh Code at: for more information!
Happy Detox everyone!

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