Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day with My Astro Music Award 2011 -Part I

Extremely tired today. Until now i still got a bit dizziness. LOL. Too happy perhaps.
Last night was a super awesome and memorable night that i had been go through for my passed life!! This is my 2nd time to meet up pop stars with my own eyes. :)

My first time was with Hennessy Artistry 2010
Well, just click in to view. :P

But this time more syok! Thanks Vinc for bring me go for such big event- My Astro Music Award 2011<3 
Seriously, until now i still remember Lee Hom, Fahrenheit, Jolin, AK, Xiao Gui, Ding Dang, and all M'sian singers's face and even their clothes! ><
They are gorgeous! *real ppl is so different in the tv screen!* 

Super leng zai and leng lui :)

OMG, crowded with ppl. Ohya, im just get the free standing which i more preferable. :P
cos can stand beside all singers. DAMN cool 

Din really take much picha, this blog post most of it take with HP. ><
 i do ask from a friend to send me his photos to me, which use EOS to capture one. LOL. Will be posted in Part-II cos he haven't send the copy to me. :)

All the Pop Stars here.

Okay, next. Guess who they are. ><

Hmm, i guess u know who they are right? Click in to view bigger size. =)

How about her? LOL.

Aiks, quite far but still can see his face right? ><


Lastly is her..:)
Hmm, very pretty isn't?

Don't want to tell u all the ans. :P
Hmm, nothing else can post except the video. Will upload to Youtube when i got excellent internet connection. Okays? 

Lastly with my funny rounded face wth. 

I reach home around 2am++ is freaking tired. But i sleep at 4am cos Vinc is cooking supper for me this morning! BLISSFUL. x) 
How nais to got him beside me to take k of me. <3

I know the photos loading is damn slow, paiseh lah, cos i din resize the photos. :D
Wait for my next post!!

Have a nais day!! <3

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fatigued =.=

Today right after class, i sleep directly once i reach hostel. IS DAMN TIRED! Because of heavy exercise last night perhaps. :'( I was having bad headache since yesterday midnight. 


Is fucking ugly! LOL

Until just now i still feel the tiredness! Even now turn to muscle soreness wth. Sigh, lack of stamina + weak always r main problem for me! Some more just now i was shivering, KL whether is freaking cold, end of the world is coming soon? Ya perhaps.. NO it cant be! I still got a lot of things haven't complete in my life. I still in the progress to accomplish my tough assignment which need to pass up on 28 Mac, i need to complete it before it is too late! OHNO! It gonna kill me!

Calm down girl, u always act aggressively. It's going to be a nasty habit for u ><''
Fatigued and exhausted. It always lead me to -ve thinking fml. I need more rest instead of facing the laptop whole day for doing nothing, is kinda wasting of time.

Now listening to the songs that Christy and Joey tag me  in facebook. :D
Make me review back all oldies that i had been go through. Especially songs by Westlife. :) Love them so much, was my 1st idol in my life. Their songs seriously bring lots of memorable feeling to me.

Cheering by listen to my beloved songs and always tam by VINC, LOL. Im too blissful i think so.

Let's listen to YOU RAISE ME UP by Westlife. :)
Ohya, with my idol too! Lee Hom!! <3
MARK, KIAN, SHANE, and NICKY! Hope i din memorize wrong their names lah :P

GOOD NIGHT and will be FINE after i wake up tomorrow. x)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Random Post

Gosh! such a long time i din update my blog already! Gomenasai! ><
Recently i become damn anti-social, not active anymore! What the hell i'm busy im also dunno. Hate assignments revisions placement! THIS called HUMAN LIFE. 

Well, how i can change it back after i complete all those stuffs. :)
But i still manage to extract out TIME to SS! wootsss lol wtf lots of reasons!

Hey, tell u all a secret, i start to love my curl hair!
 Many ppl dislike my hair when i just curl it, nowadays i dunno how and why it turn more natural, thanks to my hair designer, every hair styles need time to adapt one. 

Ohya, currently addicted to contact lens again. Hate to spend money on lens, unique lens always come in EXPENSIVE prices! Gonna bankrupt soon.  Influenced by Kelly perhaps! LOL 
Show u all once i get the lens, but i think quite a long time just get it cos my sista will order it for me :P

Bought jor lipstick, blusher, shading and few other skin facial stuffs. that's y im crazy with make up now, hehe!  Well, just economic brand cos im not so rich as u ppl think, as long it fulfill my requirement then it is more than enough. :) 

Just ignore the ANATOMY book there, cos im lazy to take another picha for this, too random lol
BTW, want to show u another picha, i feel a bit disgusting when i look on this picha, damn funny! dunno how to pose and yet that time i din notice about it. wth
Actually i just attracted by my lipstick colour, love it so much!

Thanks Christy for helping me in choosing the colour <3
Okay, stop showing those SS pichas, a bit over for me already LOL


Show u smth, a lunch set of Korean food with only RM10++!!?? for dinner set is around RM19.90 if not mistaken :P Am i tempting u? LOL, this meal is too much for me, i still remember the day i took this, i can full until i dun take my dinner!:P

Well, here is it. 
SS2, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
185, Jalan SS2/24
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

If freeeee, dun ever miss the chance to have ur meal there! is damn worth! :D


Today i was spending my whole day at Sg wang and Time square with my bf, Vinc. Hmm, lots of sales still launching this few days, especially Vincci at TS, crowded with human. ><

At Sg wang, got Korean food fair, then followed by mini concert by 东于哲,我和我的兄弟恩! I had watch few episodes of this drama at Astro, is damn touch. I need to squeeze myself in then just only can watch them! LOL

Next station is TS, well. unexpectedly, i saw NICOLE DAVID, her last squash tournament with Ireland's competitor, hmm. This is my 1st time saw the live squash tournament with lots lots of ppl. :)
Again, she is the champion. :)

QUEEN of SQUASH. Proud of M'sia! :P

Okiess, have an awesome day with my dearest one! Btw, 2molo is study day again. Sleep earlier and Sweet Dream! 


Thursday, March 10, 2011

A day with NOTHING! :'(

This morning i was giving some favours to myself! But lastly it end up with NOTHING! wth.
1. Take Hepatitis B injection
2. Repair my doll shoes
3. Going SS2 for korean value lunch set *RM9++*

Sobs sobs! This morning i woke up at 7am smth, then Christy and Joey already in front of PPUM (Pusat Perubatan University Malaya). I'm still busying with make up *actually just put on eye liner* LOL.

All busy act cute lol, this picha took when we came out from sunway pyramid. :D

Okay, today story begin with ...... 3 of us take bus from Jalan University then direct to University LRT. Next we heading to Kelana jaya. No injection can take there! Gov only provide vaccination to their hospital staffs! Damn angry cause what PPUM staffs told us actually is a wrong information. Well, next we decide another plan! :S

The curve and One utama r too far for us to go. ><''
Ultimately we went to Sunway Pyramid. Today all money spend on public transport. fml. hate it.
We went there for Mcd and Red Box. Sunway always crowded with lots of human.

Oppsss! what they looking? Hmmm, their face look damn cute! Perhaps many leng zai around Sunway that they cant stop themselves to star! :D
Sorry >< 

Okaysssss.... Im really scare they wil angry me nao! Turn them back to normal. 

LOL, how cute and charming are they? :P
Well. we just have Mcd lunch set to fill my stomach. Nothing cheap food at Sunway already. 

Try to gain weight i think so. ><'' wth im eating now? Fast food is super nais and convenience also what. isn't?

LOL, i know im fat enough! LOL

Well, u can check their facebook, they're couple *in relationship to each other!!* lol lol lol
I dunno which one is hubby and wify lah. ><''

Next we heading to Red Box.. This picha took at toilet yucksssss
Just try to relax ourselves cos we damn bek cek due to everything happen not smoothly. :(

We sing a lot of songs. Practising. LOL, next time sing in front of a lot of ppl then wont paiseh liao, need to practise more eh. :S Until now i still not able to sing real and fake?! sound. ><
Go back remember practise the songs that i remind u all in Red Box!! Endless story especially!! :D
Dunno y and how we get free voucher again! 

LOVE RED BOX!!! muacksssss

After that, we go back Jalan University using rapid bus. That's all from today! We din complete our favour!:'( Maybe today is not our day! LOL

OPPSSS! Joey's face cut jor. Here is another normal one. Paiseh. sorry for my poor ss skill. :P

BBF <3 <3 <3

Okiess, then go back UT, then rest, bath, eat and blog! That's how i undergo my one day! Seriously it really make myself feel useless lor!

ohya.. continue with another 2 points. (FAVOUR LIST)
4. Completing my CR and PIC assignment
5. CR notes fml

Peepssss, dun kill me, i will motivate myself to complete all these tasks!:D

Night Night, sweet dream~~

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Busy Week

Well, sorry for late updating my blog. I was super busy with myself these few weeks.
*dunno wth im busy*

2nd Mac was my birthday! Thanks to my beloved Vinc, Joey and Christy willing to spend their golden time with me, damn touch with it! Vinc bring me to eat a lot of super nice food at Kuantan, really satisfy and grateful with what he did for me. His love for me get even deeper! Happy and appreciate it so much! They really colours my world~~
*Shy shy Shy*

with my dear dear

On my birthday that day.. Christy Joey and i went to Red Box for sing k at Law Yatt Quite a long time that we didn't hang out together already! Recently we really spending too much time on those BUSY stuffs, need to enjoy awhile to go for longer journey! Having lots of fun that day cause Christy and Joey shout at Red Box!! Hmm, i think we laugh more than singing?! LOL, at last we end out with sorethroat! 

Ohya ohya, I get lots of birthday voucher as well, just by joining as Red Box member :P

Some last for 30days and some 60days! Worth RM200 :)

We don't really do gyaru make up cos just a normal outing, but at last we end up with some weird feelings! We cant take pretty and nice photos! Sobs sobs, that's why that day we only take few pictures. 

Start from left, Christy, me and Joey :D
They are my coursemates as well as my buddies! Happy and proud to have them in my life, in short word is make my life more wonderful! <3

*Love this friendship photoss~*

This photo took when we all want go back PJ! Everyone busy acting ><
That's all, and lastly want to tell is, i received 200++ wishes in facebook, damn blissful cos all of u still remember my birthday!!:D


Okay, now turn my view to FOOD!! :)
Heard before Murni Mamak SS2? OMG, this food stall always crowded by lots of ppl. Btw, for me this kind of people never try delicious food at KL, until i met Vinc i start to pick nice food to eat! LOL, polluted by him.>< I think is a good thing for me! So that i can produce more nice food next time. 

Restoran SS2 Murni
Jalan SS2/75, Petaling Jaya53 Jalan SS 2/75
47300 Petaling Jaya, Taman Sea, Malaysia

Giant fruit Juice with Nata and fresh food!! 
Well, i give 8/10 for the juice, really nice and really need to use lots of energy to drink it!
Okay, next is Roti Hawaii, most of my friends intro and remind me must try this whenever u go there! Seriously i was wondering what it look like actually, but ultimately i got it! Is mamak roti, which Vinc told me before in Pesta Ramadan. LOL

Cost RM5.50. Fill with luxury ingredients!:D
Ohya, mix the roti hawaii with 3 pastes behind there! You will get shock when u try it. Let me know after u try it!! Whether it is nice or not~~ LOL

Next, is nasi lemak. Hmm, i dunno when and why i fall in love with it. :S
This one i really dunno the exact price for it, but im sure is economic price! LOL

Now is Mee Raja, Well.. I think i quite unique cos of wonderful mixture of ingredients! Those who love seafood im sure u will get addicted to it soon. :P

LOL, all cost RM25++
3 of us cant really finish it, big amount of food LOL wth

Okay, that's all from this post, extremely busy with notes, dates with beloved!! I need to duplicate myself to do more works! GOSHH!! Time is not enough for me T______________________T

Gah yao gah yao, Jac Jac !!
Night Peeps! ^.^

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