Wednesday, December 21, 2016

#GooseySelfie Contest, by MyTOWN Shopping Centre

Woohoo! Recently I've shared a contest - Goosey Selfie Contest by My TOWN Shopping Centre! Have you check it out? If not, do follow my Facebook or my social medias for more updates :P

Yes, this contest organized by My TOWN Shopping Centre, which will be officially launch on 16th February 2017, it's 2 days after Valentine Day!

Wondering where it located? My TOWN Shopping Centre is CONNECTED to IKEA Cheras, at Kuala Lumpur! I will put a google map location at the end of my post ;)

Okay, GOOD NEWS is they're organizing an amazing 
#GooseySelfie Contest
 whereby there''re more than RM10,000 worth of prizes to be won!

With very simple steps:
  1. Log on to
  2. Click join now & follow these easy steps.


Remember to GOOSIFY your selfie, because this is a #GooseySelfie! Here's mine 😝

My name is GOOSEYNISTA, and how about you?
Just click on the Gallery or HERE to find out your Goose Squad Name ;)

**There are more than RM 10,000 worth of prizes to be won!**
Join the contest today & GOOD LUCK ya!

More information:
(Connected to IKEA Cheras)


  1. good luck to those who are participating. it seems like a great and fun contest.

  2. Aww you so cute and funny in the same time =) So much fun and exciting prizes to be won!!

  3. Haha...cute photo! Looks like a lot of new malls popping up at Cheras area :)

  4. thanks for your infor. will go join now!

  5. wa nice contest. Good luck to those joining :)

  6. how cute... wow.. yet another mall opening there... must check it out...

  7. Your photo is so funny. I'd want to know what are the prizes up for grabs first if I were joining. This mall is no where near me. :(

  8. Didn't know about My TOWN Shopping Centre until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

  9. i have not even been to the cheras outlet..hahhaha you look so cute dear with the goose filter...good luck to the participants!

  10. wah , sound interesting !! i wanna take part in contest now!

  11. I like your cute photo. Will try to join it to win some prizes too.

  12. good luck to all the participants :D

  13. Interesting! Lucrative price as well! Worth it to join!

  14. Ohhh.. great prizes. Selfie queen like me must join. Lol

  15. I wanna join too because I also love taking selfies lol

  16. Seems like an awesome contest, good luck to you.


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