Saturday, April 23, 2011

Playboy Women's Fragrances Launch‏

I just came back from Mid Velly for Playboy Women's Fragrances Launch‏. Thanks Nuffnang for giving such nice opportunity to attend this event and also grab a goodies bag from PlayBoy :)

1st, i met XinXian from Nuffnang, finally i met her there. 
*cos only saw her name at Nuffnang during updating news in our email* isn't?
 She is pretty and nice to talk! Moreover, i met a lot of leng leng bloggers! BTW, knew a new friend, Sandy. Well, cos i din have camera so i dun take picha at all. wtf

Wondering when i just can own my DIGITAL CAMERA?! Hoho, perhaps after i graduate. :P
I dun mind lah, unless i got my HP to help me in snapping every moment in my life.

Just edit this photo to put in my facebook's primary photo. Hehe, sorry cos it is BLUR. :O

Hmm, seriously, this event give me a great experience for my life. Even the speaker also said im damn nervous, LOL. I will try to do more practise on Cat Walk, Speaking in crowded area and try to think rationally before i answer any Questions that shoot on the spot! :'(((

My lucky number- 6!!
Below is my clearer picha. Today i want to put on fake eye lashes but fml! My fake eye lashes was?! spoiled! so i dun k lah, I hate to put on mascara due to hard to remove T-T

I know this is my 1st time! Wait for me! Next event i will put MORE effort on it! :)
However confident is not so easy to get and stay long lasting in our heart, what i had done wrongly i will REMEMBER forever! wtf

Goodies Bag! Love the PlayBoy's Play it LOVELY sooou much! :))
Have an awesome day girls! 


  1. Oh wow, bet it was an amazing experience & I hope you're going to be more confident in yourself soon ♥
    Thanks for sharing~

    PS: It'S so true that everyone is going to remember their own mistakes forever, haha~

  2. Yes.. :)
    Hope all the best to u too <3

  3. hope you had a good time at that mini contest =D

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