Monday, October 24, 2011

Tokyo Kawaii Tv & Foruchizu Gyaru Meet Up 2011

Woots! Long time i had ignore my lovely bloggy. Miss you so much but too bad i was busy with my own personal studies and business!
Well, today i will give sometime to my lovely baby bloggy!

WTH im writing =_____________=

I had been disappear for so long already, sorry cos let u guys worry about me! Just a process for me and i will get use to it soon! CHERRS! 

Last two weeks we went back to Tokyo Kawaii TV FORUCHIZU MEET UP 2011.

WOW, lots of gyaru! All are damn kawaii and of course pretty!

Copy from BLIVENE

Well that day i didn't apply full gyaru make up. Felt so guilty cos my eyes is hurting on the day before NHK screening. :(
But i promise no next time! I start to love gyaru!!! 

With Yokoii and Yuki

With cheesie and christy!!
Where is audrey???

Look so pro!!! xD

Hope to see them all at Coming 2012!! Aww, it's really a memorable event in my life. 

PLS *LIKE* FORUCHIZU at facebook for more information x)

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