Monday, April 8, 2013

WeChat Media Launch (PPP)

Have all of you heard about it?
Yeah, it is a mobile phone text and voice messaging communication service created by Tencent in China, whereby use globally by smartphone users nowadays.

WeChat provides awesome and multiple functions that makes our life even more easy and perfect which is the apps that i loved the most in my smart phones!

Such as convenience with text messaging, hold-to-talk voice messaging, broadcast (one-to-many) messaging, video-chat, photo/video sharing, location sharing (if you lost yourself), and contact information exchange.

Other than that, it's provide ''shake'', ''drift bottle'', ''looks around'' to let you know people surrounding or people who got fate with you. How great is it! You can see your friend moments as well!
And, recently, WeChat recently had organised a TV commercial launch party with media and bloggers!

On the day itself, the entrance full of media and bloggers!

And i feel super exited that day because i can meet so many ppl as well as my old friends!

While i enter the Club, first i saw on the screen, was this! Organiser have such creative way to make a group chat for us to connect all media and bloggers!

Party started with our funny funky Emcee, followed by some mini games! Without him, party cannnot be so HIGH and EXITED!

Mr Pohsu Yeung giving a short speech on stage!
He is Vice President of Tencent International Business!

After Mr Pohsu's speech, nais food are served at the corner! As well as fruit juice, beers, desserts and fresh fruits serving all around by waitress.

I took some fresh fruits and vegetables for my healthy diet.

Cup cakes with some mini cakes. Sharing with other bloggers as well.

While enjoying our meal, performance by Vivian Chua started, accompanied by Henley Hii after few songs.

How sweet and pretty she is. She started with ''A thousand Year''.

While listening to these awesome songs! I don't miss the chance to take pictures with #bff and bloggers surrounding! :)

Meet Yin Yin which i met her during Vault, on previous CNY event.

Met my secondary classmate as well --- Ashley!

With bloggers --- Sandy and YeeIng :)
First game started, with asking social and media questions to 10 participants (5 Female, 5 Male)
And finally, female won. BTW all participants received present!

Congrats to all winners!

Other than that, Awi Rafael (Malaysia Featured & Talented Songwriter) on stage too, with the song ''Asalkan Aku OK'', which is his hit song! :)

After that, game 2 start. Congrats to all winners!

Yeah, second games participant can get an album / Hello Kitty speaker and the only winner get an IPAD.

Followed by DJ Sykogroove, which is the moment we enjoy a lot because of his awesome music!
How cool is he.

After that, the party end with great dance with colourful light*
*which is my camera also dunno what mode is the most suitable for these kind of light* lol

Yeah, party end with LUCKY DRAW :)

Enjoying the party soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!

For those who still haven't install WeChat apps! INSTALL it now!
Have fun with it and use the awesome functions by WECHAT!!

Now it is available for iOS, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows Phone! And you can DOWNLOAD for FREE! Get it at play store now!

More information please visit


Im using as well! Search me - JacKhoo1989

See you there! :)

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  1. yay!!!!!!!!!!i see me!!!!!
    hahahahha....nice meeting u "1st" time for a real chat....=P

    cu soon and jia you on ur xxxxxx...hahaha me need it too...!=X

  2. Thanks Yin Yin :)

    All the best to u and i will always be there for u also :P

  3. Agree with Henry, but I'm underage to go :(

  4. Hope next time can see u in comings event :)

  5. wow! what a happening there!! btw, i love ur header, so cool!!! :D


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