Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I Am The Unstoppable Explorer

I called myself an unstoppable explorer, WHY?
I love to explore on new things, what's new and attracted me, i will follow up till it finish up, like a blogger, keep chasing fashion and new updates till no ends.

Characteristic that i should have are
1. Always keep yourself curious and up to date
2. Understand that new stuffs, explore it
3. Never give up on exploring on what you interest with (positive thing of course)
4. Positive minded
5. Share with others the good news

Yeah that's the characteristic that i planted all the time on me.

The challenge that i faced recently is I want to be a up-to-date blogger and sharing all the good news to all my blog readers as well as other social apps reader too!

How i overcome it?
I spend time to read news, blogs, updated news from TV (since my bf so up to date to latest political news) and social application. Opps! Of course with the Astro-On-The-Go programme! This is what i can do to be a up-to-date blogger.

In my opinion what is a essential gadget that i cannot miss?
My smart phones! My lappy and my camera.

But if only want me to choose one, of course my smart phones. :P
With Astro-On-The-Go programme i can watch all the news and shows just with my mobile phone.

How Astro-On-The-Go allows me to explore and watch my fav programmes and the best of Astro Anytime, Anywhere? 
Hmm, most of my time are outside or can say like this, my rental house don't have Astro, only my bf and my hometown got Astro, full set tim. So whenever i leave hometown, I dont have chance to watch news and football + badminton match! My bf mad with bsb match as well lol

Yeah, with Astro-On-The-Go, i don't need to wake up at 3am, and go MAMAK with bf to watch live football match. Just watch in bed room will do! ;)

Yeap, here to go! More details pls visit :

More details on Nuffnang Updates! pls visit

Happy Reading*


  1. keep exploring but stop reading mainstream newspaper and watch mainstream tv news! :P

  2. that's sound confusing. Lol btw i understand it :P

  3. oooo now i know what is this all about! lol Jacqueline the explorer! =D


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