Monday, September 23, 2013

Homecook Food

I went to Hospital Bentong Clinical Placement with my buddies, Muguntha but only stayed with Christy. :)

Snapped with Christy!

We almost cook everyday day.
If not only lunch will makan outside.
Homecook food still the best for me. U can cook healthier with it.


From Bentong, I learned how to cook this. 韭菜煎蛋
Super yummy! Match a bit Kicap, taste unexpected.


We dabao to work also.

My fav part. DURIAN. Given by my coursemate, Muguntha!

*best durian in the world*

Again, Sandwish Burger. Lol

Friend bitter guard, with eggs and noodles. If makan with rice, should be better!

We tried a lot of cooking. 
Fried porridge!
I learned from Taiwan Channel. Not bad the taste :P

I think this is many ppl punya fav!

Buy Yao-Cha-Kueh and match with porridge. 
We try to cook anything at Bentong! An awesome experience!

Another version. Cook with Duck!

Also we cook some vegetables. Given by patients btw.

This is cooked using instand noodles. lol

Not bad the taste by adding so many vegetables.

Food cooked by Christy and neighbours! Why they r so nice. :(
Start missing them already.

They even invite us to mooncake bbq night. We chat until 1am in the morning. Zombie face the next morning! Btw worth it. Gonna visit them back one day.


These cooked by my patient. 

Aww. He is a chef before, that's why he can cook so well. We appreciate it so much. Seriously!

Sometimes we just take some fruits as dinner!

And we make mooncake too!

Here's my baby cooking. 
Cant said he cant cook, actually he cook better than me. 
Isn't guys always have hidden talent?

Aww. Again. U know?
Muguntha cook for us. We're the most blissful kids in the world!
And i love INDIAN food so much!

All about food! How to cook arh. I think most of the dishes i know the recipe!


*Happy Reading*


  1. Om nom nom I want durian! Happy mid autumn fest to u! :)

  2. That's quite a lot of homecooking going on...Loves it!

  3. I found that you love fried anchovies huh :P

  4. Henry: TQ ^^

    Sycookies: Home cooking always the best and healthier choice. :D

    Choi Yen: I prefer mince meat:P


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