Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Last November Sister Shooting

It's been a long time I didn't blog!
I miss blogging life DAMN much. Last weekend was going to Phuket, with my bf! This weeked im gonna accompany my family going to Singapore, and following weekend is my younger brother's graduation!

Ohmy, not finish yet, weekdays are super packed with CLASSES.
FINAL YEAR why U NO let me relax a bit?


lol. I'm thinking too much. Wish me luck then hahaha
BTW I promise that I will blog about my sister bridal shooting this week! My Phuket trip hold first, camera left at bf's house. So forgetful. ><''

*Wedding gown, make up and hair do sponsored by SIZMAKEUP*

Make up and hair do! :P
She gonna make ur look super sweet! Here is she! *Empress Make Up Studio*

Normally I looked super cool or sexy in previous shooting, but now im looking super sweet. 
Love this make up so much. I can change a lot of style next time ;)

First experience to be a sister bride, not easy!
Veil left it for my husband! So not a bride shoot this time :P

My hair do not gonna end like this hehehe. 

*Super sick FACE*
Actually Im quite sick on the day i shooting. Flu flu flu. Even the make up guru said im not enough rest, look super tired. But i manage to complete it! Cool ;)

Try to smile like a MODEL.
YESH i did it. Lol not many pictures can smile like this leh. :P

After apply pink lipstick and accessories. ;)
And the full body picture!

Aww! Love this picture so much. Look so sweet this this wedding gown. Actually it is quite heavy until I felt the back muscle strain on the next day!

Shooting photos still on hold. Waiting these super busy photographers process my pictures. -。-

With this 2 busiest ever photographers! Also pretty Christy! 

And event organiser OSA! Love her so much, super cute too! ;)

Anyway, after this any photos send by photographers I will upload it! Cant wait! :)
*Happy Reading* 


  1. Wow, so prettyyyy~~! Can't wait for all the photos to be uploaded! :))

  2. Jane: TQ ya dearrr. Photographers are too busy with their shooting lol


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