Saturday, January 17, 2015

[Review] My 2015 Make Up Routine

To begin my 2015, what you want to try this year?
I'm gonna try out few new make up brands and nail polish! (It has been few years I didn't polish my nails >.<'')

So today I'm going to introduce you all what are favorite make up products of 2015!

1. Maybeline Color Show Nail Polish
I would like to try out new nail color from Maybeline! Always heard about great comment and review from other blogger and friends. Previously I only dare to try out light color of nail polish, today I'm gonna try out purple color! New challenge :D

Comment: At first, I kinda worry because my skin is kinda dark, if apply dark color nail polish will it be not contrast at all? Don't worry, after trying it out, the purple is shining purple, which make my skin tone lighter, as shown in the picture :D

Because I didn't use nail polish for years, hand kinda shacking, so need to do a lot of correction (nail polish remover + cotton bud) after polish my nails. Everyone must have their first time, so don't scare to make mistake because nail polish remover gonna save your pretty nails! :P

2. Maybeline Baby Lips Electro Pop
Looking for lip balm alike lip stick? I would like to introduce Maybeline Baby Lips Electro Pop which will give sexy and moisture look on your lip :D

Maybeline Baby Lips Electro Pop - Pink Shock

You can smell the candy fragrant around, it change your lips instantly from NUDE to SEXY one :P

Comment: How about before after? No lies, it gives natural sexy lips as well as prevent your lips from drying! Another thing I like is pink shock color which gives korean look! If you fed up of finding pink color lip stick, you may try this! ;)

3. Collection - Highlight Lip Gloss
Want to know what so special about this Highlight Lip Gloss? Yeap, you can use it in the night time without any light! This Highlight Lip Gloss attach with touch light!

So creative right? :P

Yeap, suitable for them who want their pink lips during night time? Especially with someone special? :P

Opps sorry for this creepy picture *hiak hiak* Wondering how this lip gloss work? It gives double shining effect after lip stick! :D

Comment: Yeahh, sexy lips completed with lip balm and lip gloss! After apply lip gloss as last step, no matter how you SELFIE, your camera always give you nice pictures :D

Selfie selfie? *SEE?*

4. Dolly Wink Eye Liner
Previously I always stick to XX eye liner, but after using Dolly Wink Eye Liner, I no longer want to use others one :P

The different with eye liner and without eye liner! So so much big different, and a bit scary this picture see from small size @.@

Comment: Line of this Dolly Wink Eye Liner is fine and dark enough to make my eyes bigger! :D If I didn't try out this brand I will never know this Dolly Wink Eye Liner is so nice! From morning 9am I make up, and until now 10pm, my eye liner still haven't get smocked! *Likey!* :D

Overall, these are my favorite make up products! :D

TQ The Butterfly Project for these awesome products from Beauty Box on last Christmas Party together with other 100 butterflies!

Have fun with all of these product and any questions just drop by at the COMMENT BOX ;)

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