Monday, November 30, 2015

[Review] Vitamin B12 Cream Plus+ by SWISSBEL

Finally it's END of the year, getting hectic & busy with our works. Loads of work. It's been quite awhile I've not reviewing any skincare products (lots awaiting me to try on it!)

Yeah, so today I'm going to introduce you all - Vitamin B12 Cream Plus+ by SWISSBEL. It is clinically tested & gives a lot of benefits to your skin! Was searching quite a long time ago for cream that can reduce scars especially.

Such a cute and pretty decoration by SWISSBEL! It is made in Switzerland, clinically tested suitable for all type of skin. Other than that, it is fragrance free, paraben free, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic tested.

Just can't wait to use it because also of a lot of good feedback from customers :D

Yes, I'm actually just finish 1 stick of it, and I can feel the different of it already!

But first, lets see what's the ACTIVE INGREDIENT by Vitamin B12 Cream Plus +.

  1. Vitamin B2
    • Regenerate and revitalized deeply, as well as skin glows with captivating radiance
  2. Rosa
    • Give skin's hydration and smoothen the skin from sensitivity and stress
  3. Squalane
    • Empower and repair skin moisture barrier
  4. Salicylic Acid (BHA)
    • Unclogs pores by eliminating dead cells, remove obstruction
  5. Hyaluronic Acid
    • Retaining up to 1,000 times its weight in H2O, which can be penetrates instantly into the skin for 24 hours. 
    • It's help to smoothen the out fine lines gradually
  6. Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, Provitamin B5
    • Prevent aging skin

All of them definitely are every women' need! Included me. But first let me shows some BEFORE & AFTER application on my hand :D

The texture is milky and you won't feel too oily on your hand or face application. I can feel my dry skin getting better and shinier after application of Vitamin B12 Cream Plus + by SWISSBEL.
Now let's check out their BENEFIT & EFFECTIVENESS by Vitamin B12 Cream Plus +:
  1. Hydrates & moisturizes skin
  2. Smoothes old and new scars
  3. Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  4. Tighten pores
  5. Reduces skin redness
  6. Uplifts and firms the skin and neck holds

Comment: After 1 week using for day and night skincare routine, my skin get slightly better especially my pores and scars! It's kinda work magically as now I don't really need foundation when I'm going out! BUT you must apply it everyday to let your skin shows the best result ya :D

BTW selfie also look significantly different! *taken yesterday*

Swissbel Official Website:
Swissbel Malaysia Facebook Fan Page:


  1. Oh i need something for my open pores issue too. Looks like this is going to work great!

  2. Could it help on tummy stretch mark? I had try to look for products that could help reduce from stretch mark. any idea? thanks

  3. after the application, your face glows! this looks good

  4. The products seems so good! You look really pretty dear

  5. look like a nice product. No try this yet, but I do like your hairstyle. Good catch up with you last Sun.

  6. i have not tried this product... and am looking into trying it.. looks like a good product...

  7. heard a lot of mix reviews about this product. good to hear a positive one. shall try it out if i get a chance :D

  8. great to hear that it really works! vitamins and beauty products should be matched together always..

  9. I love their product too!! Using it now =D Can't wait to blog about it soon to =D hehe

  10. I love their product! The packaging is nicely wrap! Nice review! :)

  11. Nice! I've been using it for myself for about a week now. and i can see my skin surface improving

  12. I like this but a tad oily for my oily combination skin.

  13. The benefits look good dear but how is it on dry skin? Can see the improvement of texture and radiance on the face, it definitely looks very promising indeed.

  14. I really need something to tighten my pores. Thanks for sharing :)

  15. Yes. i like it too and I bring it with me to work.

  16. The product certainly agrees with your skin. Good choice.

  17. looks good on you, very simple packaging but as long as it works right.

  18. hey, this is a nic eproduct for skin :) It makes u look good gal :)
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  19. I have been hearing so much good reviews about SWISSBEL recently, would like to try it out too :)

  20. Indeed your skin conditions improved after using this cream.

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