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[Review] C21.5 Enhancing Sheet Mask by Natta Cosme

So yeah, talking about MASK, do you think it is important to apply mask daily or alternative day to make our skin younger, fairer, smoother and flawless?

For me definitely a MUST, just by applying mask for alternative day then I can see result that my skin smoother compare for doing nothing for the whole week. So, for me daily skincare routine is so so much important to keep us young :P

Let me introduce a brand new Korea Mask - C20 Natural Vitamin 21.5 Enhancing Sheet Mask.

It comes with such a cute box and filled up with lots of ORANGE Fruit plus sweets! Omg that's my favorite sweets ever! I know right:

The Vitamin C21.5 is Waiting for You!
Feed your skin with our MASK today :D

WHAT is C21.5 Enhancing Sheet Mask?

  • It is an antioxidant mask which containing 21.5% natural vitamin complex extracted from all-natural Hippophae Rhamnoides Water and Boseong Green Tea Water.
  • Both of this water designed to improve skin tone and also prevent oxidation of the ampule while replenishing hydration to enhance your skin condition! :D
  • So basically, it is high in anti-oxidation, improve skin tone, calming and also moisturizing our skin!

HIGHLY Recommended for:

  • Dull skin
  • Dry skin
  • Frequently exposed to hot, cold or dry environment
  • Current user for C20 Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advance Serum - Check out my review: HERE
  • Those who wants better skin :P


1. After wash your face with your daily skincare, remember to apply toner for better absorption. Next, apply C21.5 enhancing sheet mask ;)

Kinda surprising because I thought it will be paper-like mask, but it is super smooth like cotton. It gives super moist texture and no fragrant/stingy smell (natural enough) at all! Likey likey!

2. Leave it for 15-20 minutes (I'm letting it for 15 mins only :P), then remove it gently and massage until all the serum are fully absorbed.

(Apply 1-2 times a week)

So after applying this mask, during taking off the mask you will feel a bit sticky. But after massage until the serum fully absorbed, then you can see your face shining shining (means super moist lah*)

My skin also getting better after application around 1-2 times a week, 2 weeks continuous. Accompanied with clean diet, my skin like getting 5 years younger, compared to *tired and exhausted* face!

After few weeks...

Improve Skin Tone

Seriously I can't live without MASK lah. In order to make me feel like 18 ++ years old LOL. Girls, remember to love yourself, because only YOU YOURSELF can love YOURSELF so much!


  1. Store in area which is not exposed to direct sunlight, high or low temperature
  2. Do not use on scars, wounds, and problematic skin condition
  3. Discontinuing to use, if irritation such as itchiness, swelling or red spots (if with sun exposure)

Hence I will advice DO YOUR MASK BEFORE SLEEP. That's the most effective and safe way to reach optimal effect by mask ;)

More information:

Purchase: HERE

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  1. Love this mask! it look full of nutrients for healthy skin. You skin look fresh up.

  2. The mask looks nice and effective.. It's good for our skin!~

  3. The mask seems giving a very good after effect, looks like you've got a hydrated skin! :)

  4. Love sheet mask. so convenient and easy to use. xoxo

  5. I wished I am as dedicated as you in applying facial mask every other day. I am lucky if I can apply once a week as I keep forgetting!

  6. I am not a regular mask user. Try it once in a while. But looking at your skin, applying it regularly seems to be a good idea.

  7. Would love to try these masks sometime.. have to finish the ones I have at home first.. heheh

  8. Would love to try these masks sometime.. have to finish the ones I have at home first.. heheh

  9. I am in love with this mask range too! I'm thinking to get their serum as well =P

  10. I rarely wear mask on my face. maybe once a month or once per two months. I have another one mask left havent wear yet at home :D Maybe next time i should consider this one

  11. You have a flawless skin my dear! It sounds really good! That's true, we must sayang ourselves! :DD

    btw, followed you in Google plus mind to return in favor yah! Thank you! :))

  12. Really suits your skin. Maybe I should try :D

  13. Really suits your skin. Maybe I should try :D

  14. I had dry skin and this mask looks suitable for me. Will try it out myself and hopefully it works.

  15. Pretty easy application and convenient!

  16. I heard this mask is good. Not only is help to moisture our skin but also provide Vitamin C to our skin.

  17. It seem a nice mask to use! Thanks for sharing =)

  18. Seems to be a nice mask with some visible and quick results.

  19. I like to use mask as part of my beauty routine, will check out this brand :)

  20. your face look so much energetic after use this masker sheets.

  21. I love the fact that it uses orange as orange has lots of benefits to health. It shows in your skin.

  22. Wow this looks quite good for your skin, maybe I should try it.


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