Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ramadan Buffet at Best Western I-City Shah Alam

Bulan Buka Puasa coming soon which is next week, and what's we all waiting for? RAMADAN month of cos :P During this month you will enjoy a lot of nice malay traditional food especially :D

So, thanks for Aunty Lily for invite us to media release of Ramadan Buffet at Best Western I-City Shah Alam (located inside I-City), which only available from 7th June - 3rd July 2016.

Ramadan decoration at the entrance let me feel like Hari Raya getting nearer and I just can't wait the day to come! There're 2 places for dine in, which in indoor (with air-con) and outdoor :)



Choose your place for buffet according to your mood, as outdoor session you can view I-City night view which full of lights! That's quite romantic if you come to enjoy dinner with your beloved one ;)

Before I makan, let's see what's the Ramadan buffet main course tonight :D

Let me go ONE by ONE on their dishes tonight, and notice that I actually learn quite a few new malay food names, and remember to tell me which one is your favorite :P

And their food all heated by small fire. So that the food won't get cold easily :)

After main course, let's see their traditional malay dessert, kueh-muih. I just can't wait to finish my main course and try out all of them, especially their ketupat, and colorful kueh! :D

Start from some local traditional malay food :D

Tadaa, I wish I can try out all of them, but seriously I wish I can have extra stomach to digest all of them. Bet you gonna kill me because I only take 2 plates of main course and 1 plate of dessert for a buffet :P

Personally like their daging masak merah, their beef meat cooked in cubes size, not so hard and easy to bite as well. Their bubur lambuk I like it as well, it taste with rempah-ratus, and eat them while they're hot, because no one gonna like cold porridge!

Overall, their food taste not bad, I can eat few rounds if I can eat, LOL. Ohya If they got more option on seafood, that would be nice also! Because I love prawns :P 

I like kueh lapis (any of them LOL) and if possible I will eat all of them because most of them not so sweet. They actually got cup cakes which comes later on. Too bad I didn't manage to take picture for you all. You will see actually lots of malay traditional kueh that you can't taste it easily at KL nowadays, get try all of them! :)

Also, I wish to more variety of drinks & refillable, as buffet always do that :P

Also, met a lot of nice bloggers there! It's been super super long time I didn't show face to all of you during events. BTW, lots of fun there and hope to see you all again ya ;)

More information:

For Reservation: +603-55219000
Email: enquiry@bestwestern.icity.my


  1. So many food to eat for berbuka puasa.. Jom, makan!

  2. I havent eaten bubur lambuk for ages! those dessert look very tasty too

  3. looks like some great selection there.... will check it out if around the area

  4. I will take all my buka puasa food and enjoy the outdoor view as it looks so pretty during sunset, I bet.

  5. I like Kuih Lapis too! haha ! one of my favorite Malay dish! haha So nice that you have a very wonderful time with your friends!

  6. Ramadan buffet always has lots of variety to choose, not sure how to start.

  7. Wow, look at all the delicious foods, can't wait to berbuka puasa at here :)


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