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Frequent Questions Ask in Bali Indonesia Trip

Wondering how's BALI look like? I thought it was in ROUND shape one, LOL, or small like Singapore, but it is totally out of my mind, it is super huge! :P

This is my very first time went to Bali, together with company trip. Most of the places we visit on the southern part, except Ubud town which at middle of the Bali. Whole trip was fun and interesting as well as romantic if you going together with your beloved one.

Okay, what's Frequent Questions always ask in Bali Trip?

1. Places to visit in Bali
At my very first impression of Bali, there was only beaches can visit. But first I bring you all to famous place in Bali, which you can't step into their beach :D

a. Uluwatu Temple (乌鲁瓦图寺) - Link
Known as Bali mysterious holly ancient temple. You will need to wear a sarung to cover your waist area (everyone) in order to show respect to temple :)

This temple located at the level of 250 feet above the sea level on the southern point of pura luhur. Not only that, it is famous and perfect view for sea! But but but you will need to take a 20-30 mins ride from Ngurah Rai Airport to the destination.

b. Tanah Lot Temple (海神庙) - Link
This temple located at coastal side of Beraban countryside, Kendiri sub district and Tabanan Regency. It tooks 45 mins from Ubud town. I know super long but you won't regret if you catch up their sunset :D

What so special about this temple is you only can go nearby this temple when the sea water go down during sunset. My bf manage to catch few super nice shoots last year October when the sea water all go down, till you can see the seaweed everywhere over your feet! (show you all on separate post, stay tuned!)

I only manage to capture the sunset that's only go halfway, and Tanah Lot Temple floated over the sea water, ohya and a ship kite T___________________________T

c. Tegalalang Rice Terrace (德格拉郎梯田) - Link
Hmm for me this place quite nice for taking photos, other than that, sorry :P

2. Other Places to visit
There other places to visit, other than these few tourist area which is Batik Shop & Ubud Palace.

a. Batik Shop
For me this place seriously is tourist place which will sell a lot of batik clothes, or you can even ask them to draw on your plain T-shirt or pant :P

Price can be from RM30-RM300, depends on what batik clothes you choose. I remember well because I use RM to calculate most of them. But you still can get cheap fake batik design at Art Market Ubud, or any road side, with RM30++. Hiak Hiak.

b. Ubud Palace - Link
This is the palace stayed by Sultan previously, until today still got people staying inside, and part of the palace become tourist area. It is located at Ubud town.

And it is very nice for taking picture over here!

3. Beaches to visit
Actually Bali got lots of nice beaches, but...follow tour, you know la.

a. Dreamland Beach (梦幻海滩) - Link
This place well-known for beach surfing, but too bad because we're following tour, so we're not going to surf, just to walk around that place. So sad, right?

Before entering this beach, you will enter area by shutter bus. It is located South Bali, which have super big wave makes the beach like secret paradise, and everyone enjoy it so much!

There's a small market street over here, which you can get all you beach stuffs! :D

b. Jimbaran Beach (金巴兰海滩) - Link
This place definitely not for surfing, swimming or what. Only for seafood BBQ and dinner with sunset. Again, I missed out the sunset, because of the weather!

You can enjoy their BBQ seafood here, and I guess most of them following tour guard as well. LOL, because all fetched by van or bus LOL. Food still OKAY only, and their crab right, they didn't crack the crab first before serve us. Hmmm

See? Sunset don't want to friend with me LOL

4. Place to Shopping?
Yes, the tour guard brought us to Art Market Ubud, but I heard my colleague said that small market nearby Tanah Lot sell even cheaper!

a. Art Market Ubud - Link
Tour guard still got mentioned to us that you need to ask for at least 50-70% discount per item. Because this is tourist area, hence they mark so much higher, compare to other place.

b. Tanah Lot Market - Link
Yes, just located outside Tanah Lot Temple, before you entering the area. I didn't know that one pant only RM10, while we bought at Art Market Ubud price starting from RM15-35 T__________T

If you ask for discount, I cannot think of how much is the price already LOL, but of cos variety here not much as Art Market Ubud!

5. A MUST to eat at Bali
Actually I'm not so sure what must eat at Bali, but I think these few food you can try them out.

a. Stew and Fried Bebek (Duck)
I saw a lot of bloggers recommended this, and it taste really nice! First is stew bebek, and second is fried bebek, and both taste great! Hardly to find this taste in other place. But some place got sell Bebek Betutu, means they stew the duck together with spices, too bad I didnt get to taste it.

But if scare of duck smell, they got Stew and Roasted Chicken as well! Both taste so amazing :P

b. Babi Guling (Roasted Suckling Pork)
I only manage to try one shop in front of Ubud Palace, average okay okay only from everyone's comment. It comes with their local vege, and spices on their roasted pork.

Besides, before we leaved we manage to try out their roasted pork rib, this one definitely taste better LOL, after water rafting at Sari Profit Water Rafting.

6. What activities can do in Bali?
Yes, because they're near to beach side, so yeah lots of things you can do over there! In or out side the beach, you choose :)

a. Beach activities
But seriously, for beach activities, they count in US dollar one. For example, I play the parasailing beside beach actually cost 30 US dollar. But I ask for discount, and lastly get 10 US dollar only!!! So so much of big different!!!

I didn't bring much $$, so pity right? I didn't manage to try out seawalker. It cost less than RM200 if not mistaken. If you plan to play, why not? But according to tour guard, you guys can go to Lembongan Island, with only 70 US dollar, you can play 80% of the water activities & 1 meal included! that's quite worth, too bad we didn't get to go there.

b. Water rafting - Link
This is a very new activity for me because I never try water rafting before! Thanks to my boss for helping us paying the water rafting in 75 US dollar for each person!

Yay yay, I still remember so much of fun other water rafting!

For water rafting picture right, you need to buy at the counter as they will copy into a CD for you. Thanks to my beloved colleague who bought for us.

c. Spa + Massage - Link
A must for Spa & Massage over here, included oil & milk massage, scrub, rose bathing :D

7. Things to TAKE NOTE in Bali
Yes, you might need to take note of few things because Bali is a religious place, which mostly cover by temple. You will see a lot of their God wherever you go :)

a. Flower Box
When you see this flower box, pls beware and don't step on them because this is their lucky flower in their religion. So you can see this flower box anywhere, everywhere, especially in front of their shops.

b. Minimarket
Yes, talking about minimarket, you hardly find 7-11 over Bali. They got their own mart actually. Because tour guard got mentioned that not every mart giving the cheapest price, but we found out that Alfamart give the cheapest price!

Ohya, this this this is super important because you might need EXTRA WATER from minimarket. This is because the water supply from hotel are from seawater, so when you brush your teeth you will feel it is actually salty, which is not good for our teeth and gum as well.

c. Airport
Why I said airport? Because tour guard told us that we should not chew chewing gum, smoke/put ur cigarette on your ear as they can fine you 300 US dollar.

d. Tips
I think because they're really living in very low salary, when I ask the massager how much she get per month, it is only RM800! So we decided to give 10000, which equal to RM3++ as tips. So do other activities sifu.

But it is still optional for you to give or not give ya, but to let you all know if ppl ask for tips that's normal ya :D

e. Souvenir
 What to buy from Bali? LOL actually this bother me a lot as well. You can grab their:

  • Local Bali Peanut
  • Lawak Coffee Bean
  • Instant Noodle like Indonmee, ABC & other interesting taste :P
  • Layer Cake/Kek Lapis
  • Dry Fruits (I'm not so recommend because I tried before, and I can't finish because not much sweetness & hard to bite also)
  • Local design clothes or beach wear & souvenir like dream catcher, wood stuff etc etc

Lol, almost forgot this question. I stayed at Eden Kuta, Bali. Arranged by tour & it is 4* Hotel.

EDEN, Kuta, Bali - Link
Yes, the hotel for me is quite good. But I heard some of my colleagues complaint that some rooms' air-con not working well. So they actually got come and ask if we need air-con service or not. Service also quite good!

Most importantly they provide FREE WIFI!

Another things staying nearby this Eden Kuta, you can easily access to Kuta Street which filled with lots of makan shop or souvenir shops, Kuta beach, Centro Mall & also lots beer/pub, or a bit walking distance you can reach Hard Rock Cafe!

BTW I will blog more & update the link beside each title to the BLUE one like what I did for past Frequent Questions Ask in Bangkok Trip :D

You will have a big big mirror inside your Eden Kuta Hotel for you to selfie everyday!

Have fun to read my blog & any question just ask ya! 


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