Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Shopping with Ezbuy Malaysia

Have you heard about EZBUY MALAYSIA?

They're actually
  • Taobao Malaysia
  • Taobao Agent Malaysia
  • USA Shopping & Shipping
  • Taiwan Shopping & Shipping
That's cool right? I never such an amazing website there in Malaysia!

So as a NEW USER, you can choose to log in either of these 2 options:
  • Login
  • Register

For me, I will choose to LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK, as in I always forgot my online shopping password!! And most of the time if I couldn't remember, I will resend my password to my email, so end up with lots of unnecessary.

After login with Facebook, you will need to fill in some simple details (but yeah, still need to enter new password LoL):

And you're ready to SHOP!

BTW you can head on to their ALL CATEGORIES, which included:
  • Women's Clothing
  • Men's Clothing
  • Toys, Mother & Kids
  • Shoes, Bags & Accessories
  • Home & Garden
  • Beauty & Health
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Office & Stationary
  • Automotives
  • Mobiles & Tablets
For me, I love to buy Top & Dresses so much! But because I own a lot of TOP so let's us have a look of their DRESSES, through Women's Clothing!

So, I saw this dress & kinda love it! Most importantly it is super cheap, as well as this dress got my size!

Link to this dress: HERE

You can check out their MEASUREMENT by scrolling down the page by checking their size. It is so details & big size ppl like me also can buy!

尺码 - Size
臀围 - Buttock Measurement
胸围 - Breast Measurement
腰围 - Waist Measurement
裙长 - Dress Length

So I choose RED, XL and quantity of 1, and Add To Chart, and you can mention any special instruction from this dress, if any. Yayyy, my very first shopping item is done!

Let's check out other amazing items from Ezbuy Malaysia! *girls love shopping isn't?*

After finish shopping (oops I still love tops more than dress T__T), then just click this banner on right side of the page. Lastly, click CHECK OUT!

For me I will choose SEA SHIPPING from Taobao China, as in it is SUPER SUPER CHEAP, if you don't mind with the shipping period (tooks 2-3 weeks to arrive).

This batch of items, each shipping fee (estimated 1.79kg, which consider as 2kg) from:
  • DHL - RM60 (1 week)
  • Priority Air - RM40 (1 week++)
  • Economy Air - RM22 (1-2 weeks)
  • Sea - RM12 (2-3 weeks)

Once you choose you type of shipping, then you can press CHECK OUT.

After fill up your details, now you can PAY NOW.

Then lastly, choose your option to PAY NOW! Btw you can choose your option to add on insurance for the parcel ya!

So click in TOP UP NOW, and you will see this. Buy any cash voucher as listed below, with variety type of payment.

And after payment, YOU'RE DONE!

The balance of your amount, can use it of your next order! Super simple and easy right? Now no longer need to wait personal agent reply, but just click click click on this website. That's why I love online shopping so so much! Any question just type at the comment below ya, I will reply ASAP ;)

  • Now you all own the BENEFIT of PRIME - Ship everything only at RM8.80 Nett International Shipping Fee @
  • 15%  SHIPPING FEE with code of ezfriend15
  • Newly register & get RM15 VOUCHER into ezbuy account
  • Register at Prime Trial and get all these great deal (limited to 1st 100 register user) -
  • Gratitude SALE on 921 (21st September 2016, TODAY!!) for FREE AGENT FEE & Prime RM8.80 International Shipping!!




  1. love shopping online.
    this website not yet try shopping yet.

  2. wow i love buying from there. addicted

  3. Alamak. Another shopping portal.
    (trying to close the portal but the heart wants to explore more)

  4. Hahaha... I was too tempted and I tried it out already... don't know if I got the right size... but well, if I got it wrong, will pass it to my kids... hahahaah

  5. Heard it before but haven't try it yet cause I'm gonna get addicted to shop!!

  6. So many shopping portal nowadays. Haahhaha my money sure gone If I open the website :'D

  7. I used EZBuy before. Really loved the opportunity to finally shop from Taobao. As a banana, it really made things easy!!

  8. Have been shopping on this platform for a while now and the amount of access that we have to have the privilege to shop on each one is impressive. In a way it is certainly getting addictive.

  9. Products there are quite cheap. I bought shoe roller for my children.

  10. Didn't know about this EzBuy until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

  11. ah good one. now its easier to shop from China hehe

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.


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