Sunday, February 19, 2017

[Review] Black Pearl Mask by My Beauty Dairy 我的美丽日记

Okay, finally I'm back for my blog! This is my very first blog post for February 2017, btw how's ur CNY and Valentine dates?

Today I'm back for favorite review - Black Pearl Mask by My Beauty Dairy! If you haven't follow my blog, then let me tell you, I LOVE MASKS so so much! 😋

So the one I choose is Black Pearl Mask, which gives optimal whitening, brightening & moisturizing to our skin. It contain 10 pieces per box, and each piece contain 23ml

Effectiveness of Black Pearl Mask

  • Supreme black pearl essence from Tahiti which gives rich vitamins, mineral & amino acids that rapidly rejuvenate our tired & dull skin. 
  • It is also formulated with hydrolyzed Yeast protein, skin-brightening lemon extract as well as double acting moisturizing ingredients - Cosphingo x Aquaroad to effectively lighten our skin tone, even appear flawless without make up.
Whitening & Moisturizing:
  • Hydration formulation with deep sea red algae and malvasylvestris extract allow dry skin improves the skin's ability to adjust to the environment immediately.
  • Sugar maple compound and a highly effective moisturizing essence in sugar cane allow intense hydration, result in refined and translucent skin.

Oops sorry for my messy hair, I just woke up actually 😁

So this mask contain of 2 layers:
  1. Layer of soft plastic
  2. Ultra-silky hydrating fabric
Yes, I super love fabric type of mask, it is so soft and comfort when you place on your face! This ultra-silky hydrating fabric is made with Tencel fabric woven with Spunlace to create an ultra-thin structure that holds water and maximal essential fluids.

It is not only improves the skin's absorption of essence but also give enhancement of nourishment to our skin to archive refined skin tone. Not only that, it is also free of chemical additives, biodegradable & environmentally friendly.

Inside there it contain 23ml of essence, so just pour the excessive essence onto your hand, and tap it on your mask, or can use it on the other part of our body 😉 *dont waste it*

Wait for 15 mins!

Nah for me just wait for 15 mins, but you can wait for 20-30 mins, while you rest yourself on bed. Remember don't put ur mask for the whole night as it will gives reverse effect on your skin.

I admit that I wasn't take good care of my skin for the past 2 weeks, as I'm rushing on CNY & Valentine sales. My skin become terribly uneven skin tone, lots of acne, big pores etc.

After back to my proper skincare routine, then my skin getting better. Even after application of Black Pearl Mask by My Beauty Dairy! Skin tone lighter, brighter & my pores also getting smaller. Seriously GIRLS need to take good care of our skin, or else we going to look really OLD 😌 

Definitely a repurchase mask after I finished all my mask 👍👍👍 There're variable type of masks to choose, get ur choice now at any SASA outlets in Malaysia.

More details on:
Available Shops: SASA outlets


  1. It looks amazing! I love this kind of masks very much! Lovely photos ◡‿◡✿

    Do you wanna follow each other via GFC or Bloglovin? Lemme know ♥
    * Yadah Vitalizing Mask Pack *

    1. Yes dear, why not? That's my favorite mask as well ;)

  2. Your skin looks so moisturised after using this mask. I got the other hydrating one which has hyaluronic acid in it. Maybe i should review on that :p

  3. Have not used this brand before but because of your review and recommendation, I do plan to try. Thanks for letting us know where to get them!

  4. I'm a addict of facial masks. To me the main word is "whitening" and after seeing your pictures, I will definitely try it. Your skin looks awesome! Thank you for sharing.


  5. haven't try before. wonder what is the scent of the mask? my skin is super sensitive that masks with slightly stronger scent might cause rashes on my face

    1. This mask don't really have any scent ya dear. Me either, my skin will be sensitive to those strong fragrant skincare products as well.

  6. used to buy a lot from Taiwan last time. quite nice for the price of the mask

  7. When i read Black Pearl Mask, i thought it was going to be in black colour. That would be a cool way to prank some people if i walk around at home wearing it at night. LOL! I love face masks. My face mask that i bought in abundance from Korea is going to finish soon. Wouldn't mind trying this brand next.

  8. Since I got back from Korea, I have been obsessed with mask - don't know why. Now I know a new choice for my next relaxation. TQ

  9. I have tried this mask. It helps for my dull skin. Always support My Beauty Diary Mask.

  10. Am also obsessed with face mask sheet and even bring it along with me during my travels. Nice easy relaxation for my face.

  11. Your skin looks better after the mask. Will get 1 to try it out too.

  12. your skin looks very radiant and young! i really love using mask.

  13. Wow! That looks so refreshing. I will definitely check this out. Thanks for sharing dear.

    Mhaan <3 | Mommy Rockin' In Style - Beauty and Mommy Blog

  14. I dont think this is for men. it will remove my scar :D

  15. My first brand of mask is from my beaty! hehe I thought it will be black color sheet mask XD

  16. I love facial mask I used it once a week and I love the effect on my skin
    I will definitely try this one.. Do they shipped it here in the Philippines.

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