Tuesday, July 4, 2017

[Review] Althea With Shyan Box - Let's Nail It

Wooo hooo! Okay, it's been quite a long time since my very last review on nail polish, but today I want to introduce all of you a total worth it NAIL BOX by Shyan!!

Total colours of 8 colors, here they're! ❤

Other than these nail polish colors, inside this amazing box also contain a lot of nice stuffs for nail! Lets check it out 😎😎😎

So here's the rest of the stuffs other than that 8 nail polishers ✌

Yes, all of them in this Althea Shyan Box!

So, colorful nail polish how you going to DIY it by yourself? Here got few reference from Althea, which I tried one of the, and it is so much easier with all the equipment they provided.

Yes, I like FRUITS so I tried the WATERMELON! And it is so so cute!
How to use?
  1. Fill your nails with base coat
  2. Fill with peel off, which the shape of you don't want other color to mix into it
  3. Apply your honey moon, and don't peel your peel off first
  4. After honey moon dried, then slowly peel off, then only apply the green leaf nail polish. Then lastly apply UV gel for the harder nail 👌

Then I did another nail design as well, which I mix and match honey moon with bouquet & simple nail sticker!

Besides, here's the stickers given by Althea Shyan Box!

Use your creativity to do your nail art, as in everyone's art is unique and the only in this world. BE CREATIVE HOHOHOHO 😂😂😂

I like their nail separator too! Sorry for my long toes LOL as everyone say look like fingers! 😌

Want to see how's all the color & texture look like? Here you go!

Overall, I think that Shyan nail polishers are very colorful, simple to apply & most importantly the SMELL not so strong like other nail polishers which always make me want dizzy & vomit.

It comes with very quality and soft brush, which is very easy to apply on your nails. Just 1 brush, and your nail will be full of polisher! So cool right 😎😎😎

Besides, the nail remover is a must to grab in ALTHEA! After remove all the nail colors, you won't feel your nail dried up at all & it is very easy to remove with cotton/tissue. Why la now I only met you 😂😂😂 It is super WORTH to get this Althea Shyan Box with only RM93 (total 21 items), and it is shipped all the way from Korea, super cheap!


More details:
Purchase - HERE


  1. So cute! Loving the colours here and they even come with stickers 😍

  2. Love all the colours.. Looks nice on our nails.. great one..

  3. Wow so many lovely color at such a great price. Love it

  4. I know that this will be a perfect gift for my best girl friend! Thanks for sharing about the shyan box.

  5. Oh my i love the colors and so cheap!

  6. I like the watermelon style. look creative to me. and the nail polish color is sharp and price is affordable.

  7. OMG! I love the watermelon. It look sweet and delicious. hahaha

  8. This is so adorable!! I want this too! - racheal foodilifecious

  9. The watermelon design is so cute! I really want to try to design other fruits :P

  10. i would so love the honeymoon one....plus it makes cute watermelon....

  11. What attractive colours... I would love to have that too if only I had noce shapely nails.. sadly, my nails are so stunted

  12. woww! full set with one price? Very affordable. Nice colours too.

  13. 有了这个,做指甲都很容易了!价格也很值得!


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