Friday, August 27, 2010

Nice food everywhere in MALAYSIA~

If free just click in and read!! xD introduce foods around Malaysia..
and it is cheap!

I went to this Noodle shop today..
Not bad lah..i love the food there^^

The drinks there..still moderate~xD
no bad..

Yummy is it?=)
Vinc ate this and i took another plate..


Then we travel back from Kuantan to Wakaf Tapai, Kuala Terengganu..
Already months i din go back..
Miss there so much^^

These all SS photos..xD
No make up..No contact lens..
How do u feel?
I dun really like my naked face..

My honey..Vinc~Fill the fuel just now.xD

What is this?
DUKU..OMG~long time i dun taste it..
Miss it so much~
Thanks Vinc~

Okay lah..Time to sleep now..
Im getting fatter nowadays..want to know why?why im so fat???????
Ask Vinc lo..xP
Night and have a nice day owh..God bless you all..

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