Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gyaru Power - 2

Sorry for the late update! ><''
This weekend i was with my dar dar, Vinc. Have a great and awesome moment with him. Continuely watch jor Homecoming and Great day! Both movies are nice and learn a lot of moral values!

Now i want to continue my Gyaru Power 2!!

After gyaru make up, sure you will gain a lot of confident! Even now i still can imagine how brave to act pose in so many ppl, eg: pavilion.. =____=

Those gyaru make up give me a lot of confident! Thanks! <3
Hope it never disappear and continue in my entire life! And i wish to diet more to take more nice picha. 

Guess who is the eldest in this picha?? and youngest too!!
*look carefully!!*

My finger look super long! Horrible, my mum always complaint that i'm look like grasshopper! ><''

Love this photo the most!
Hmmm, after this event, our relationship become even closer!! LOL, we must organize a lot of event to built up our friendship. Perhaps after working there is NO more chance like this. T_______T

Now each of us can become very professional photographer! x)
All look like model! Seriously everyone can be like us!

Another 10 days will be celebration of CNY!!
How is ur preparation? I'm might stop updating blog for 2 weeks, due to poor internet connection at Sarawak. But i will try my best to update at wifi area. :)
How about CNY clothes? Hmm, maybe i still will hang out to Time Square and Sg Wang for last minute shopping before leaving KL. Want ban leng leng during CNY^^

Let's enjoy some funny picha, full of CNY feel. :P

Christy and Joey! 

Christy and me, we're not les but Ji Mui! ><
Dun misunderstood. Hehe! Hope this relationship will last forever!

Same to Renae! x)
Okay, wait for more update b4 i leave KL!

Hope i got enough time to update the post! Have a great time!
Good Night!


  1. dunno why every time i reach yur blog will very lagg lor ,hard to leave comment in cbox =[
    i love your makeup is very nice,can teach onot ? xD

  2. Sorry for my poor organized blog!
    I will try to make simple blog so no more lag..=)
    No wonder din c u come to my blog for such a long time..

    Hmm, i will teach u all when im free~ promise! b4 CNY!

  3. our zi mui frenship will last forever!!XD miss u all>< n cheesie and audrey and lai and maiko T__T

  4. yaya!! Dunno when we just will got chance to hang out.. :(


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