Sunday, June 14, 2015

[Review] Energized II Sport Wear by Pierre Cardin

If you followed my Facebook or Instagram update, then I'm pretty sure you guys know that currently I'm workout to get back my abs! Since I gave up last few months (It is hard when you workout alone and partner them showing how nice is their food in front of you fml*)

Such a sad case. I am almost there actually, but because of DENGUE, the viruses make my hormone irregular and slow down my body metabolism. BUT to keep my mission on going, I have form a KEEP FIT group to inspire each other and reach our goal as soon as possible! And it's work! Anyone want to join me remember to FACEBOOK me your wechat ID ya!

Before this, during workout you need a real proper ATTIRE to keep yourself comfortable during exercises. Thanks to Pierre Cardin for finding back my OLD me, as well as my GOAL to get my sexy abs!

Okay, what so special about Pierre Cardin sport wear range? Let me tell you one by one.

I choose RED COLOR Wire Free X-Back Sport Bra because I love RED. LOL. Nah, just simply say la. Actually Sport Bra gives a lot of FUNCTION which benefit us a lot.

You will 
- Feel more comfortable during workout or exercise
- Motivated as you're FIT and FASHION in style (look young, energetic and trendy!*)
- Get lightest and flexible support during workout or playing games
- Minimize your breast movement and protect your body, indirectly improve your workout or games!
- MOST IMPORTANT: maintaining the integrity of the breast well and breast shape!

I choose BLACK COLOR Knee-Length Workout Tights Sport Pant because I'm kinda shy to show of my big big leg in front of so many people, and I felt that knee length or ankle length pants looks elegant as well! It is actually make you look slimmer ;)

- It made from nylon materials, and flexible enough for greatest movement
- It gives fashionable and trendy design
- Not hot at all, but keep you cool and dry after workout or games!
- Comfortable to wear for whole day long
- It comes with variety colors!

How cool is it, let's me show you other Energized II Sport Range by Pierre Cardin!

Love to workout using Pierre Cardin because it is so comfortable that actually I can't feel the bra! Just jump, plank, push up and stretch without the feel of sport bra existing!

Most of the exercises I'm following Kayla-Itsines as it is really effective to get our bikini body in very short period! Previous picture I get my flat tummy and firm body within 1 month ;)

Now you can get 7 days trials if you subscribe to their website at! Have fun girls ;)

After doing all these exercises, remember to stretch your body to prevent body sore on the next day itself ya! I'm stretching 1. my inner thigh muscles and back muscles 2. my hamstring and calf muscle!

Hopefully I can get back my sexy abs after few weeks or a month later? Stay tune for my Facebook and Instagram ya! Gonna work real hard for this ;)

Healthier lifestyle just need 3 important notes! Eat more fruits and vegetables + Stay hydrated + Exercise regularly = Healthy and Sexy Body :P

Last but not least, there is a GOOD NEWS for you all!

Pierre Cardin now is giving away 3 sets of sport bra + pant in Facebook!

1. LIKE Pierre Cardin Lingerie Malaysia Fan Page
2. LIKE & SHARE this album
3. TELL US which design you like the most in comment below of this album ;)


-Contest ends at 30th June 2015 (Tuesday), 23:59:59.
-THREE (3) Winners will be chosen randomly
-All decisions of judges are final
-Each winner will be given away one set of Energized II sport range included top and bottom.


More information:
Instragram account : pierrecardin_malaysia
Facebook fanpage :
Boutique Outlet(s) :
- Sunway Pyramid
- Sunway Giza (NEW OPENING SPECIAL, discount up to 50% from 1st-30th June 2015)
- Dataran Pahlawan Malacca
Hashtag : #pierrecardinmy , #pierrecardinlingeriemy, #energizedII


  1. Inspired by ur post! I love red too! So happen, I'm looking for a good sports bra to work on some Abs exercise! Thanks for sharing ur experience :D

  2. oh gosh!!! u make me so motivated to lose my flabby tummy. I am trying the kayla itsines bikini body training soon!

    1. Yeah, u can get their free trial version for free! Remember to get suitable sport bra before you workout ya ;)

  3. Wah seeing your body make me wanna go workout dy, the proper attire definitely make it or break it

    1. Yeap definitely dear! A comfortable wear can keep you moving towards your goal ;)

  4. The sports collection looks really I feel like running around the neighbourhood!

    1. Thanks dear! Exercise regularly can keep us stay healthy ya! Let's stay fit together! ;)

  5. Damn girl, that's a nice figure! You've successfully twitch a jealous nerve in me and inspired me to work out more. I really hope I get your figure someday. :D

    1. Thanks ya dear! Let's stay fit and get our sexy abs XD

  6. wow I see some are quite nice like the the 3 quarter pants! Can wear to go out as well =x

    1. Yeap dear, and it is really comfortable for workout and outdoor activities <3

  7. Woo hoo! Good luck in getting back those abs girl. You go, girl! Now I am inspired to get some abs too :D

    1. Thanks ya! I will work hard to achieve my goal ;)

  8. Wow, that's a long term hard work right there! Keep it up!

  9. The sport wear looks nice on you! Keep on work out!~

  10. nice!!! i'm gonna go try my luck now~

  11. So flexible! And you held that plank position so well! I'd have collapsed within mere seconds - which is why I am flabby and you are not!

    1. Haha you r so sweet dear! My lower abs still a bit flabby, you should start ur plank today to make ur body shape more firm and sexy :P

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