Monday, February 28, 2011

*NOSE* shoes

Well, as i promise u all before, that i will show all my shoes i bought at Nose Warehouse Sales in next post, now, i want to show the high heels. Now actually damn tired already but i still want to finish this post before i get in to my warm bed. LOL

Hmm, this only cost me RM20! Love it so much <3 <3 <3

For the left one only RM10 and right side one RM20
Paiseh lah, now im still student so my pocket money got limit. :P Well, same to my other housemates, they are mad of shoes also! LOL.

Still got a lot of shoes that i didn't take. ><'' BTW, just show u the bags that full of shoes!!:D

Gosh,  cannot capture one by one lah! ><
For more details pls visit here. But too sad lah. Cos last night 27 Feb is the last day already. If not sure i visit that warehouse everyday!! Girls are mad of shoes, isn't?
Tat's all for the shoes part. :P

Tomorrow will be a new month! Lots of stuffs still havent complete yet. Felt damn guilty and useless"@@
 Hope someone can really motivate me! My study mood gone dunno to where already. ><
Dun k lah, sleep 1st!! 

Night Peeps!


  1. Ur study mood came visited me =)
    And it says its going back now!! HAHA

  2. Thanks^^ Well, hope i manage to cope with it lah


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