Friday, May 6, 2011

SS2- Durian Buffet

OMG, i had been stop for eating DURIAN since pass 2 years! Unbelievable that i touch it today @@
This is killing me T0T

Feeling not very well nao, i think i will stop it for 10 years ++ LOL! Seriously i prefer red durian!!!!
You know why?! Cos it is nice, not sticky and NO SMELL! Sweet some more.. ><

Perhaps some ppl still dunno this world got RED DURIAN!! lol

Okays, not much to share recently. Keep on busy with clinical placement. Hiah, being a degree physiotherapist is not easy in M'sia. Hope i manage to cope with it. :)

Okays, no working stuffs, phobia with it ><

Was taken when waiting bus to ss2 :)
My face look damn tired. Having a great time with Tung Shin colleagues <333

Last but not least, found a awkward durian here. >< Combination of 2 colours <33
Well i dunno who eat it after that, just took a photo to make a mind of it :)

Not feeling so well after having HEAVY meal, sobs! Ready b4 u want to go for it. Take good k everyone! 

For more information!
RM15 per ppl ( Buffet lah, eat until u want VOMIT )
Visit here:

Night and Sweet Dream XOXO

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