Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2nd Clinical Placement (TSH)

This is my 2nd clinical placement (CP) after my 1st CP at HKL. Well, below are my 3 physios that work at Tung Shin Hospital (TSH), they are super duper nice to us! Learn a lot of new stuffs and gain new / real life experience at there. ♥ Opps! Miss jor another new physio!

♥ from left : Mr Wong, Miss Chong and Miss Chuah
All look hyperactive!? LOL, but only in break time lah, during working time - patient come arh, they work damn hard and serious + treat the patients! All patients love them sooou much 

Yeah, this baru the complete physio family picha!
♥ From left: Miss Chow, Mr Wong, Miss Woo, Mdm Mei Yan, Miss Chong, Miss Jamie and Miss Chuah. ♥ 
I never ever forget them in my life. :)

Now is my turn to our students group photos with physio 

Nice to meet with new friends in Mahsa which are Lilian, Kim Guan and Doom. 
Of course having an awesome time with Joycelin, thanks everyone for helping and give correct information during CP, i learn and get a lot of unexpected outcomes! 

Joycelin is my great Clinical Placement partner! Thanks dear! 

Happy Clinical Placement! PEACE! 


  1. Totally love the first picture ♥ they seem amazing~
    I want to get treated by such friendly looking physios, too! Haha~

  2. Yeap:P
    I love them as well, they are super nice! Hope i can be like them one day <3333


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