Sunday, June 19, 2011


Have you all ever experience the feeling of *losing a close love* like ur boy friend, family members or friends? 
*LOSING* that i mean here is like you don't have any more relationship/friendship between you and me, not die ya! Kindly remind, to avoid misunderstanding that dun want :P

Yeah, maybe im too emotional or sensitive to everything surrounding me.:(
Not easy to hide the feeling of myself, so always i expose the unwanted feeling on my facial expression! Then people will complaint that ''Jacqueline now is in a bad mood now, keep away from her!!''
LOL, undeniable, i admit also. :P

Im trying but failed to become a positive thinking girl. How arh?
Just SLAP me if u feel smth wrong with me lol!

Yeah, story above the video all are nonsense stuffs i talked. :P
The main important is this VIDEO!

The theme of this video is : Something that girl dunno about a guy :)
*seriously i cried during this video is playing, too touch, wonderful and impress to watch on!*

The few points that i just realize by today <3

He do everything just for me, although some will make me angry, but all is good for me and my future. Totally touch by this video. It grow me up in relationship! Do appreciate everything surrounding you. Especially the one you love and loves you!



  1. Alright, that's what I'm talking about. Be sure to appreciate what you have. Love, it hurts and everyone knows that.
    Kekeke, let me give you a slap. But I guess you no longer needs one. You're fine enough!

  2. Thanks Avvy, touch and happy to got u as my sistar~~:))

    Hope to see you soon and appreciate everything <33

  3. haha very true. my bf kinda behave like this. tsk tsk..

  4. yeah dear, crying when i watch this video T-T


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