Thursday, June 23, 2011

Teenage Girl

This few days i was totally annoyed by ASSIGNMENT. wth
I dunno how to do it, so tough! >< 
Gonna think it by my own`~

Okays, fine. Left it behind 1st, let's talk about TEENAGE DREAM..
From the lyrics it is meaningful! :)

Oops! Not this, lol. But it is nice to listen! :)

I want to let you all know what im thinking? All listed in this picha! Found it in facebook, it's meaningful <3

*Yeah, i always think about all these questions! :P*

I must lose weight - Nooou, i always gain weight during holiday

I really hate homework -  Now i assigned a new holiday homework, cos i failed my last sem assignment, tell you im not smart/clever student >< wth

Why aren't they texting back? - Always i msg friends 1st but.. their reply is damn slow

Internet - Online (facebook, twitter, youtube, blog etc..) from morning til midnight, non-stop

I'm hungry - At hum any food available! EAT

I want clothes - Noooou, always spot on new clothes no matter online, shopping mall or fashion shop

Ugh, school tomorrow - Now holiday, miss my school so much but when study jor then start to miss holiday, wth im thinking? Lol

Missing bf - My mind always appear and missing a leng zai - BF lor :$

What should i wear? - Hmmm, this question appear in my mind whenever i want to go out, always stuck at there for thinking and trying so many clothes! Lol

Sigh, I really hate..... - I really hate pimples on my face! I really hate the my fat body and so on etc ... T-T

I want to b pretty as.... - Super model! :3

How should i do my hair? - sigh, i dunno curl it, straight it or corn it? >< Girls like fashion like clothes, hair, bags, make up and everything that can make us gain confident! isn't?

Show u my teenage photo! I think i edit the colour of this photo! Look like drawing one =.=''

Okays! Till here my sharing :)
Hope to see u guys update ur blog as i'm always follow u! <3

Have nice day!


  1. Hohoho, I think most girls are serious about their weight. I think you're in a fine shape considering your height.
    And failing your assignment, nahh....failure is a must. Even a lazy-ass like me used to fail.
    Regarding the sms, you see...there are different type of ppl. Those that reply straight away and those that likes to leave behind their phone. I don't really find a lot of ppl that reply straight away, except for myself. Hoho.
    And I can see you have tons of desires!! walao...take it easy. You'll have them as long as you take the initiative.
    Loved reading your post, take care.

  2. Thanks Avvy, ur comment do cheer me up whole day :P

    Yeah, u're right, everything need to depend on the circumstances, think positively and everything will going fine then.

    Im the one who always put the phone beside myself, i think it's a bad habit, isn't? Thanks for ur advice, will bear in mind always :P

  3. The internet pica is soooo funny xD haha..
    Gambateh for assignment!!


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