Saturday, July 23, 2011


I took 6 flight this holiday, a bit insane, spend a lot of $$ but gain a lot of fun. Acceptable :)
LOVES from Sarawak, KL and Kuala Terengganu. <3

Loads of experiences want to share on but dunno want to write from where. Uhmm, just randomly write bha. I dunno how many times i visit airport, kinda phobia with it already, it's testing my PATIENCE. D:

Well, my 3rd semester is going to start soon, oopss, should say it started since last 2 days, but i missed it. Damn, heard that a lot has been teach but i still blur blur and dunno what the hell is teaching now! 

Took this photo when i went back to MAHSA just to attend resit class D:
Well, that time still damn thin but now i also cannot accept the fact that i gain so much of weight :(

My sis started her business to sell lens, wtf she only 14 years old and she earn few hundreds per month already! felt myself so useless nao. lol i take free lens from her nowadays!! :D
Now i got 10 pairs of new lens, dont feel want to buy again, feel waste and i only and one pair of eyes. lol

Finally i bought a good looking sport shoes :)
Can walk can jog can play badminton and play basketball as well! Thanks mum for present me such a pretty shoes! Love it max!

My doggy, lol. I miss my family and him as well. wtf, it is too cute to play and hug!

He sleep so soundly :P

Okays, show you some fruits that i capture beside my house area, it look damn pretty ;)

Baby pineapple? Huh?
Lol. Now Sarikei Sarawak is launching Pesta Nanas right? But im not manage to go there and hv a look! too rush, sobs! Those who got photos pls let me see!! :D

 I think this one bigger right? Hmm, why the colours so different? 

Papaya! :D

Dad told me this is CIKU, well, seriously i forgot what is it already, one Ciku only, funny right?

So to this limau, one small tree only got one small limau :P

Dragon fruit!! But still cannot eat, if red one can already! Look a bit scary right? :D
Still got a lot but i dont manage to capture! :S

Last but not least, i bought a red singlet. 

Pls dont zoom it, i got big tummy! LOL wtf

This photo took in bf's car, hehe! Love to be with him, but i stay too far away from him :(

 Why sometimes i feel that guys dunno how to appreciate everything beside you? Why you know i worried, i jealous and yet you still do it? Sobs, disappointed.

Relationship is complicated, isnt? sigh i know many girls having same condition right? Hope your loves one will appreciate you and fall in love with you deeply one day ;)

Night everyone!


  1. wahhh u n christy also bought nice sport shoes jor haha ur red singlet also very nais~~~~

  2. dear found that i loveee RED very much :P
    hehe, thanks and you can buy also!!

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