Sunday, September 25, 2011

KL- Terengganu- Kuantan (Love Trip)

22 Sept 2011 i was going to Terengganu.
I almost miss my flight, AirAsia officer told me that i just left 1 minute to check in. Gosh, Thanks God for everything! Positive energy and attraction power!! :D

Hmmm I'm so lucky that i get this boarding pass!! xD

I miss my bf so much, once i meet him hug and kiss him jor. LOL, im so brave!!!
*bf sweating all the time*

Another match, 923 my dear car number <3
He always said im so wuliao. =____________________=

My bf's birthday fall on 23 Sept and that day really good day cos many ppl get married include his cousin. Aww, 1st time attend dinner with his big big family, happy to meet his relatives!
Hehehe! This make my life even wonderful.

Woots, last time his hengdai get married here also and i cant attend. :(
I love the food there, more delicious than my hometown one.

好酒相聚 共庆丰年。

I really miss my bf so much, we went to Kuantan the next day. We go watch movies. Awww, Nasi Lemak and Johnny English. My bf treat me so nice, hug me all the time in the cinema :D

Then we went pizza-ing!
Hehe, love this pizza since years didn't touch it.

Nais pizza <3
Haha, got offer but value no discount!!! Really have a great time with dar dar!

Lastly hehe, i love this photo.
My hand with Vinc's hand. We hold so tight. I want to stick tight with him :$

I love you! Vinc Ong!!


  1. such a good trip... must be so happy to finally see ur man again! :)

    Peace Out!
    The CleverMunkey

  2. Thanks Henry, as u can do it too! Find ur lady :)


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