Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Bad experience really gave bad memories to US.

It seem like nightmare hunting us again. US mean bf and me. I really dunno what happen to me. Tears can drop without my controlling. Sigh. Life is so tough to go on. Why?

Relationship, the main key to let it hold forever is no lies between each other, support and try to understand each other. Hold ur hand and give u a huge hug. With a kiss, indeed will make ur relationship stronger!

BTW hows the Valentine that u guys celebrate recently?

Suffering! But promise i will get stronger. Stand still and never fall apart. If do, wake up from where u fall down. Say is always easier than do. wtf

Dont let emotional control over you.

Pray when u feel down, I know God is over there to accompany and support me.

Will i get stronger? Wait and see! :)

BTW let u know a great news! My birthday fall on 2 Mac 2012! Ooops! :D


  1. Trust each other. You will be better. and you will stand all over again. love your blog, its so cute. check mine if you like. :)

  2. Thanks sweetheart! I will stay stronger! Will visit urs too! <3


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