Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy 23th Birthday!

Happy 23th Birthday to myself!!
Officially 23 yrs old already! Hehe, well, everything going to move very fast onward. :D

Assignment Exam Practical!!

LOL, sound easy but when i do it, feel double duper lazy =__________=

Yeah, took yesterday with my beloved Jimui - Christy & Joey <3333
Im turning old! Hiah 

Well because my hair is so red brown so i tide all up! Haha look ugly right? BTW i wish stay young ferever! Every girl wish! :DD

Here i want to share few songs that motivated me a lot :)
When i felt down or what, i listen to them, what i notice is i fall in love with SELINA so much. She is so strong and willing to overcome her terrible passed! Salute her! ;)

Here is her news:

S.H.E’s Selina celebrates her discharge from hospital

She is so pretty!!! :DD

Hahaha i wish i can take those pretty pretty wedding photos!!:))

Congrats to 張承中 Richard & 任家萱 Selina!!

Yeah! Stronger!!

Hope everything going fine Jacqueline, let go the terrible passed, like Selina and stay stronger! :)

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