Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Useless Post

Well, im old already @@
I think is time to hide my age jor. LOL

I had make myself a page, dunno is a good thing or bad one. Somehow like doing extra thing. *a bit regret lol. BTW i hope my fan page will get more support from others!


do support ya! 

wtf face lol!!!
Or just click LIKE on the TOP of the post!! 

My schedule is so full and pack @@ Dunno i can handle or not. Jacqueline! Be strong! U can do it ;)

Recently fall in love, so deep in U, Vinc <3

After that, we will have my gang shoot! Thanks to all my photographers!! :))

Wait for it :)


  1. cant wait for our shooting <3<3

  2. LOL. lots of sprinkles in your blog!

    Anyway, how old to start hiding age? =) hahah

  3. Domokun- OKOK we're ready for the SHOOT!! Let's go!!

    TeomiCupcakes- Thanks sweetie <3

    Benjamin- I think we need to hide age after 20++ lol, if not they will say us look like 30++ @@


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