Tuesday, March 18, 2014

End of my 8th Clinical Posting!

Yay! Actually I end my 8th clinical posting on last Friday 14-3-14!
Last weekend I was enjoying myself with sleeping and having nice food to reward myself!

Aww. 6 weeks just end like that.
Kinda stress when I was posting at Hospital Kuala Lumpur, unforgettable memory in my life. Being a student of HKL, you need to reach there before 7.45am.

7.45am - Soft skills session
8.15am - Clinical posting
12pm    - Back to department for lab skills
1.00pm - Lunch
2.00pm - Clinical posting
4.00pm - Back to department for completing 6 assessments
Till you complete your 6 assessment and patient record book then you only can go back home.

Yeap, everyday I need to wake up at 5.15am, then prepare my breakfast and lunch for the whole day. Then 6.15am walk to sch to take sch bus to HKL.
Terrible traffic jam in the morning and after office hour*

Come back from HKL then need to do some homework. I cant believe that I finally complete this clinical placement successfully!

Ohya, last few weeks the air at KL was so terrible, wearing mask everyday to prevent myself to fall sick. If sick then I need to go for replacement *NO WAY*
Thanks God that I manage to complete it successfully.

Before the day I end my posting was Datin's Retirement. Yeah, last 2 days actually not much of things we do on especially on clinical assessment lol. Since everyone was so busy with preparation and decoration as well.

Blue and White theme. Datin's favorite colour i guess la.

Makan session!

All physiotherapist having singing session and group photo!

Just manage to take few nice photos with my camera. Anyway better nothing, right?

With Khamsiah, from UiTM. New buddy X)

Physio students from UTAR. 

And of course, my awesome teammate, Jieyi, Weiloon, and Dodo!
Proud to take pic with DATIN. We all gonna miss you ;)
HAPPY RETIREMENT DATIN Hajjah Asiah Binti Mohd Hashim!


Datin's retirement was on 13 March, 14 March she treat us back with jamuan. So basically we have more interaction on 14 March. Since is our last day!

After end this clinical posting by buying present for beloved Datin, present card, balloon and kuih for pediatrics department, and we went to Amcorp Mall to reward ourselves with nice korean food!


The price quite reasonable and it got korean and japanese food as well :)

Busy replying love msg. lol

With Christy, Jasmine, Jieyi and Dodo! Dodo was went to praying. When she came back I also forgot to take picture because everyone is busy MAKAN. lol

Kimchi Jjigae if not mistaken - RM15.90
Ordered by Christy and JieYi. For me it is a bit spicy but it gives appetite! It's still yummy!

Beef set. Seriously I forgot what's the full name of it - RM17.90
If you know it pls comment and let me know lol. I love beef a lot. Especially those who can cook very soft and nice wayyyyyy. Drool*

Kimchi Chicken - RM14.90
Ordered by me. For me I prefer chicken more compared to beef, thou I like beef more. Chicken is healthier perhaps. Haha. I will order this dinner set again if i go. NAIS*

Kimchi fried rice - RM12.90
Super large amount of fried rice, till Dodo unable to finish it. Nais btw, best choice for guys. lol

Yeap. 14 March just end like that.
15 16 and 17 March I just stay at home and SLEEP.

ONE week holiday after placement. Wanted to go back Sarawak but flight ticket was so expensive. Sigh. I miss my home. T_________T
Cant wait to finish my study and go back Sarawak, accompany my beloved family.

Till then, HAPPY HOLIDAY to all my coursemate. See you all next week!


  1. Hi there! I am interested in Mahsa's physiotherapy course. I would like to ask if the course offered at Mahsa is good? Are the lecturers great? What about the facilities for physiotherapy at Mahsa? Thank you. :)

  2. Juliana: Will email you regarding MAHSA's information <3


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