Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Nuffnang Birthday Bash! #NUFFNANGIS007!

Nuffnang officially turn to 7 years old on 22 March 2014!
Opps, btw my birthday was on 2 March! Well it makes me more easy to remember Nuffnang's Birthday from now onward!

And what's cool about Nuffnang Birthday Bash is, they gave us 2 RM100 off per trip on UBER, so means we go to KL Live by luxury car! Going to KL Live - Barbecue Garden by camry and coming back by Alphard. So cool, right?

If you want to do so, you now can download UBER for playstore, and enter this promotion code - MZDEY and you can get RM60 off for the first ride!

Just locate yourself, and ask for your private driver to come and fetch you! That's all. Ur taxi fee will deducted in ur debit or credit card as registered very first.
You can refer to http://www.uber.com/ for more info ;)
Before heading to Barbecue Garden at KL Live, we manage to take a selfie, too bad Christy sitting beside the driver. T_____________T

Okay, this is the perfect pic that four of us was in the picture!

From left to right - Christy, Joey, Xue Mei and Me!!

OKAY, we informed that if we want to win Uber special contest -- 1 week ride free with Uber wherever you want to go! So as the theme is James Bond and Amazon, so i decided to dress myself with BOND GIRL. Lol, yeahhh. I match my dress with coat.

Yeap, a bit aunty, so at last I decided to take off my coat and just be sweet little bond girl lol

Okay, let's head to Barbecue Garden, KL Live!

Counters full with guests and bloggers!
We had our goodies bag that's full of nice food!
Then we all sit down and wait for our party to begin x)

With 3 pretty girls!
Met a lot of bloggers but maybe we r too exited for the games, hence we all actually forgot to take pictures with them. Kinda sad when I reach home with actually few pictures inside my camera. *sobs*

With our handsome MC, and our party begin!
Before that we play games to complete a task given by Nuffnang!

Write birthday wishes for Nuffnang!

You know what, I tried almost 10 times to get 74 marks! OMG I almost give up btw.

Then follow by mystery box and find the bow tie girl/guy and the KILLER.
Because we r late and we didn't continue after that, till when the event almost ended, we only continue -.- So we just hang around and having food!

Yeah, quite pack actually. Free flow of Heineken!

Manage to take few picture!

Took picture with Audrey Fourfeetnine! She getting prettier and sexier after having Fighter!

With Lance from Nuffnang, and Joey!
Okays, lots of activities going on, but not really taking picture as we all busy playing games and complete the game tasks given by Nuffnang lol

Joey and I manage to complete all the task butttt..... the contest end when we found the KILLER at last. Kinda sad as we put so much effort on it. LOL btw bf said it is just a game, just hv fun on it!

YEAP, indeed. He always giving positive comments on me. Actually is going with BF one, but he is busy with his work. Kinda sad, btw we having our great girl night with Nuffnang Birthday Bash!

Before ending right, forgot to post NUFFNANG BIRTHDAY CAKE picture!!!

and we got our cakes too!

Yeap, the cake taste damn nice, especially the chocolate flavour one! Perhaps chocolate always my fav! :P YUMYUM!
Okay, before I end this post, here's my selfie! My only one nice selfie.

And again, Happy 7th Birthday Nuffnang! ---> From mylove-jacqueline.blogspot.com

*Happy Reading*


  1. nice blog^.^ I already been to the nuffnang birthday dash but doesn't have the chance to know you all >.< haizzzz
    ohya ~mind visit my blog too ? www.marcsjy.com
    thanks yaaaaaaa~have a nice dayy:D

  2. Got invited but didn't get to go cos I'm in Aussie edi :( looks like a fun experience! And u met Audrey!!!!

  3. Sooon Joo Yee: Visited! Do welcome back to my blog ya!

    Fion Paris: Yeap, hope we got chance to meet in future!

  4. Your efforts in complete the games will be awarded if you are picked as the feature blogger of the month. Keep it up!!

  5. TianChad: TQ <3 <3 I really hope it will make my dream come trueeee


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