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Samsung NX Mini Launch in Malaysia

26 April, 2014 - Samsung Malaysia Electronics launch the NX mini, slimmest and lightest interchangeable-lens camera among Samsung! Isn't cool?

Still no idea what is it? 

It is a super ini tiny mini thin SELFIE camera! It's carry small, easy capture with this new Samsung NX Mini Smart Camera!

#Mint Colour of NX Mini

It is available in 5 colours, which is Black, White, Pink, Mint, and Brown.

Features of Samsung NX Mini:

1. It built in with NFC and WiFi capabilities. 

NFC is the abbreviation for Near Field Communication, is a short range wireless RFID technology that makes use of interacting electromagnetic radio fields, used on phone or camera applications where a physical touch, or close to it, any file or image can be transferred to each other. 

WiFi capabilities, which is allow photos transfer through WiFi from the camera to the phone by using an application, in few seconds only.

With with this 2 awesome function, u can transfer ur selfie or any nice picture from your camera to ur smart phone instantly to have ur crystal clear image to post on ur social media apps!

Not only that, it featured with a 3.0 inch Flip-up Display and wide angle lens which specially design for Selfie girl or gangs like me. Opps. U can see the picture, I can take it with very nice angle, and it automatic touch up by the application of this camera! How cool is it :)

Tadaa, I can transfer my selfie photos instantly into my Note 2, then i can post it to my Facebook, Instagram or my Twitter! It is super easy! XD

2. It is Samsung's slimmest and lightest interchangeable-lens camera on the market, with only 158g, super light and u don't need to carry your heavy and big size camera to anywhere!

Because it designed with multifunction to let u choose which type of scene or portrait u gonna take!


How slow I am, didn't notice that this camera actually is touch screen until I used it to take more than 100 pictures D:
It's really give crisp, clear, and quality images, by adjusting your camera function!

4. This selfie camera, installed with Wink Shot feature to give us perfect hands-free device to capture the real of you, no longer asking the longest hand among the gang to carry the camera and press the button to capture!

5. Samsung NX Mini's 1 inch type 20.5 Mega Pixels BSI CMOS Sensor, which enables users to capture high quality image, ensuring no details are missed, and all pictures captured with vivid colour!
And there also 2 lens available for this Samsung NX Mini, which is NX-M 9mm F3.5ED Lens and also NX-M 9-27mm F3.5-5.6 ED OIS lens.

6. Lastly, the last function I kinda impress is Remote View Finder 
where you can control your camera from far far away, by pressing capture button on your smart phone, but first you need to install this app call Remote View Finder in your smart phone!


I'm gonna talk about the launch of Samsung NX Mini last 2 days, thank you Samsung, Lewis PR, Manoah for this super exiting Samsung event ever.

We gather at Nu Central, a new shopping market next to KL Central, we gather and waiting to get our NX Mini T shirt and also get our NX Mini Camera to continue our event later!

After changing our T shirt, we gonna start our journey! We need to go Pasar Seni to get awesome picture according to our theme, and my theme of that day was Gastronomical Food!

So here we go!

All of us super busy taking SELFIE.
We begin our journey to Pasar Seni from KL central LRT.

With my dear partner, Daphne!

Everyone are so exited about this Samsung Launch, which Samsung really launch it in very special way.

Finally we reach Pasar Seni! Jalan Jalan Cari Makan, ehhhh sound so familiar one? XD
So my photos mainly about FOOD and DRINKS la. 

Malaysian memang famous with various food and drinks, among ASIA? or WORLD? That's why I love to stay in Malaysia because of the FOOD. 

Various drinks sell here, as u cant really see it overseas, except certain country in ASIA like Indonesia x)

And also this kind of drinks in big tongs, around Malaysia!
Various fruits here!


Tropical fruits!

Coconut! Tropical Countries' fav!

Guess what he is makan-ing now?
Durian! Yeap, only can get nice durian in Malaysia, especially Mao Shan Wang x)

Not easy to open a small stall, and lots of energy efforts, works and especially commitment for it. Aunty! Jiayou!

Nice fruits that you can get it almost everywhere in Malaysia!

And, my selfie with the fruits! Pointing at my favorite fruit - Honeydew! 

Chicken Tandoori in Indian Shop!

You can control very good angle using NX Mini to let you take picture with the food!


All these fried food, tempting right? Also with some malay food!

Do come to Malaysia, at Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur and try these out!

Curry Puff as well! Nice lying there to ready to fry off!

Various of tart, cakes and bread waiting for you!
One of the tart out of stock tim, really nice and really lots of tourist come to and buy!

Okay, now this is my favorite food, bagua!
#Butfirstletmetakeaselfie first! 

Angmo use to buy and eat it on the spot. Love it so much!

See, I'm selfie with the bagua, the food again! LOL

#Dumpling! Chinese Dumpling, that you only can found it in those country with Chinese races x)

Other than that, there's lots of chinese food out there!

Also with biscuits, dry food, that we store it for a longer period!

Also other food such as toufufa, also taufu drinks, that very famous, till our old prime minister, Dato Dr Mahathir tasted it before!

Uncle, your apam balik very nice! You can search it at the corner of the petaling street!

We given 1 hour to take our nice picture around Petaling street! Before we back to LRT pasar seni, let's take a very nice selfie with NX Mini Samsung!

Selfie with other bloggers!

Okay, after done our NX Mini Marathon in 1 hour, we have to chase back to Pasar Seni Lrt Station to gather and head to KLCC Lrt station!
We going to have our lunch there x)

We are heading to Johnny Rocket at Avenue!

They welcome us with warm greetings and politeness!

They also dance! OMG that's really awesome!

Here's the food they sponsored in this Samsung event! Overall not bad, but the fries a bit no taste, the rest still nice thou x)

Ohya, actually they divide us into 3 groups with different theme each, so that everyone get use to take nice picture and upload it to instagram, with hashtag #MyNXminiMarathon, with the most creative picture, he or she can won away a NX Mini ots.

OMG how i wish I can win it, my creative never go beyond. Need to practice more in my creativity!

Yeap, when the samsung officer want to announce the winner, everyone damn kan cheong!

Congrats Kifli! He won the best shot using NX Mini Camera, and he choose the mint colour that most of the girls damn crazy about it, included me. Ooops xP

There they display 3 colours of Samsung NX Mini, pastel pink, mint and white!

Get yours today twith only RM1399 with 9mm f3.5 lens or RM1699 with kit lens!

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  1. wow very mini indeed! but then 1399..... hmmm.. haha

  2. nice camera! i like the outlook of camera, it's cool!

  3. Henry: Yalo. If 999 then will u buy? XD

    Prince: Yeap, kinda small size and easy to carry XD

  4. Hi! The kit lens is the 27mm lens right? Does it still comes with the 9mm lens? Thanks!!!

  5. Jolene:
    The kit lens 27mm lens, RM1699, it original comes with the 9mm lens already. :)


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