Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Rising of Kirin Ichiban - Zebra Square

Thank you LAB and GAB for inviting me to this such awesome event! Again, thank you dear Christy for accompany me to witness the rising of Kirin Ichiban at Zebra Square!

No idea what is it?

KIRIN ICHIBAN is a beer developed by Kirin Brewery, a Japanese Brewer with over 100 years of history! It made of 100% malt, hops and water, is one of a premium quality beer! Hence, KIRIN ICHIBAN named as BEER AT ITS PUREST!

KIRIN ICHIBAN produced by The 'First Press' Method, which is a unique brewing process that uses the only first pressed malt liquid, the clearest and purest strain of the malt. Because of this, it makes KIRIN ICHIBAN the only finest ingredients are used in this process, exuding a crisper, richer and gives purer taste!

It also shares the philosophy of Japanese cuisine, extracting the most flavorful elements from finest ingredient. complements quthentic Asian and European cuisines, exuding a true cosmopolitan zest!


9th April 2014 -- The rising of Kirin Ichiban witness at Zebra Square, Kuala Lumpur officially launch with Japanese-themed Cultural Festival hosted by Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB), Malaysia's leading brewer!

After registered at media counter, we get our media passes and door gifts hence enter the event door! With Japanese style of drum ceremony! Damn cool.

Okay, as i mentioned, KIRIN ICHIBAN has the name of BEER AT ITS PUREST.

Everyone are so polite and smiling to us! This is culture of Japanese! Malaysia should practice it! And of cos I get my Kirin Ichiban Beer ;)

Yeap, I kinda like it, because it is smooth enough. Guess girls gonna love it a lot.
And SELFIE start :P

Both of us like the beer! Taste nice and not so *kik*.

Our costume that night was semi-formal Japan inspired! After taking so much picture, we are moving into the event hall. *people mountain people sea*

And of cos, don't forget to take and try various of Japanese food, with Japanese beer - Kirin Ichiban!

Didn't manage to take Sushi and Salmon punya pic. Maybe we enjoy too much *paiseh*

Look am I, so happy. LOL

Event started after that, with a lot of performance, such as Yosakoi dances and Yatai stands celebrates! Also talks by Bruce Dallas, GAB's Marketing Director, Makio Miyagawa etc etc.

As Bruce added, KIRIN ICHIBAN is already available in more than 40 countries and the brand has enjoyed healthy growth in those markets, KIRIN ICHIBAN is an excellent companion for any types of cuisine, even the most delicate of flavors as the beer leaves very little aftertaste, because of it's famous known as BEER AT ITS PUREST.

Pretty datins, fashion lady party at the night! Wish i am forever young like them when i was in 40 ages? x)

BTW met Ah Bok and Henry! Just manage to take a selfie. Maybe I am not socialize enough. SOB*

My turn with the fan. LOL
Guess what, I met Leng Yein at this event!

After met Leng Yein, we continue to drink KIRIN  ICHIBAN and match with bbq chicken. Awesome taste ever!

Yeap, tags ur photo under #KIRINMY. Your experience with KIRIN ICHIBAN.

Our awesome night with Kirin Ichiban.

Thanks LAB and GAB for sending us the invitation cards and very cute creative door gift and media pass!

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