Thursday, May 8, 2014

Butterfly Walk - The Butterfly Project Malaysia

Last Sunday! I attend a very meaningful event - Butterfly Walk by The Butterfly Project Malaysia. This page organise a lot of beauty event for beauty bloggers.

And they name all the beauty bloggers butterfly. Such a wonderful name, butterfly is gorgeous enough XD

This Butterfly walk is mainly for Fund Raiser. They accept 200 participants only, with each of us donate RM10, I think that's a bit small amount, because the goodies bag that they gave us worth so much more than that. A lot of sponsored by Posh, Gong CHa, TT, Dove, Yogood, Kiehl's and so on!

Thank you Tammy, admin of this page, organise such a meaningful event, as we doing a little big charity and meanwhile also can walk around Taman Tun Park, near TTDI.

Happiness is having such a luxury goodies bag XP
Thank you dear  JOEY come to fetch me early in the morning!! LOVE YOU!!

Yeah, my face was so terrible that morning due to PMS (pre-menstrual symptoms). Aih, forgive me la because I need to edit my face a bit to let it look a bit nicer too. LOL

Yeap, early morning we hold our goodies bag along the park. 
Again, because we slept late, we didn't makan at all. And inside the got Yogood, the energy bar!

Didn't know that this energy bar is damn delicious!
And each bar less than 100 cal. OMG a every good breakfast choice for every single girl! 

Happiness is when we eat smth that we don't gain weight. LOL

Actually I quite surprise that Malaysian nowadays practice quite a healthy lifestyle as in everyone aware the important to being healthy and going gym, park and so on to keep them fit. 

Good job everyone! One thing I noticed that mostly are aunty and uncle XD.
Teenegers, stop sitting in front of laptop and move your butt away from chair and have some jogging, aerobic, walk bicycle and so on so on.. TO BE FIT.


Qi Gong

Qi Gong & Aerobic 

Yeap, u can see here! We need to be fit in this new era, if you are not FIT, means your are not in this the trend with new era as well as modern trend that everyone practice now.

They also have hill type of walking, that need a lot of knee strength to walk, that's make me sweat too.

Monkey say Hi to you! XD
There's quite a lot of monkey over there. As everyone scare of them, included me at first. But after that quite ok as they won't attack you even when you feed them food.

I also met a new pretty blogger - Jean! Nice to meet you!

Weee scary red bridge XD

A bit scary if you look down btw. LOL

After walking around for 1 hour, we finally got to taste GONG CHA.

I heard it before but never try them at all. So yayyy! Going to have free drink by Gong Cha, if additional each up of Gong Cha just add on RM1.

Butterfly Walk AWESOME.

Portable Gong Cha Car! OMG, quite cool right? THEY PROCESS IT ON THE SPOT. That's why you can see this. 

Super long queue. LOL. At first a bit tak sabar because we are quite thirsty after long walk. However, there's always reason behind a thing that just happen.

Because Gong Cha keep their drink quality, they have to process it on the spot!
RESPECT! As I tried other brand drinks that's they pack it and then only bring it to events. The drinks no longer cold, no longer chill and the quality GONE.

Cool right? I had order Salted Caramel Chocolate. First time I drank it and I fall in love with it! And another thing is, my body is quite sensitive to chemical food, and non-fresh food. My body will react once I eat them. For example, I will having gastric if I drink chocolate drink, no matter what chocolate drink. BUT what to do, i love chocolate so much. So I still decided to order smth related to chocolate.

GUESS what. My gastric not attack me that day. Super happy because I'm able to finish all with super happy satisfied mood. Gong Cha nao is added in my FAVORITE list!

Our satisfied face.

Lastly, met Tammy! Organiser of this Butterfly Walk.

Hope your knee can fast fast recover!

We will pray for you and once we graduate we will treat you with certified physiotherapist next month I guess. LOL

Last thing, they still doing fund raising on The Butterfly Project Malaysia.

They're still selling the butterfly t-shirts for our fund raiser!
It's only RM49.90 sizes s, m, l & xl. Do place your order because sizes is limited to quantity. Just pm The Butterfly Project  your size, whether u will pick up during butterfly walk or via posting rm6 wm / rm8 em. Then make payment to secure your t-shirt.

114311045468 (MAYBANK) Lim Chooi Ing
Maybank notification :

LAST one!

Goodies bag displayyyyy/

So far I had eat the yogood and use the item Dove!

1. Yogood - love it so much as it is not fattening as they provide energy especially in the morning!
2. DOVE Gentle Exfoliating Body Shampoo - it is quite refreshing but but I think need to add a bit natural fragrant to make it perfect XD
3. Kiehl's products - PENDING
4. Human Nature Overnight Elixir with 9ActivOil - PENDING
5. TT Shallow's Nest Mask - PENDING
6. Posh Complimentary Pedicure/Manicure - PENDING
7. Tribal Head Scarf - PENDING
8. Gong Cha - THUMB UP.

Will do review on these items on next time. Lots of good things for me to share around.

Thank you Butterfly Walk for this meaningful event. Will looking forward on next coming event. But first I need to fight my final exam on 14 and 19 MAY.

Till then NO EVENT first!
Wish me luck!! XD
I will do my best and the rest will done by God.


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