Wednesday, May 21, 2014

[Review] HiShop Meng Meng Eyelid Tap

Hi, again, I'm back for Beauty Product Review! Thanks for HiShop for this opportunity to let me review this Wide type of Meng Meng Eyelid Tap! There's 2 types, NARROW & WIDE; as my eyes are wide in shape (spot me inside the blog), so you can choose this, but if your eyes shape is narrow, then you can choose narrow one :)

Actually I was using a lot of other brand eyelid tap but found out that this Meng Meng Eyelid tap is kinda different with others as it can stand quite a long time, after applied glue, MOST IMPORTANTLY it can be reuse, and also look natural!

Yeap, This is the Meng Meng Eyelid Tap, Wide type.

I'm a double eyelid girl but it always hide itself once I put on my make up.
Btw my double eyelid are quite deep one. But what I dont like is after make up, then I look like don't have double eyelid wtf. Refer here.

Or here. LOL

My double eyelid gone if I smile LOL


Okay, today I'm gonna teach you all how I'm gonna apply Meng Meng tap on eyelid and look natural!

Okay, 1st get the glue inside the box, and 2nd is 1 piece of Meng Meng eyelid tap together with the lace.

First, you can close or open half of your eyes to find your fold-able line, I will find by open half of my eyes as easy to get it and stick your Meng Meng Eyelid Lace Tap on your fold-able line.

Get ready with your Meng Meng Eyelid Lace Tap.

Ready to apply with the glue.

After applying the glue, yeap paiseh my hand look a bit dark, lol I born in natural.
Then faster stick your Meng Meng Eyelid Lace tap on the fold-able line. If it is not sticky enough, you can use the glue to apply over your eyelid area.

Tadaa! I'm done ;)
See, how natural is it.

After apply on both of my eyes.

Okay, this is after I applied a little bit of make up on my face. Now whenever I smile, my double eyelid won't shy and hide itself already! AND It's really look like I had done my eyelid surgery lol

*You can put it before or after make up!*

If still no idea, you can watch the video below!
I will take my effort to do video next month. Still shy on camera btw XD

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READERS! Another good news!

Exclusive RM20 rebate: MENG14
*With minimum purchase of RM99, valid till 30 June 2014*

So you don't scare you waste one and another eyelid tap, or worrying what if it is not sticky anymore? LOL Good luck! x)
Thank you for spending time with me! Get one today and try it out today!


  1. BingXinn: Get the code for discount XD not bad xiaaa

  2. Thanks for the review. Really feel like trying this. I'm a single eyelid and double eyelid sticker is a must for me. Basically, the one which I used regularly doesn't come with a result that satisfy me. Maybe I should give this a try.

    Do you mind to follow each other, so we can keep in touch in the future? Let me know okay ?
    Good Luck


  3. The Chie: Yeap, u can have a try first :D

    BTW followed you! Nice to meet youuuuu

  4. nice review ! and i think the video u shared is from supermodel secret? haha cuz i recognize the girl : kylie
    your double eyelid so obvious when you wear ! *envy* mine just became abit inner eyelid cuz i think im quite fat on my lids . haha

  5. Ann Tan: Yeap, maybe you can try this out and see is it suitable for you or not XD

    Hope to hear from you soon! <3


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