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[Review] Hong Kong Naturals Mask

Hi, Im back for Beauty Product review again!
Just coming back from Bangkok last few days, haven't settle down everything yet, but first let me introduce you all a natural mask first!

Mask for me is part of the relaxation, and recently I love natural product so much as it really suit my sensitive skin! Thank you Hong Kong Naturals for giving me opportunity to try out this natural mask.

Hong Kong Naturals was started by a founder who grew up in a traditional Chinese Medicine shop and learned the ins and outs of Chinese herbalism from her family. We are a skincare company based in Hong Kong that wants to create great skincare products for people. Great products start with great ingredients, which is why we select only the best for our unique mask blends. We mix and pack every single mask ourselves because we feel the closeness to our products ensures that we only create only the best products--why would you want anything less?

As you can see they really put a lot of effort on producing great natural and traditional masks to suit our natural face, like me ;)

They're from Hong Kong and they deliver to worldwide included Malaysia ;)

Hereby they attached me with a DIY bowl, variety of masks and a very lovely card.

They are having total of 8 masks. I will list down their types and their skin benefits.

1. Rose Mask - Firm, Moisturize, Brighten and Soothe

2. Pearl Mask - Whiten, Remove Dark Spots and Reduce Wrinkles

3. Gin-Zing - Energize, Heal and Moisturize

4. Seaweed Mint Mask - Nourish Repair and Soothe

5. Healing Mask - Repair, Soothe and Clearing

6. Fruit Smoothie Mask - Exfoliate, Hydrate and Revitalize

7. Veggie Mask - Toxin Removal, Antioxidant-Rich and Revitalize

8. Tea Mask - Antioxidant-Rich, Nourishing, Clearing and Calming

They will customize those natural masks according to your skin, so it is quite cool because this is my first time using powder mask as well as I'm so exited to apply on my skin because all of them are natural product!


MY SKIN: Sensitive and inner dry outer oily type of skin

Sometimes I really kinda annoy because of this skin as if once I forgot to apply serum or moiturizer on that night, my skin will terribly oil on the next morning, sometime appear with red spot - sensitive T______T

So Hong Kong Natural help me personalize with Rose Mask, Seaweed Mask, Tea Mask and Healing Mask, which is mainly focusing on repairing and moiturizing. So today I'm going to use TEA MASK today!

But first I will teach you HOW YOU GONNA use it.

You need to know how much water you need to use for your mask DIY. So I'm going to use Tea Mask, so I need 1.5 tablespoon (you can choose at your DIY bowl), then mix with it.

STEP 1: Then you open one packet, add 1.5 teaspoon water (you can use a bit warm water or room temperature water to make it mix easily).

STEP 2: Now you need to stir it for 2-5 mins, to make all the powder into mixture and breakup clumps.

STEP 3:  Lastly, you can use a brush, gently apply your mask onto your face, avoid your EYES and LIPS. Wait for 15 mins, and wash it!

Okay, now my turn to show you guys!
Get ready with your powder mask, and pour into the DIY bowl.

Add on 1.5 teaspoon of warm water into it.

Then use the stick to stir it to balance. Then you brush apply it to your face.

After one week vacation at Bangkok, my face terribly get sun burn and pimples love to say HI to me. So now I'm going to show you guys my face. 

Get ready to see my SCARY FACE -.-



But luckily got Tea Mask, smell like green tea and so relaxing after applying it. As you can feel the cooling, nourish enough, and it contain antioxidant-rich, clearing as well as calming! 

Mask-ing for 15 mins! Love the nice green tea smell! :D

After 15 mins, you can wash it away, then you're done. Guess what I felt that my skin more nourish, clean and calm. Love it so much and I'm gonna try out the rest of 6 packs!

And last thing I love about it is it brighten up my skin as not every mask can do that! It make my selfies super nice after applied this mask. Other than that, it fades away my acne scars, firm enough and moist!

BTW~* Each of these mask got expired date as well, so remember to check it out before you USE it!

Till then, I'm still learning in doing beauty product review, if any mistake or imperfection, pls comment and let me learn from mistake! I'll do my best to be a good and better beauty blogger in future!

More information:
Instagram: @HKNATURALS

HP: +852 2511 5098
WhatsApp: +852 9417 3033

Thank you Hong Kong Naturals for giving me opportunities for me to review this awesome mask! Definitely gonna try it more in future! 
Any question feel free to ask in COMMENT!


  1. wow like cooking recipe like that! lol

  2. Henry: For guys a bit la XD, Girls love this DIY stuff one..


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